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May 31/04 7:37 am - The Hugo report: Mont Tremblant Canada Cup DH

Posted by Editoress on 05/31/04

Hmmm∑ Well I'll start with the complaining first since I'm a supposed shit talker, but really, anyone that knows me knows, I'm just trying to make all of you laugh because a lot of you are uptight, especially for riding little kids bicycles. I'm just speaking what is real. You can't have a website that just talks about fake stuff all the time and fake like everything is all good.

But really the weekend was good and that damn course is the same since the first race hosted in Tremblant back in 1975, as expected. Tremblant knew there was a national (event) coming way in advance so they were waiting for us with their damn rules and money seeking. That's the top ten favorite complaint. "Didn't this track know there was going to be a national here with some great flat, muddy and grapy uphill section with no flow that stop you up if you don't hammer??

Okay, complaining like this makes me feel better as I've sucked every year in Tremblant, and I sucked this weekend too. I just can't ride those sketchy, wet, off camber slick rocks. I've tried so hard during the practices, tried and tried again but I keep doing it wrong. It's just not my kind of riding skill. When will Tremblant build a course with some good rhythm section with some good flow?? Oh yeah, could it be any drier please?? I don't like the wet!! I can just thank Norco big time for the downhill bike they provided me because it definitely helped me so much to stay on top of the game.

So I came in 8th position, about 4 seconds behind the second place (Mike Jones). I stopped 3 times to avoid some crash, I felt so sketchy. I crashed big time in my last run the night before the race, hurt my back, finger and leg. I didn't want to crash in the race and be out of the top ten so I played it safer then my grandmother would. I was hoping to get at least one win.... whether in Bromont or Tremblant. Next year maybe∑

Now, lets talk about what happened to the other good racers we have in Canada:

Eric Goss was the man this weekend. Won by 7 seconds so no one could touch him. When you earn a weekend, you earn the weekend. Good job buddy !!

Kwanah did good with a 4th position, he keeps the Canada Cup leader's jersey. Pendrel came 9th about half a second behind me. After the race, Geoff said: Hugo you remember last weekend in Bromont when I said there was no rocks in the course? well this weekend there were big rocks all over!!! Let me say that Brant Lyon is strong as hell, he crashed, got a flat and still came 6th. Olivier Markon won the practice run once again. Seriously, he looked too good every time I saw him going by but where is he when final comes?? Did I say anything about Mike Jones preparations? He probably spent most of his mental energy, trying to make up some new engineering set up on his bike, calculated every single angle of all the tubes on his bike, played with the geometry, changed air and oiled pressure in his suspension(s), just about to buy a new laptop so he can push the science further∑ aaah Mike, we only ride our bikes for fun don't we?

Well we've spent hours Saturday doing runs together and I had a good time, I like you buddy.

M. Laurin or if you prefer "mister World Cup" showed up this weekend before he head out to Europe for the first World Cup round. Everyone was expecting a win from Math and I'm sure with a big margin as well, which doesn't happen when there is too much of expectation. Same scenario when Dustin Adams came to race Tremblant in 2002 after he came 3rd at the Big Bear Norba the week before, mister "World Cup" kicked his ass by 2 seconds and the crowd went crazy. I can remember like if it was yesterday, I had shivers, standing beside the finish line and looking up to the scene∑aaah I love it.

Giant Canada has Danika Schroeter who wins the CC all the time, they got E. Goss on the podium all the time, Brant who can win Nationals, on top of their grass roots program with Justin Brown who wins or comes second in the junior, so I'm wondering when will Giant show up with a tech support on site like Norco does?? I'm thinking it should be time, don't you think. Kona could do same, with Rocky Mountain, Cove and why not Oryx so the Canada Cup can grow bigger someday. I'm bored to see all the potential riders who despairing to get some tech support because they trash their bike on a course that pushes the mechanics to the limit. Please, next year I want to see some more companies supporting the racers on site.

I'm racing twice next weekend. Saturday will be a downhill Quebec Cup, and Sunday is a BMX provincial.



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