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June 15/04 12:36 pm - Ontario Cup Road #3

Posted by Editoress on 06/15/04

K-W Classic Road Race SISU Ontario Cup Road Series #3
June 13, 2004
Hidden Valley Road, Kitchener, ON

Under-17 Men  (50 km)
1. KORTEN, Alexander (St Catharines CC)
2. BOGAERT, Rogan (
3. WILSON, Andrew (3 Rox Racing)
4. BRYER, Charlie (Hamilton CC)
5. HAZZARD, Kevin (Hamilton CC)
6. KINSIE, Jon (Ind.)
7. SCHMIDT, Kristopher (USCF)
8. ROBERTSON, Matthew (Waterloo CC Flying Dogs)
9. PEREA, Ricardo (Midweek CC)
10. HUMS, Thomas (Ind.)

Senior 3 & Junior Men  (80 km)
1. SMITH, Kyle (Oakville Cyclepath) RS3
2. LYSIONEK, Kris (Sudbury CC) RJ
3. MANNING, Ian (BikeSports Pfaff Racing Team) RJ
4. WHITESIDE, Jared (Aztec Inc.) RS3
5. FREEMAN, David (Ind.) RS3
6. KOFMAN, Jordan (Midweek CC) RJ
7. FORFAR, Matt (St Catharines CC) RS3
8. STICKLE, John Paul (St Catharines CC) RS3
9. ABOLS, Kerry (Sudbury CC) RS3
10. RAYMER, Graydon ( RS3
11. FRANCESCUTTI, Vincent (Maple Leaf Cycling Club) RS3
12. AMARAL, Jose Paul (BikeSports Pfaff Racing Team) RS3
13. MORRIS, Ryan (Ind.) RS3
14. BAIL, Samuel ( RJ
15. LEHMAN, Kevin (SendItCourier) RS3
16. MOORE, Keith (McMaster CC) RS3
17. PICARD, Jason (Ind.) RS3
18. BATTY, Mark (3 Rox Racing) RJ
19. BLACK, Kevin (Cavern Cycles) RS3
20. KNAPP, Gregory (St Catharines CC) RJ
21. RAFIQUE, Daniel (Cavern Cycles) RS3
22. CRANWELL, Shawn (Hamilton CC) RS3
23. THOMAS, Ken (Buffalo Cycling Club) RS3
24. MACLEOD, Casey (Team Aztech) RS3
25. LOGAN, Garth (Hamilton CC) RS3
26. LAVELL, Shane (St Catharines CC) RS3
27. TOORONGIAN, Steve (Buffalo Cycling Club) RS3
28. MCCAUGHEY, Mike (Ind.) RS3
29. PINET, Robert (Ind.) RS3
30. MICHAEL, Gill (Ind.) RS3
31. GREEN, Stuart (St Catharines CC) RS3
