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December 6/04 9:06 am - Cyclo Cross at Coyote Point

Posted by Editoress on 12/6/04

Cyclo Cross Coyote Point San Mateo, California, December 5th

Elite Men
1. Thomas Frischnecht (SUI) Swiss Power59:47
2. Ryan Trebon (USA) Kona0:06
3. Todd Wells (USA) GT0:18
4. Barry Wicks (USA) Kona0:39
5. Erik Tonkin (USA) Kona1:41
6. Justin Robinson (USA) Family Cycling Center2:54
7. Travis Brown (USA) Trek3:13
8. Ben Jacques-Maynes (USA) Sierra Nevada3:34
9. Jackson Stewart (USA) Clif Bar3:57
10. Brent Prenzlow (USA)4:04
16. Benoit Simard (CAN)5:43
21. Pascal Bussieres (CAN)7:54
24. Lance Doherty (CAN)8:20
Elite Women
1. Gina Hall (USA) Missing Link42:47
2. Christine Vardaros (USA) Velo Bella0:37
3. Wendy Simms (CAN) Frontrunners HH1:07
4. Barbara Howe (USA) Velo Bella1:53
5. Melodie Metzger (USA) Velo Bella2:47
35+ Men Cat A
1. James Coats (USA) Amgen/Felt38:46:00
2. Richard Maile (USA) Art by Opsle0:01
3. Mark Howland (USA) Black Market Racing1:05
4. David Hejduk (USA) Sycip1:08
5. David Eastwood (USA) Art by Opsall1:17
6. Gannon Myall (USA) Family Cycle Center1:37
7. Tim Thompson (USA) Eurocycling Imports1:44
8. C. Daugherty (USA) Infineon Raceway2:01
9. Pat Schott (USA) Blackmarket2:05
10. Normon Thibault (CAN) Frontrunners-Brodie2:27


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