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September 7/04 4:25 am - Tour di Via Italia

Posted by Editoress on 09/7/04

Tour di Via Italia Windsor ON, Sunday Sept 5th
Courtesy OCA

Sr 3/4/5 Master A Men: 40 km
1. Gerard Yeates (Sports Swap (RMA))49:10
2. Mark Goveia (Reynold Koolini (RS3))
3. Paolo Eugeni (Reynold Koolini (RMA))
4. Nicholas Dwyer (Reynold Koolini (RMA))
5. Michael Forsdike (Coach (RMA))
6. Ramon Vasquez (PBF Citgo (RS3))
7. Vince Francescutti (Maple Leaf CC (RS3))
8. James Loaring (Maple Leaf CC (RS3))
9. Jeffrey Chow (Reynold Koolini (RMA))
10. Jim Gilgore (Allied Decals (RS3))
11. Vince Robergo (Ann Arbor Velo Club (RS3))
12. Alex Keomany (Team Bike Sport (RS3))
13. Sean Klobucar (Reynold Koolini (RMA))
14. J P Stickle (St Catharines CC (RS3))
15. Andy Fell (Waterloo CC / Flying Dogs (RS3))
16. Matt Pyatt (Waterloo CC (RS3))
17. Joe Brennan (Ann Arbor Velo Club (RS3))
18. Jason Rafeld (Wolverines (RS3))
19. Ken Thomas (Handlebars Bike Shop (RS3))
20. Jeff Crawford (Sature of Toledo / Shell (RS3))
21. Rick Fryer (Caboto Velo Club (RS3))
22. Brian Ciazynski (St Catharines CC (RS3))
23. Norman Zeller (Team Bike Race / Giant (RS3))
24. Travis Stebbins (Team Bike Sport/AAVC (RS3))
25. Thomas Flannery (Ambassador Bicycles (RS3))
26. John Rigdon (Team Bike Sport (RMA))
27. Brad Hilton (Maple Leaf CC (RS3))
28. Stu Alp (Bicycle World (RS3))
29. Craig Vedova (Coach (RMA))
30. Allen Duncan (Cycling Saddleman (RS3))
31. Craig Rice (Structwod Sytems (RS3))
32. Shawn Cranwell (Hamilton CC (RS3))
33. Steve McGregor (Lone Wolf (RMA))
34. Dylan Lanspeary (Three-sixty/bicycles shop (RS3))
35. Anthony Bruley (Wolverines (RMA))
36. Antonio Liokossis (Coach (RMA))
37. Mark Teves (MLCC (RS3))
38. Roberto Zuech (Reynold Koolini (RMA))
39. Masa Higuchi (independent (RS3))
40. Andrew Wise (independent (RS3))
41. Terry Palmer (WSC (RMA))
42. Stephen McMachon (independent (RS3))
43. Ray Auger (Quantum Dental (RS3))
44. Robert Jones (MVW (RMA))
45. John Sammut (WSC (RMA))
46. Stefano Nella (independent (RS3))
47. John Rauti (Ambassador Bicycles (RMA))
48. Stuart Green (St Catharines CC (RS3))
49. Adam Slough (Sature of Toledo (RMA))
50. David D'hondt (independent (RS3))
51. Mark Viergute (Ann Arbor Velo Club (RS3))
52. Robert Cory (Ambassador Bicycles (RMA))
53. Parker Roth (Reynold Koolini (RS3))
54. Rodger Bowser (independent (RS3))
55. James Hoovler (Grand Valley State U. (RS3))
56. Rob Vani (Reynold Koolini (RMA))
57. John Loncke (independent (RMA))
58. Mark Hotchkin (Grand Valley State U. (RS3))
59. Todd Rankin (independent (RMA))
60. Mark Caswell (Team Bike Sport (RS3))all s.t.
DNF. Russell Hurst (Hamilton CC (RS3))
DNF. Stephen Christy (Ann Arbor Velo Club (RS3))
DNF. Ian Phillips (Quantum MLCC (RS3))
DNF. Michael Pizzorno (independent (RS3))
DNF. Ricky Mackenzie (independent (RS3))
DNF. Don Magie (independent (RS3))
DNF. David Starling (Hampton Cycles (RS3))
DNF. Brian Beachamp (independent (RS3))
DNF. John Burrows (independent (RS3))
DNF. Bob Hockin (TBG/Giant (RS3))
DNF. William Vasquez (PBF (RS3))
DNF. Geoff White (Maple Leaf CC (RS3))
DNF. Charles Bultman (Ada Bike (RS3))
DNF. Mike Aston (independent (RS3))
DNF. Jason Woods (independent (RMA))
DNF. Peter Goldhawk (Caboto Velo Club (RS3))
DNF. Petrus Havenga (independent (RS3))