32. GAULD, Keith (Team McBride FitFix) RJ
33. KUZ, James (Ind.) RS3
34. FARGO, Brent (Ind.) RS3
35. FERGUSON, Steve (Team McBride FitFix) RS3
36. KERVIN, Dave (Peterborough CC) RS3
37. FELL, Andrew (Waterloo CC Flying Dogs) RS3
38. SALVO, Paul (Lanterne Rouge) RS3
39. GOLDHAWK, Peter (Caboto Velo Club) RS3
40. BOUCHER, Kelly (Lanterne Rouge) RS3
41. MEYN, Oliver (Lanterne Rouge) RS3
42. ROBERTSON, Eric (Waterloo CC Flying Dogs) RJ
43. BELL, Richard (McMaster CC) RJ
44. LEW, Kris (Peterborough CC) RS3
45. PROSSER, Jonathan (Ind.) RJ
46. MARCARENHAS, Michael (Maple Leaf Cycling Club) RS3
47. LI, Marco (Skiis & Biikes) RS3
48. RING, Mike (Bicycles Plus) RS3
49. BROWNE, Craig ( RJ
50. FARGO, Brent (Ind.) RS3
51. PYATT, Matthew (Waterloo CC Flying Dogs) RS3
52. SMITH, Kelly (Lanterne Rouge) RS3
53. NELLA, Stefano (Ind.) RS3
54. WELLS, Gregory (Pavan CC) RS3
55. KRZIC, Edward (Maple Leaf Cycling Club) RS3
56. MICHAEL, Gill (Ind.) RS3
57. WICK, Evan (Ind.) RJ
DNF. BRADLEY, Nicholas (Ind.) RS3
DNF. TAYLOR, Scott (St Catharines CC) RS3
DNF. MONETTE, Chris (Mississauga BRC) RS3
DNF. MACLEOD, David (Lanterne Rouge) RS3
DNF. GARDINER, Ian (McMaster CC) RS3
DNF. TELISMAN, Paul (Ind.) RS3
DNF. GOOD, Rob (Waterloo CC Flying Dogs) RS3
DNF. SMITH, Steven (Ind.) RS3
DNF. JACKSON, Duncan (Midweek CC) RS3
DNF. WONG, Ed (Lanterne Rouge) RS3
DNF. SKOROTKA, Ivan (Lanterne Rouge) RS3
DNF. SIDHU, Rob (Ind.) RS3
DNF. ALVAREZ, Ernesto (Cavern Cycles) RS3
DNF. FRYER, Richard (Caboto Velo Club) RS3
DNF. AMARAL, Michael (Mississauga BRC) RS3
DNF. MARSHALL, Shawn (Mississauga BRC) RS3
DNF. AUGER, Raymond (Maple Leaf Cycling Club) RS3
DNF. DOUGLAS, Kyle (3 Rox Racing) RJ
DNF. MACCORMACK, Sean (Brantford Bicycle Club) RJ

