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October 25/04 6:43 am - Ontario `Cross: Durham Cyclocross Classic

Posted by Editoress on 10/25/04

Durham Cyclocross Classic October 24th, Heber Down Conservation Area, Whitby, ON
Courtesy Dan Salter, Durham Cyclocross Classic Organizer

Overcast and 14C
Fast relatively flat course
Special thanks to Sponsors; Bicycles Plus- Oshawa, D‚Ornellas Bike Shop- Scarborough, Pearl Izumi, K2 Bikes and Tifosi Optics.
78 Riders

Senior Men
1. Peter Morse (Midweek CC)55:00
2. Matt Hewitt (Independent)56:56
3. Dave Coughlin (Independent)57:23
4. Mike Dennis (Gears Racing)57:50
5. Kevin Calhoun (Independent)59:16
6. Sean Sinclair (Speed River)1:01:01
7. Matt Douglas (3- Rox)-1 lap
8. J. Palframan (Independent)-1 lap
9. Joey Lepine (Bicycles Plus)-1 lap
10. Kevin Black (Cavern Cycles)-1 lap
Junior Men
1. Mark Batty (3- Rox)57:50
2. Andrew Wilson (3- Rox)59:39
3. Ian Manning (Bike Sports PRT)1:00:38
4. Zak Winn (Independent)1:02:05
5. Cory Hancock (3- Rox)-1 lap
6. Andrew Bradbury (Independent)-1 lap
Master A
1. Vernon Chant (Sport Swap)59:28
2. Rodney Merchant (Dukes)1:00:04
3. Lorne Anderson (La Bicicletta)1:00:43
4. Paul Greene (Chain Reaction)1:01:01
5. Chris Wood (Waterloo CC)1:01:05
6. Jon Barnes (Team Hardwood)1:01:29
7. Curtis Donnahee (Speed River)-1 lap
8. Matt Berridge (Independent)-1 lap
9. Kris Tobias (Sport Swap)-1 lap
10. Scott Doel (Bike Sports PRT)-1 lap
11. Paul Tolomiczenko (Racer Sportif)-1 lap
12. Jay Fitzsimmons (Sport Swap)-1 lap
13. Richard Strong (Waterloo CC)-1 lap
14. C. Vanclief (Independent)-1 lap
15. G. Boyd (Independent)-1 lap
16. C. Redden (Speed River)-1 lap
17. E. Begin (MBRC)-1 lap
18. Chris Hauk (Coach Chris. Ca)-1 lap
19. P. Tondl (Cavern Cycles)-1 lap
20. D. Fraser (Midwek CC)-1 lap
21. Sam Babe (Midweek CC)-1 lap
22. Tom Vilano (Sport Swap)-1 lap
23. Phillip Moore (Cyclepath)-1 lap
24. Jameel Adam (Lapdogs MTB)-1 lap
25. Michael McMahon (McBride Fit Fix)-1 lap
DNF. Steve Heck (Sport Swap)
DNF. D. Fraser (Midweek Club)
1. Tara Ross (Team Diet Cheerwine)52:44
2. Carolynne Haill (Midweek CC)53:23
3. Anita Lagler (MBRC)53:43
4. Kim Haagmans- Hawke (Team Lifesavers)55:05
5. Leslie Greene (Chain Reaction)57:08
6. Mary Ellen Ash (3- Rox)58:45
7. Meghan Dixon (3-Rox)-1 lap
8. Charlotte Batty (3- Rox)-1 lap
9. Prisca Natterer (True North Cycles)-1 lap
10. Christine Hauk (Coach Chris. Ca)-1 lap
Master B/C/D Men
1. Dave Dermont (True North Cycles)51:28
2. John Kalinowski (Chain Reaction)53:1
3. Derek Dixon (3- Rox)54:17
4. Glen Laycock (Independent)55:02
5. Rob Cheskey (Hamilton CC)55:15
6. Roy Andrigo (Woodstock CC)55:30
7. Carlos Concalves (Westhaven Homes)55:46
8. Peter Hennessy (Independent)56:48
9. Len Harris (Independent)57:16
10. Paul Dean (Westhaven Homes)57:22
11. Mark Summers (Bike Sports PRT)57:29
12. Ron Spencer (Independent)57:55
13. Richard Wade (Newmarket Eagles)58:17
14. Hugh Hill (Team Hardwood)58:28
15. Martin Kohn (Independent)-1 lap
16. P. Dobson (Independent)-1 lap
17. Jan Kocemba (Bicycles plus)-1 lap
18. Francis Morrow (Hamilton CC)-1 lap
19. Don Perry (Newmarket Eagles)-1 lap
20. Pierre Perrin (MBRC)-1 lap
21. Gord Avann (Skis & Bikes)-1 lap
22. C. Mcdonald (Midweek CC)-1 lap
Cadet/ PeeWee/ Minimee
Place. Name (Club/ Affiliation)Time
1. Conner Dixon (3- Rox)54:05
2. Nicholas Fusco (Independent)57:29
3. Griffon Dixon (3- Rox)-1 lap/td>


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