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September 27/04 4:13 am - Bermuda Grand Prix: Stage 4 and Final GC

Posted by Editoress on 09/27/04

Bermuda Grand Prix

Stage 4: Cheerios Dockyard Criterium

Pro Women
1. Gina Grain (CAN) Victory Brewing/XL Capital54:37
2. Laura Van Gilder (USA) Genesis/CD&P
3. Kori Seehafer (USA) Genesis/CD&P
4. Karen Brems (USA) Webcor/Cheerios
5. Katrina Grove (USA) RONA/Fairmont Hotels
6. Melissa Sanborn (USA) Wenzel Coaching/Bacardi
7. Andrea Hannos (CAN) RONA/Fairmont Hotels
8. Grace Flury (USA) Genesis/CD&P
9. Audrey Lemieux (CAN) Quark/Lindos Group
10. Lauren Franges (USA) Victory Brewing/XL Capital
11. Sandy Espeseth (CAN) Victory Brewing/XL Capital
12. Christine De Kraay (USA) Sportsbook/Logic Comunications
13. Jennifer Eyerman (USA) Red 5 Racing/Cellular One
14. Alexis Brown (USA) Travelgirl/Matcham & Matcham
15. Katie Lambden (USA) Aquafina/Dept. YS&R
16. Candice Blickem (USA) Genesis/CD&P
17. Felicia Greer (CAN) Webcor/Cheerios
18. Rhonda Quick (USA) Red 5 Racing/Cellular One
19. Yukie Nakamura (JPN) Webcor/Cheerios
20. Julie Belanger (CAN) Canadian Development/Sportseller
21. Jennifer Stevens (USA) Red 5 Racing/Cellular One
22. Betina Hold (CAN) Webcor/Cheerios
23. Cat Malone (USA) Webcor/Cheerios
24. Elizabeth Morse (USA) Sportsbook/Logic Comunications
25. Kristen La Sasso (USA) Aquafina/Dept. YS&R
26. Heidi Goldberg (USA) Team Snow Valley/Burrows Lightbourn
27. Kathleen Billington (USA) Sportsbook/Logic Comunications
28. Nicky Wangsgard (USA) Basis/Lobster Pot
29. Kim Sawyer (USA) Travelgirl/Matcham & Matcham
30. Kathryn Curi (USA) RONA/Fairmont Hotels
31. Anna Milkowski (USA) RONA/Fairmont Hotels
32. Tara Ross (CAN) Canadian Development/Sportseller
33. Pauline Franscone (USA) Aquafina/Dept. YS&R
34. Megan Elliot (USA) Quark/Lindos Group
35. Chloe Black (CAN) Quark/Lindos Group
36. Kate Sherwin (USA) Kenda Tire/Aspen
37. Crystal Yap (USA) Kenda Tire/Aspen
38. Brooke Ourada (USA) Victory Brewing/XL Capitalall s.t.
39. Jessica Hulser (USA) Basis/Lobster Pot4:30
40. Deb Borden (USA) Travelgirl/Matcham & Matcham
41. Rebecca Broeder (USA) Wenzel Coaching/Bacardi
42. Tina Kuntsbeck (USA) Aquafina/Dept. YS&Rall s.t.
43. Truday Van De Straaten (USA) Kenda Tire/Aspen5:25
44. Marjan Hulzing (USA) Team Snow Valley/Burrows Lightbourn6:55
45. Jenn Wangerin (USA) Kenda Tire/Aspens.t.
46. Marie-Pier Bedard (CAN) Canadian Development/Sportseller7:15
47. Rosie Garlapow (USA) Quark/Lindos Groups.t.
DNF. Emily Sandwith (CAN) Canadian Development/Sportseller
DNF. Lauran Yoisten (CAN) Canadian Development/Sportseller
DNF. Lynn Patchett (CAN) RMS FitTech/RMS Construction
Final GC
1. Lauren Franges (USA) Victory Brewing/XL Capital4:00:56
2. Andrea Hannos (CAN) RONA/Fairmont Hotelsat 0:03
3. Kori Seehafer (USA) Genesis/CD&P0:10
4. Kate Sherwin (USA) Kenda Tire/Aspen0:30
5. Gina Grain (CAN) Victory Brewing/XL Capital0:50
6. Laura Van Gilder (USA) Genesis/CD&P0:58
7. Karen Brems (USA) Webcor/Cheerios1:02
8. Katrina Grove (USA) RONA/Fairmont Hotels1:08
9. Christine De Kraay (USA) Sportsbook/Logic Comunications1:12
10. Sandy Espeseth (CAN) Victory Brewing/XL Capital1:16