Master A 30-39 Men  (80 km)
1. BARTHOLOMEW, Chris (Peterborough CC)
2. DESHAIES, Stephane (St Catharines CC)
3. ZUECH, Roberto (Reynold Koolini Racing Team)
4. WHEELER, Zachary (Peterborough CC)
5. YEATES, Gerard (Sport Swap)
6. WOOD, Chris (Waterloo CC Flying Dogs)
7. HOLLAND, John (Ind.)
8. PUCIC, John Paul (D'Ornellas Racing Team)
9. PATON, Christopher (Mississauga BRC)
10. AYSON, Benedict (Mississauga BRC)
11. LIOKOSSIS, Antonio (
12. PALMER, Gregory (
13. BARROS, Carlos (KHS Bicycles)
14. SEXSMITH, Scott (Peterborough CC)
15. CRUDELLI, Eric (BikeSports Pfaff Racing Team)
16. STEINMAN, Zachary (Waterloo CC Flying Dogs)
17. TIRONE, Christopher (Buffalo Cycling Club)
18. MCCARTHY, Craig (St Catharines CC)
19. CRAIG, Stephen (Mississauga BRC)
20. JOHNSTON, Dave (Waterloo CC Flying Dogs)
21. WOOD, Scott (Peterborough CC)
22. FARRUGIA, Paul (
23. SEXTON, Jim (Peterborough CC)
24. VANI, Roberto (Reynold Koolini Racing Team)
25. ROBERTSON, Drew (Sport Swap)
26. DAVIS, Erik (Mississauga BRC)
27. DOBLE, Andrew (Team Hardwood)
28. JOYCE, Travis (Mississauga BRC)
29. RICHARDS, Doug (Ind.)
30. MCKELLER, Ian (Mississauga BRC)
31. MCCART, Chris (Cyclepath Oakville)
32. HOWELL, Thomas (Sport Swap)
33. KIZIAK, Chris (BikeSports Pfaff Racing Team)
34. GOVEIA, Mark (Reynold Koolini Racing Team)
35. FORSDIKE, Michael (
36. CONDRON, John (Multi Laser Racing)
37. EASTWOOD, Stephen (Mississauga BRC)
38. MRVELJ, Bobby (Mississauga BRC)
39. CHANT, Vernon (Sport Swap)
40. VINCZE, Jason (KHS Bicycles)
41. DWYER, Nicholas (Reynold Koolini Racing Team)
42. GRAINGER, Chris (Multi Laser Racing)
43. BLACKBURN, James (St Catharines CC)
44. MORETTI, Cary (Team Cervelo)
45. BAILLIE, Jay (Mississauga BRC)
46. MURISON, Scott (Peterborough CC)
47. VILLANO, Tom (Sport Swap)
48. BONGARD, James (KHS Bicycles)
49. HUMPHREY, Neil (Ind.)
50. GLOADE, Curtis (Waterloo CC Flying Dogs)
51. DAVIES, Mark (Team Cervelo)
52. VEDOVA, Craig (
53. ANDERSON, Lorne (La Bicicletta - J Lindeberg)
54. KOOPS, Derek (Mississauga BRC)
55. SIMPSON, Anthony (Mississauga BRC)
56. SANNA, Alex (Waterloo CC Flying Dogs)
57. BUSCH, Scott (KHS Bicycles)
58. MAKARCHUK, Ed (KHS Bicycles)
59. WIMAN, John (Team Cervelo)
60. BREWER, Fred (Woodstock Cycling Club)
61. VARDY, Al (Sudbury CC)
62. MICKOVSKI, Gord (Newmarket Eagles CC)
63. LUKS, Andrew (
64. COUISON, Jason (Mississauga BRC)
65. KOWALCZUK, William (
66. HENNING, Jim (Ind.)
67. SALISBURY, Duncan (BikeSports Pfaff Racing Team)
68. JOHNSTON, Dave (Waterloo CC Flying Dogs)
69. RAY, Martin (Ind.)
70. WOOD, Scott (Peterborough CC)
71. MCKELLER, Ian (Mississauga BRC)
72. CRAIG, Stephen (Mississauga BRC)
DNF. HOLDITCH, Steve (Waterloo CC Flying Dogs)
DNF. BOLZON, Sergio (Ind.)
DNF. MCPHAIL, Don (Waterloo CC Flying Dogs)
DNF. WOOLLEY, Gord (BikeSports Pfaff Racing Team)
DNF. CHIOCCA, Robert (Racer Sportif)
DNF. CHIOCCA, Robert (Racer Sportif)
DNF. IRELAND, Robert (
DNF. CAVACUITI, Chris (Team Cervelo)
DNF. VERHOEVEN, Hank (Madonna Wheelers)
DNF. TOBIAS, Kris (Sport Swap)
DNF. SZAFRANSKI, Andrew (Ind.)
DNF. DAVIES, Mark (Team Cervelo)
DNF. HECK, Stephen (Sport Swap)
DNF. HUTCHINSON, Gary (BikeSports Pfaff Racing Team)
DNF. HELWIG, Chris (
DNF. STRONG, Richard (Waterloo CC Flying Dogs)
DNF. SCOTT, Dave (Ind.)