Master B/C/D/40+ Men: 40 km
1. Charlie Squires (Westhaven Homes)50:00
2. Thomas Markey (WSC)at s.t.
3. Dick Brinki (West Niagara)0:07
4. Raymond Dybowski (Wolverine)0:32
5. Aubry Bryce (D'Ornellas CC)
6. Fred Anderson (West Michigan)
7. Robert Furman (Air)
8. Eon D'Ornellas (D'Ornellas CC)
9. Malcolm Eade (D'Ornellas CC)
10. George Lufty (Ind.)
11. Marc Polsinelli (Pavan CC)
12. Ron Pillars (Antoon's)
13. Clyde Gibey (Wolverine)
14. Carlos Goncalves (Westhaven Homes)
15. Julio Goncalves (Westhaven Homes)
16. Mike Viel (Pavan CC)
17. Hal Statt (Shell Saturn)
18. Matt Baroli (TBG/Giant)
19. Wayne Henry (Madonna Wheels)
20. Elio Zanella (Caboto Velo Club)
21. Robert Hockin (Giant TBG)
22. Phill Vermette (Juventus)
23. Tom Szostopal (Reynolds Koolini)
24. Rick Toler (
25. Tom Omstead (Maple Leaf CC)
26. Christopher Dial (Mid South Velo)
27. Ken Deering (D'Ornellas CC)
28. Joe Tortora (WSC)
29. Tim Best (Sault Cycling Club)
30. Alan Russell (Maple Leaf CC)
31. Craig Doucet (Westhaven Homes)
32. Brian Sedik (Ind.)
33. Bruno Grossi (Pavan CC)
34. Loren Simons (Rapid Wheelmen)
35. Robert Akers (WSC)all s.t.
DNF. Peter Kraiker (D'Ornellas)
DNF. Nick Heberholz (independent)
DNF. Todd Engle (Maumee Valley)
DNF. Geoff Gordon (independent)
DNF. Jim Regan (Saturn / Shell )
DNF. David Lee Shee (La Bicicletta)
DNF. Greg Cushing (D'Ornellas)
DNF. Jim Houston (Saturn of Toledo)
Master 55+ Men: 30 km
1. Steve Ciazynski (St Catharines CC)44:14
2. Raymond Lee Own (D'Ornellas)
3. Rodney Godard (Maple Leaf CC)
4. Peter Morris (Hamilton CC)
5. John Parkinson (Waterloo Flying Dogs)
6. Antoon Huygne (Antoon )
7. Dale Larson (Maple Leaf CC)
8. Doug Michie (Maple Leaf CC / Quantum)
9. James Ball (independent)
Under-15 M&F: 20 km
1. John Lucente (Maple Leaf)27:59
2. Connor Hammond (London Cycling)
3. Marco Cote (Maple Leaf)
4. Drew Bercaw (USA Pista Elite)
5. Samantha Martin (WSM)
6. Kathryn Ourlian (Ann Arbor VC)
7. Veronica Gordon (Independent)
8. Emily Gutierrez (USA Pista Elite)all s.t.
DNF. Michael Blazoff (Wolverine)
Under-17 & Junior Men 30 km
1. Luke Cavender (Wolverine)45:10
2. David Stirling (Hampton Cycles)
3. Richard Bell (McMaster CC)
4. Cory Dubrish (Wolverine)
5. Jonathon Prosser (Independent)
6. Mike Souers (Citgo/PBF)
7. Lawrence Warbasse (City Bike Shop)
DNF. William Vasquez (PBF)
DNF. Gabe Braveheart (McClains Cycle)