11. Melissa Sanborn (USA) Wenzel Coaching/Bacardi
12. Cat Malone (USA) Webcor/Cheerios
13. Candice Blickem (USA) Genesis/CD&Pall s.t.
14. Grace Flury (USA) Genesis/CD&P1:17
15. Betina Hold (CAN) Webcor/Cheerios
16. Jennifer Eyerman (USA) Red 5 Racing/Cellular Oneboth s.t.
17. Jennifer Stevens (USA) Red 5 Racing/Cellular One1:20
18. Kathryn Curi (USA) RONA/Fairmont Hotels
19. Kim Sawyer (USA) Travelgirl/Matcham & Matchamboth s.t.
20. Julie Belanger (CAN) Canadian Development/Sportseller1:21
21. Audrey Lemieux (CAN) Quark/Lindos Groups.t.
22. Kristen La Sasso (USA) Aquafina/Dept. YS&R1:23
23. Anna Milkowski (USA) RONA/Fairmont Hotels
24. Brooke Ourada (USA) Victory Brewing/XL Capitalboth s.t.
25. Nicky Wangsgard (USA) Basis/Lobster Pot2:35
26. Chloe Black (CAN) Quark/Lindos Group2:37
27. Crystal Yap (USA) Kenda Tire/Aspen2:38
28. Yukie Nakamura (JPN) Webcor/Cheerios2:39
29. Megan Elliot (USA) Quark/Lindos Group2:40
30. Elizabeth Morse (USA) Sportsbook/Logic Comunications2:42
31. Rhonda Quick (USA) Red 5 Racing/Cellular Ones.t.
32. Felicia Greer (CAN) Webcor/Cheerios2:44
33. Kathleen Billington (USA) Sportsbook/Logic Comunications2:45
34. Tara Ross (CAN) Canadian Development/Sportseller2:49
35. Alexis Brown (USA) Travelgirl/Matcham & Matcham7:26
36. Truday Van De Straaten (USA) Kenda Tire/Aspen8:13
37. Jenn Wangerin (USA) Kenda Tire/Aspen9:36
38. Marjan Hulzing (USA) Team Snow Valley/Burrows Lightbourn9:38
39. Deb Borden (USA) Travelgirl/Matcham & Matcham16:06
40. Pauline Franscone (USA) Aquafina/Dept. YS&R17:59
41. Katie Lambden (USA) Aquafina/Dept. YS&R24:30
42. Tina Kuntsbeck (USA) Aquafina/Dept. YS&R30:50
43. Heidi Goldberg (USA) Team Snow Valley/Burrows Lightbourn31:27
44. Rosie Garlapow (USA) Quark/Lindos Group33:02
45. Marie-Pier Bedard (CAN) Canadian Development/Sportseller33:39
46. Rebecca Broeder (USA) Wenzel Coaching/Bacardi45:48
47. Jessica Hulser (USA) Basis/Lobster Pot49:25
Pro Men: 60 minutes plus 1 lap
1. Harm Jansen (NED) Dutch Composite/Cafe Latte1.00:19
2. Tim Lefebvre (CAN) Jet Fuel/JLT Risk Solutionsat 0:01
3. Dan Lefebvre (CAN) Gears Racing/XL Capital
4. Ross Muir (GBR) Holt/Powerade
5. Remi McManus (USA) Subway Express/Fairmont Hotelall s.t.
6. Jake Stephens (USA) Team Snow Valley/Intelsat0:02
7. Kevin Lacombe (CAN) VW Trek Canada/Dept. YSRs.t.
8. Ryan Keels (USA) Hot Tubes/Fast Forward Freight0:03
9. Chris Tune (GBR) Holt/Powerade
10. Andrew Rigg (GBR) Holt/Poweradeboth s.t.
11. Jeff Hansen (CAN) Jet Fuel/JLT Risk Solutions0:04
12. Amos Brumble (USA) Hot Tubes/Fast Forward Freight0:05
13. Cameron Hughes (AUS) Subway Express/Fairmont Hotel
14. David Richter (USA) Subway Express/Fairmont Hotel
15. Ian Dille (USA) Team Snow Valley/Intelsat
16. Christian Foster (USA) Subway Express/Fairmont Hotel
17. Andy Roche (IRL) Spence/Power Barall s.t.
18. Peter Sanowar (CAN) Ital Pasta/PowerBar0:06
19. Marco Ainsalu (EST) VC Pontivy/CD&Ps.t.
20. Bruno Langlois (CAN) VW Trek Canada/Dept. YSR0:07
21. Tyler Butterfield (BER) Winners Edge
22. Jonathan Erdelyi (USA) Winners Edgeboth s.t.
23. Ryan De Wald (USA) Team Snow Valley/Intelsat0:08
24. Chris Doel (GBR) Spence/Power Bar
