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March 19/05 4:23 am - LA Circuit Race results

Posted by Editoress on 03/19/05

LA Circuit Race
Courtesy Nat Faulkner

March 13th

The course was hotdog style 6km up and back on the access road to Los Angeles International Airport. As you can imagine, it was windy, and none too hilly.

With 75 of 130 km to go I got into a break of 8 which later dwindled to 6. Ex-Mexican National Champion Jose Garcia went solo off the front with 8 km to go. As it was my first race, and also hard effort of the year I am really happy that I ended up getting 4th overall.

In the woman's 70 km race, after winning the first prime of the day, Helena Coney was 15th in the bunch sprint for the win. She was the first Espoir woman.

Elite Men - 130km
1. Jose Manuel Garcia (Southbay Wheelman)
2. Ryan Lane (Kahala/La Grange)
3. Thurlow Rodgers (Sonace/Specialized)
4. Nat Faulkner (Belmire Transp.)
5. Alex Boyd (Hot Tubes)
6. Jason VanMarle (Team Helen's)
7. Bart Fidelus (Ranchos)
8. Zagorodny Volodymyr (Ukrania)
9. Kyle Gritters (Sea Silver)
10. Harm Janson (Team Helen's)
11. Michael Friedeman (Northwest Mortgage)
12. Rudy Napolitano (Big Orange Racing)
13. Karl Bordine
14. Rahsaan Bahati (McGuire)
15. Paul Che (Southbay Wheelman)
16. Yakovlev Vasyl (Ukrania)
17. Luis Naranjo (Mexico)
18. John Walsh (Southbay Wheelman)
19. Adam Livingston (Sea Silver)
20. John Allen (Team Velocity)

Elite Women - 70km
1. Dotsie Cowden (Colavita/Cooking Light)
2. Rebecca Quinn (Southbay Wheelmen)
3. Lyudmyla Vypyralo (Ukrainia)
4. Kara Vidaca (Bicycle John's)
5. Kat Patterson (Team Carina Homes)
6. Jennifer Wilson (Amgen)
7. Kimberly Kemp (Helen's/Trek/VW)
8. Cathy Keeley (Amgen)
9. Carla Figueroa (Paramount Racing)
10. Sandra Kolb (Bicycle John's)
11. Simone Harvey (Helen's/Trek/VW)
12. Cynthia Kubak (Helen's/Trek/VW)
13. Dorothy Wong (Bicycle John's)
14. Lea Adams (Amgen)
15. Helena Coney (Action Sports)
16. Susan Cooper (Bicycle John's)
17. Amy Hutner (Amgen)
18. Lana Atchley (Paramount Racing)
19. Jule Hanson-Hines (Lightning Velo)


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