Junior Women  (50 km)
1. SLAVEN, Lisa (
2. BIETOLA, Kelly (3 Rox Racing)
3. DIXON, Meghan (3 Rox Racing)
4. BATTY, Charlotte (3 Rox Racing)

Senior & Master Women  (70 km)
1. COLLINS, Merrill (La Bicicletta - J Lindeberg) RS1
2. GIDNEY, Holland (McMaster CC) RS2
3. HOBSON, Leigh (Team Cervelo) RS1
4. GUZDA, Rhonda (Team Cervelo) RS3
5. BATTY, Emily (3 Rox Racing) RS2
6. ROSS, Tara (McMaster CC) RS2
7. WOODRING, Mackenzie (Maple Leaf Cycling Club) RS3
8. FARELL, Julia (Team Cervelo) RS1
9. ROBBINS, Kirsten (Victory Brewing) RS1
10. TRIMBLE, Sue ( RS2
11. PASKO, Nada (Ind.) RMW
12. TRATNYEK, Anna ( RS2
13. STANGE, Kate (Ind.) RS3
14. UHLMANN, Joanne ( RMW
15. LEWIS, Kathy (Multi Laser Racing) RMW
16. LAGLER, Anita (Mississauga BRC) RS3
17. KNIAZIEW, Kirstie (Maple Leaf Cycling Club) RS3
18. SIN, Amanda (Schwalbe CC) RS2
19. STEPHENSON, Jennifer (Team Cervelo) RS1
20. PYJOR, Maogosha (Animus) RS2
21. SACCA, Karina (Animus) RS3
22. HONSBERGER, Lesley (St Catharines CC) RS3
23. HAILL, Carolyn (Midweek CC) RMW
24. GARNETT, Anna (Team Cervelo) RS2
25. EGGENBERGER, Kathy (Peterborough CC) RS3
26. MORRISEY, Heather (Team McBride FitFix) RS2
27. WIEDITZ, Ireen (Midweek CC) RS3
28. ARCHIBALD, Kate (Midweek CC) RS2
29. GUZMAN, Anne (Mississauga BRC) RS3
30. ROOS, Corrine (London Centennial Wheelers) RMW
31. WOODSIDE, Lisa ( RMW
32. PATERSON, Helen (Ottawa Bicycle Club) RS3
33. CHAPPEL, Melissa (Ind.) RS3
34. SPENCE, Jessica (Cavern Cycles) RS3
35. KAVANAUGH, Kelly (Mississauga BRC) RS3
36. BROCKETT, Jennifer (Cycle Solutions) RS3
37. CHILTON, Sarah Jane (Animus) RS3
DNF. WHITE, Tiffany (Ind.) RS3
DNF. JEFFS, Krystal (McMaster CC) RS3
DNF. ASH, Mary Ellen (3 Rox Racing) RS2
DNF. MCGOWAN, Jaymie (McMaster CC) RS3