25. Jean Luc Campagnola (FRA) VC Pontivy/CD&P
26. Kato Nixon (AUS) VC Pontivy/CD&P
27. Kris Hedges (GBR) VC Pontivy/CD&Pall s.t.
28. Jason McLaren (CAN) Ital Pasta/PowerBar0:10
29. Geri Mewett (BER) Winners Edgeall s.t.
30. Alexandre Cloutier (CAN) VW Trek Canada/Dept. YSR
31. Spencer Beamer (USA) Hot Tubes/Fast Forward Freight
32. Peter Baker (USA) Team Snow Valley/Intelsat0:11
33. Chris Spence (GBR) Spence/Power Bar0:12
34. Dan Maggiacomo (CAN) Ital Pasta/PowerBar
35. Craig DeVeer (CAN) Gears Racing/XL Capitalboth s.t.
36. Mark Pozniak (CAN) Gears Racing/XL Capital0:13
37. Greg Roth (CAN) Ital Pasta/PowerBar5:33
38. Russell Hamby (USA) Sierra Nevada/Cellular One5:35
39. Brad Armstrong (USA) Hot Tubes/Fast Forward Freight7:22
40. Paul Rego (CAN) Gears Racing/XL Capital7:42
41. Allen Worozbyt (CAN) Jet Fuel/JLT Risk Solutions7:51
DNF. Christian Varley (GBR) Spence/Power Bar
DNF. Todd Cornelius (USA) Subway Express/Fairmont Hotel
DNF. Ian Holt (GBR) Holt/Powerade
DNF. Troy White (USA) Sierra Nevada/Cellular One
Final GC
1. Tyler Butterfield (BER) Winners Edge4.20:16
2. Jean Luc Campagnola (FRA) VC Pontivy/CD&Pat 0:29
3. Harm Jansen (NED) Dutch Composite/Cafe Latte0:59
4. Cameron Hughes (AUS) Subway Express/Fairmont Hotel1:16
5. Tim Lefebvre (CAN) Jet Fuel/JLT Risk Solutions1:29
6. Dan Lefebvre (CAN) Gears Racing/XL Capital1:31
7. David Richter (USA) Subway Express/Fairmont Hotels.t.
8. Ross Muir (GBR) Holt/Powerade1:35
9. Ryan De Wald (USA) Team Snow Valley/Intelsat1:36
10. Jonathan Erdelyi (USA) Winners Edges.t.
11. Kevin Lacombe (CAN) VW Trek Canada/Dept. YSR1:39
12. Bruno Langlois (CAN) VW Trek Canada/Dept. YSR1:40
13. Marco Ainsalu (EST) VC Pontivy/CD&P1:41
14. Amos Brumble (USA) Hot Tubes/Fast Forward Freight1:42
15. Andy Roche (IRL) Spence/Power Bars.t.
16. Ian Dille (USA) Team Snow Valley/Intelsat1:43
17. Peter Sanowar (CAN) Ital Pasta/PowerBars.t.
18. Alexandre Cloutier (CAN) VW Trek Canada/Dept. YSR1:45
19. Peter Baker (USA) Team Snow Valley/Intelsats.t.
20. Kris Hedges (GBR) VC Pontivy/CD&P1:47
21. Kato Nixon (AUS) VC Pontivy/CD&P1:49
22. Mark Pozniak (CAN) Gears Racing/XL Capital1:52
23. Chris Tune (GBR) Holt/Powerade1:59
24. Andrew Rigg (GBR) Holt/Powerade3:10
25. Chris Spence (GBR) Spence/Power Bar5:04
26. Chris Doel (GBR) Spence/Power Bar5:07
27. Remi McManus (USA) Subway Express/Fairmont Hotel6:07
28. Christian Foster (USA) Subway Express/Fairmont Hotel6:21
29. Spencer Beamer (USA) Hot Tubes/Fast Forward Freight6:42
30. Jason McLaren (CAN) Ital Pasta/PowerBar9:58
31. Paul Rego (CAN) Gears Racing/XL Capital14:18
32. Jake Stephens (USA) Team Snow Valley/Intelsat18:25
33. Jeff Hansen (CAN) Jet Fuel/JLT Risk Solutions22:51
34. Craig DeVeer (CAN) Gears Racing/XL Capital24:21
35. Geri Mewett (BER) Winners Edge25:53
36. Russell Hamby (USA) Sierra Nevada/Cellular One28:19
37. Dan Maggiacomo (CAN) Ital Pasta/PowerBar28:22
38. Allen Worozbyt (CAN) Jet Fuel/JLT Risk Solutions32:58
39. Greg Roth (CAN) Ital Pasta/PowerBar37:19
40. Ryan Keels (USA) Hot Tubes/Fast Forward Freight44:48
41. Brad Armstrong (USA) Hot Tubes/Fast Forward Freight54:28


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