Senior & Master Women 40 km
1. Merrill Collins (La Bicicletta)56:00
2. Julia Farell (Team Biovail / Cervelo)
3. Jane Evely (Tri Tech)
4. Chloe Black (Team Terry)
5. Louise Laganiere (Essex Brass)
6. Mackenzie Woodring (Maple Leaf / Redken)
7. Luanne Murray (Kreitler Racing Team)
8. Maogosha Pyjor (Animus)
9. Julia Bradley (Animus)
10. Rhonda Guzda (Team Biovail / Cervelo)
11. Renee Schroeder (Maple Leaf / Redken)
12. Sally Price (Tri Tech)
13. Elizabeth Gentner (WSC)
14. Kate Archibald (Midweek)
15. Corinne Roos (London Centennial Wheelers)
16. Bonnie Grundman (D'Ornellas)all s.t.
17. Lesley Honsberger (St Catharines CC)0:45
18. Laura Melendez (Ada Bike Club)
19. Judy Carroll (Tri Tech)
20. Andrea Bowker (D'Ornellas)
21. Mary Dekker (Ada Bike Club)
DNF. Kacey Manderfield (Wolverine)
DNF. Christy Blakely (Montgomery Cyclery)
DNF. April Yerge (Maple Leaf)
Senior 1/2 /Pro Men: 100 km
1. Paul Martin (Lake Effect)2:10:27
2. Michael Busa (Long John Silver's Cycling Team)at 0:08
3. Tim Lefebvre (JetFuel Coffee)0:13
4. Kirk Albers (Jelly Belly / Aramark)
5. Dan Lefebvre (
6. David Fry (Midweek Cycling)
7. David Wenger (Sharper Image / Mathis Bros Furn)
8. Jim Baldesare (Athletes by Design)
9. Al Worozbyt (St Catharines)
10. Heath Cockburn (La Bicicletta)
11. Todd Scheske (Preferred Care / QCC)
12. Steve Mlujeak (US Armed Forces)
13. Josh Hall (JetFuel Coffee)
14. Jason Valenti (MBRC)
15. Andrew Pinfold (Belmire Transport / Ital Pasta)
16. Chris Atkins (Midweek Cycling)
17. Nathan Griffith (Ford/Giant Racing)
18. Roy Zucchetto (Pavan)
19. Maurice Ruelland (Maple Leaf Local 444)
20. Peter Sanowar (Belmire Transport / Ital Pasta)
21. Brian Adams (Ford / Giant Bicycles / AAVC)
22. Scott Edge (Essex Brass)
23. Mike House (Sharper Image / Mathis Bros Furn)
24. Paul Rego (
25. Craig Deveer (
26. Matthew Bonin (Maple Leaf Cycling Club)
27. Andrew Hickman (Mississauga BC)
28. Tom Archer (Ford / Giant Bicycles)
29. David Mullins (Essex Brass/TREK)
30. Ben Jamesson (Shickluna)
31. Peter Morse (Midweek)
32. Chris Gottwald (Ford / Giant Bicycles)
33. Jeff Weinert (Cane Creek)
34. Robert Martin (PVR Bike Club)
35. Adam McClounie (Maple Leaf Local 444)
36. Patrick Shea (KHS Bicycles)
37. Dan Maggiacomo (Belmire Transport / Ital Pasta)all s.t.
38. Simon Small (Belmire Transport / Ital Pasta)0:28
39. Joe Giuliano (Belmire Transport / Ital Pasta)s.t.
40. Jeremy Walker (Cane Creek)0:35
41. John Harris (Belmire Transport / Ital Pasta)
42. Neil Dignam (Waterloo Flying Dogs)
43. Bruce Krip (Midweek Cycling)
44. Gary DeAngelis (Bikesport AAVC)
45. Kevan Cranmer (Freewheel)
46. Darko Ficko (La Bicicletta)
47. Dave Britnell (Hummingbirds)
48. Ryan Roth (JetFuel Coffee)all s.t.
DNF. Doug Goodwin (Maple Leaf Cycling Club)
DNF. Joe Bartels (PBF/Citgo)
DNF. Ramon Vasquez Jr (PBF/Citgo)
DNF. Nick Durrie (Ann Arbor Velo Club / Ford)
DNF. Nat Faulkner (Maple Leaf Cycling Club)
DNF. Wayne Tomlins (Maple Leaf Cycling Club)
DNF. Mike Souers (PBF/Citgo)
DNF. Tris Hopkins (Team Columbus)
DNF. Polo Fernandez (PVR Bike Club)
DNF. Jerry Witham (PBF/Citgo)
DNF. Rob Selle (Cane Creek / Saturn Toledo)
DNF. Ryan Cross (Wolverine Cycling Club)
DNF. Andre Sottile (WSC )
DNF. Michael Roland (Wolverince Sports Club)
DNF. Vosh Tarrant (Teambikesport)
DNF. Don Zuck (Pavan)
DNF. Piers Davidge (Maple Leaf Cycling Club)
DNF. Jeff Hansen (JetFuel)
DNF. Antoine Varghese (Belmire Transport / Ital Pasta)
DNF. Jay MacLaren (Belmire Transport / Ital Pasta)
DNF. Greg Roth (Belmire Transport / Ital Pasta)
DNF. Phil Cortes (Belmire Transport / Ital Pasta)
DNF. Karl Bordine (Monek)
DNF. Rob Dakslewicz (Ford / Giant Bicycles)
DNF. Stirling McArthur (MBRC)
DNF. Thomas Kachelmeyer (Essex Brass/TREK)
DNF. Jeff Braumburger (Torelli)
DNF. Jim Costello (Preferred Care / QCC)
DNF. Jonathan Dechau (Preferred Care / QCC)
DNF. Paul Hornak (MBRC)
DNF. Steven Geerings (AAVC)


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