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August 3/04 2:21 am - Tour of Bowness / Alberta Crit Championship

Posted by Editor on 08/3/04

Tour of Bowness/Alberta Provincial Criterium Championships
Andy Holmwood, Alberta Bicycle Association

August 2nd

Cat 1-2 Men50 Min + 5 laps
1Matthew DecorePedalhead Road/Sleeman56:54
2Dan WoodERTC/redbike56:56
3Jeff BolstadTRS Racing
4Mike SticklandPedalhead Road/Sleeman
5cp WalshSynergy
6Jere HuERTC/redbike
7Nick JendzjowskyPedalhead Road/Sleeman
8Taylor LittleRiver Valley Cycle
9Chris WrightJuventus
10Dan PetersenBow Cycle/CMC
11Byron DavisPedalhead
12Zach BellSynergy
13Peter LawrenceIndependent
14Per Strombicisport
15Jason ShenkariukSnakebite Society
16Mark KnollBow Cycle/Moser-AH
17Dave LeahyTRS Racing
18Phil Abbottbicisport
19Mark FewsterTRS Racing
20Harley DespreyVelocity
21Shawn GouletPedalhead Road/Sleeman
22Ted EmesERTC/redbike
23Greg ShoreJuventusall s.t.
24Jesse Collinsbicisport57:00
25Dylan SnowdonBianchi/The Bike Shop57:45
26Cam McKnightERTC/redbike57:47
27Chris RubuliakJuventuss.t.
28Bob Verobabicisport57:48
29John Bencebicisport58:26
DNFRob SimpsonJuventus
DNFJon WoodERTC/redbike
Cat 3 Men40 min + 5 laps
1Shaun AdamsonUnited Cycle47:53
2Robert MartensBlizzard47:55
3Felix HaspelSynergy
4Dan BradleyERTC/redbike
5Jeff KlassenERTC/redbike
6Jack Van DykTerrascape
7Gord KennedyBow Cycle/CMC
8David KennedyBow Cycle/CMC
9Sean CarterSnakebite Society
10Dylan MenardJuventus
11Stephen MundyERTC/redbike
12Orest Massittibicisport
13Chris HarrisonERTC/redbike
14Brian BainBow Cycle/CMC
15Frank KovacsSnakebite Society
16Dave EllisPedalhead Road/Sleeman
17Phil MacDonaldSnakebite Society
18Jayson GillespieSynergy
19Mike VukadinovicSkookum Cycle
20Lonn BateTerrascape
21Dean RawsonPedalhead Road/Sleeman
22Ross AndersenSynergy
23David WatsonVelocity
24Andrew Gage Eurotechall s.t.
25Trev WilliamsRevoluzione48:04
DNFBryant HebertBianchi/The Bike Shop
Cat 4 Men40 min + 5 laps
1James Ritchie Deadgoat47:20
2Brian ZurecPedalhead Road/Sleeman
3Mike BidniakJuventus
4Tim BulgurERTC/redbike
5Dennis BlandCrankmasters
6Anthony Stadnykbicisport
7John GilchristDeadgoat
8Mark FedoroshynIndependentall s.t.
9Craig FraserCalgary Cycle47:32
10Wayne GilesBow Cycle/CMC48:14
11Greg Yanickibicisportat 1 lap
DNFJon KeechSynergy
Cat 5 Men30 min + 3 laps
1Neall BannerBow Cycle/CMC35:29
2Rod WalkerCrankmasters
3Rod MacAlisterCrankmasters
4Kevin WalshSnakebite Society
5Paul MartinIndependent
6Thomas AuerPedalhead
7Evan WickIndependent
8Lance AdamsonUnited Cycle
9James Mollisonbicisport
10Neal GregoryBow Cycle/CMC
11Stuart HarbottleBow Cycle/CMCall s.t.
12Nic AndrichukBow Cycle/CMCat 1 lap
13Randy MasonSynergyat 1 lap
14Dennis GregoryBow Cycle/CMCat 2 laps
15Myron Stadnykbicisportat 2 laps
16Jason BuijsIndependentat 3 laps
17Bill Blonskibicisportat 4 laps
DNFRandy SzaszCrankmasters
DNFDarcy ReynardERTC/redbike
Women (Cat A & Cat B)40 min + 5 laps
1Jessica DemarsBianchi/The Bike Shop48:04Gold - A
2Nola ZwarichBianchi/The Bike Shop48:25Silver - A
3Jennifer RaczSynergyGold - B
4Athena Greenwall-WilsonIndependentSilver - B
5Samantha NicholsonBianchi/The Bike ShopBronze - A
6Kristin CampbellPedalhead Road/SleemanBronze - B
7Christine EzingaBianchi/The Bike ShopB
8Lisa Bowebicisportall s.t.A
9Janka HegedusPedalhead Road/Sleemanat 1 lapB
10Colleen BaldwinPedalhead Road/Sleemanat 2 lapsB
11Julia Sklerykbicisportat 2 lapsB
12Sherlyn RawsonPedalhead Road/Sleemanat 3 lapsB
13Terii KovacsSnakebite Societyat 4 lapsB


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