Master B/C/D 40+ Men  (70 km)
1. POLSINELLI, Marc (Pavan CC) RMB
2. SQUIRES, Charlie (Westhaven Homes) RMC
3. ABBEY, Garnett (D'Ornellas Racing Team) RMB
4. BRYCE, Aubrey (D'Ornellas Racing Team) RMC
5. BERGER, Mark (D'Ornellas Racing Team) RMB
6. CLARKE, Carl (Brant Cycle) RMB
7. PIERCE, David (BikeSports Pfaff Racing Team) RMB
8. LAIRD, Jim (Multi Laser Racing) RMC
9. SHAW, Mark (Chain Reaction) RMB
10. GEE, Jon (Ottawa Bicycle Club) RMB
11. DOUCET, Craig (Westhaven Homes) RMB
12. MCCRONE, Glen (Newmarket Eagles CC) RMB
13. STEER, Bobby ( RMC
14. DAVIS, Jim (Jet Fuel Coffee) RMB
15. BUCKLEY, Bill (Ind.) RMC
16. DEAN, Paul (Westhaven Homes) RMB
17. DEVRIES, Paul (Chain Reaction) RMB
18. VIEL, Mike (Pavan CC) RMC
19. SUTHERLAND, Rob (Waterloo CC Flying Dogs) RMB
20. PRESTON, Frank (Chain Reaction) RMB
21. GUENETTE, Jacques (Jet Fuel Coffee) RMB
22. NICKORICK, Brad (Cyclepath Oakville) RMB
23. CHESKEY, Rob (Hamilton CC) RMC
24. DWYRE, Mark (Multi Laser Racing) RMB
25. TENNIKAT, John (Ind.) RMB
26. COMACHO, Bruce (D'Ornellas Racing Team) RMC
27. HIRSCH, Gary (Pavan CC) RMD
28. PARKINSON, John (Waterloo CC Flying Dogs) RMD
29. COPELAND, Steve (London Centennial Wheelers) RMB
30. ZURCHER, Stefan (D'Ornellas Racing Team) RMB
31. VERMETTE, Phill (Juventus Cycling) RMB
32. CUSHING, Gregory (D'Ornellas Racing Team) RMB
33. BANNER, Geoff (Aquila Racing) RMB
34. EADE, Malcolm (D'Ornellas Racing Team) RMB
35. WALL, David (Multi Laser Racing) RMB
36. JACKSON, Richard (St Catharines CC) RMC
37. RICE, Terry (Silver Spokes CC) RMB
38. CONNELL, Stuart (Waterloo CC Flying Dogs) RMB
39. PEPPER, Fred (Westhaven Homes) RMB
40. VINEY, Dave (Team Hardwood) RMC
41. FAUST, Francois (Cyclepath Oakville) RMB
42. TORCHIA, Joseph (Westhaven Homes) RMB
43. CLARKE, Gordon (BikeSports Pfaff Racing Team) RMC
44. HARVIE, Drew (Mississauga BRC) RMC
45. BUCKLEY, Tim (Ind.) RMC
46. LAYCOCK, Glen (Ind.) RMB
47. HEIN, Peter (Madonna Wheelers) RMD
48. GOVEIA, Orlando (Reynold Koolini Racing Team) RMD
49. ZANELLA, Elio (Caboto Velo Club) RMC
50. PORTER, Tim (Midweek CC) RMD
51. PERRIN, Pierre (Mississauga BRC) RMB
52. KOFMAN, Peter ( RMB
53. TORZSOK, Michael (Mississauga BRC) RMC
54. ZOLPER, Brian (D'Ornellas Racing Team) RMB
55. CUBELLO, Fulvio Mark (BikeSports Pfaff Racing Team) RMB
56. MCCULLOCH, Don (D'Ornellas Racing Team) RMB
57. TERSIGNI, Joe (Newmarket Eagles CC) RMC
58. SUMMERS, Mark (BikeSports Pfaff Racing Team) RMB
59. KOWALCZYSZYN, Taras (Team Aztech) RMC
60. ROBERTS, Scott ( RMB
61. HARVIE, Drew (Mississauga BRC) RMC
62. LAYCOCK, Glen (Ind.) RMB
63. BALAZIC, Josef (Ind.) RMB
DNF. SZASZ, Robert (Jet Fuel Coffee) RMB
DNF. WESTCOTT, Chris (Newmarket Eagles CC) RMC
DNF. BARBEAU, Michel (Sudbury CC) RMC
DNF. MARMELO, Augy (Team Cervelo) RMB
DNF. PROSSER, Adrian (Ind.) RMB
DNF. FERNANDEZ, Santiago (Caboto Velo Club) RMD
DNF. ROEST, Hank (Ind.) RMB
DNF. COPELAND, Steve (London Centennial Wheelers) RMB
DNF. LOUWS, Kees (London Centennial Wheelers) RMB
DNF. LEE SHEE, David (La Bicicletta - J Lindeberg) RMC

Novice Under-19 (10 km)
1. HISCOCK, Justin (St Catharines CC)
2. SUMMERS, Noah (Newmarket Eagles CC)

Novice 19+ (15 km)
1. PANTOJA, Norberto (Ind.)
2. BAKER, Tara (McMaster CC)
3. ALFARO, Celia (Ind.)

