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March 6/05 10:32 am - McLane Pacific Classic: Stage 2

Posted by Editoress on 03/6/05

McLane Pacific Classic Merced, CA

Stage 2: Foothills road race, 72/120 miles

Pro Men
1. Juan Jose Haedo (Arg) Colavita
2. Gord Fraser (Can) Health Net
3. Charles Dionne (Can) Webcor

4. Vassili Davidenko (Rus) Navigators
5. Brice Jones (USA) Jelly Belly
6. Antonio Cruz (USA) Discovery
7. Jonathan Page (USA) Colavita
8. William Innes (USA) Lombardi Sports
9. Jaime Gandara (USA) Cycling Center
10. Andrew Pinfold (Can) Symmetrics Cycling
11. Benjamin Brooks (USA) Jelly Belly
12. Andres Gil (USA) Delta Velo
13. Jason Klikna (USA) Cycling Center
14. Glen Mitchell (USA) Kodak Gallery/Sierra Nevada
15. Jake Rytlewski (USA) Advantage Benefits Endeavour
16. Jacob Erker (Can) Symmetrics Cycling
17. Marco Rios (USA) Kahala
18. Andrew Anater (USA)
19. David Richter (USA) Subway
20. Karl Menzies (USA) Advantage Benefits Endeavour

1. Ina-Yoko Teutenberg (Ger) T-Mobile
2. Sarah Uhl (USA) Quark Cycling
3. Michelle Beltran (USA) Colavita /Cooking Light
4. Christine Ruiter
5. Laura Yoisten (Can) Diet Cheerwine
6. Ashley Kimmett (USA)
7. Annette Beutler (USA) Quark Cycling
8. Amy Moore (Can) Victory Brewing
9. Susanne Sonye (USA) Helen's Trek
10. Lara Kroepsch (USA) T-Mobile
11. Sima Trapp (USA) Subway
12. Kate Maher (USA) Morgan Stanley
13. Kori Seehafer (USA) T-Mobile
14. Brenda Lyons (USA) Velo Bella
15. Cindy Carroll (USA)(Dewars Racing
16. Sarah Tillotson (USA
17. Cynthia Mommsen (USA) Olympic Club
18. Starr Falk (USA) LGBRC
19. Crystal Yapp (USA) Subway
20. Sarah Bamberger (USA
21. Jill McLaughlin (USA) Velo Bella
22. Christine Thorburn (USA) Webcor Builders
23. Peeny Avril (USA) Touchstone
24. Kristen Lasasso (USA) CRCA
25. Kimberly Baldwin (USA) T-Mobile
26. Kristin Drumm (USA) Morgan Stanley
27. Lea Adams (USA) Amgen Cycling
28. Taitt Sato (USA) LGBRC
29. Grace Fleury (USA) Quark Cycling
30. Betsy Bloom Galenti (USA) Bicycle Johns
31. Cheryl Roth (USA) Helen's Trek
32. Kelly Benzamin (USA)
33. Stefanie Graeter (USA) Webcor Builders
34. Lisa Hunt (USA) Olympic Club
35. Kelly Bartholomew (USA) Morgan Stanley
36. Erin Kassoy (USA) Velo Bella
37. Summer Calder (USA) Joes Bike Shop
38. Helene Drumm (USA)
39. Carmen Aluisio (USA) Webcor Builders
40 .Anna Webb (USA) Karl/Strauss
41. Jennifer Chapman (USA) Velo Bella
42. Maureen Tunzi (USA)
43. Betina Hold (USA) Webcor Builders
44. Patricia Ross (USA)
45. Natalie Mik (USA) LGBRC
46. Kristin Armstrong (USA) T-Mobile
47. Cat Malone (Webcor Builders
48. Suz Weldon (USA) Subway
49. Katheryn (USA) Webcor Builders
50. Audrey Lemieux (Can) Quark Cycling
51. Deborah Durand (USA) Helen's Trek
52. Lori Cox (USA) Bay Area Velo
53. Felicia Greer (Can) Webcor Builders
54. Nichole Wangsgard (USA) Subway
55. Katie Behmozi (USA) Bay Area Velo
56. Maria Bello (USA)
57. Liza Rachetto (USA) Subway
58. Kirsten Robbins (Can) Victory Brewing
59. NA
60. Emily Westbrook (USA) Subway
61. Jamie Crawford (USA) Santa Cruz
62. Kimberly Boester (USA) Webcor Builders
63. Erika Donald (USA)


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