Senior 1 & 2 Men (120 km)
1. HALL, Josh (Jet Fuel Coffee) RS1
2. FILLION, Aaron (Ottawa Bicycle Club) RS1
3. HANSEN, Jeffrey (Jet Fuel Coffee) RS1
4. MORSE, Peter (Midweek Elite) RS1
5. JOHNSON, Boyd (ESSM / GPOA Cycling Team) RS1
6. LEFEBVRE, Tim (Jet Fuel Coffee) RS1
7. FICKO, Darko (La Bicicletta - J Lindeberg) RS1
8. VARGHESE, Antoine (Ital Pasta Transport Belmire) RS1
9. SCHESKE, Todd (Preferred Care) RS1
10. MASET, Eduardo (Pavan CC) RS2
11. LEFEBVRE, Dan ( RS1
12. SMALL, Simon (Ital Pasta Transport Belmire) RS1
13. ATKINS, Christopher (Midweek Elite) RS2
14. RICE, Rob (Sudbury CC) RS2
15. KRIP, Bruce (Midweek Elite) RS1
16. GALBRAITH, Tristan (Ind.) RS2
17. REGO, Paul ( RS1
18. WOROZBYT, Allen (St Catharines CC) RS2
19. COCKBURN, Heath (La Bicicletta - J Lindeberg) RS1
20. AMBIS, Stan (Team Snow Valley) RS1
21. HUDSON, Gary (Ind.) RS2
22. WADDEN, James (Ind.) RS2
23. MCCLOUNIE, Adam (Maple Leaf Cycling Club) RS2
24. STAFFO, Dan (Verge) RS2
25. HANSEN, Jorn (BikeSports Pfaff Racing Team) RS2
26. PRECIOUS, Marc (Ind.) RS2
27. DEBRAY, Ben (St Catharines CC) RS2
28. BONIN, Matthew (Maple Leaf Cycling Club) RS1
29. HENDRY, Neil (BikeSports Pfaff Racing Team) RS2
30. HANSEN, Matt (Ind.) RS1
31. WADE, Adam (BikeSports Pfaff Racing Team) RS2
32. THUSS, Adam (Waterloo CC Flying Dogs) RS2
33. RUSCHE, Bryan (Ind.) RS1
34. MCARTHUR, Stirling (Mississauga BRC) RS2
35. DEVEER, Craig ( RS1
36. ELZINGA, Steffan (Balen Bicycle Club) RS1
37. KLINSHAW, Rob (Preferred Care) RS1
38. QUILLAO, Olmighti (Skiis & Biikes) RS2
39. HAJDU, Attila (Mississauga BRC) RS2
40. KOKER, Trevor (Waterloo CC Flying Dogs) RS2
41. VUKETS, Dave (Waterloo CC Flying Dogs) RS2
42. GOODWIN, Douglas (Maple Leaf Cycling Club) RS2
43. MARTINEAU, Terrence (Ottawa Bicycle Club) RS2
44. HICKMAN, Andrew (Mississauga BRC) RS2
45. TOMKINS, Wayne (Maple Leaf Cycling Club) RS2
46. DIGNAM, Neil (Waterloo CC Flying Dogs) RS2
DNF. BARYLSKI, Michael ( RS2
DNF. SAVAGE, Noel (Peterborough CC) RS2
DNF. SAMSON, Jerome (Ind.) RS2
DNF. HISCOCK, Rob (St Catharines CC) RS2
DNF. ZANDSTRA, Derek (3 Rox Racing) RS2
DNF. MIRA DE ORDUNA, Ramon (St Catharines CC) RS1
DNF. VALENTI, Jason (Mississauga BRC) RS2
DNF. MUNRO, Malcolm (SendItCourier) RS1
DNF. SHEA, Patrick (KHS) RS1
DNF. GUSE, Matthew (Waterloo CC Flying Dogs) RS2
DNF. CRANMER, Kevan (Freewheel Cycle) RS2
DNF. MANN, Robert (KHS) RS2
DNF. SCOTT, Sean (Hamilton CC) RS2
DNF. COSTELLO, James (Handlebars Cycle) RS1
DNF. JANNSEN, Gregory (Handlebars Cycle) RS1


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