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April 18/05 2:18 am - Sea Otter: Women's Stage Results and Final GC

Posted by Editoress on 04/18/05

Sea Otter Classic Monterey CA

Human Kinetics Publishers

GC Diff.
1. Alison Sydor (Can) Rocky Mountain/Business Objects0:55:320:06:48.30:18:572:43:054:04:220
2. Alison Dunlap (USA) Luna Womens Mtb Team0:55:220:07:00.50:19:252:43:254:05:13at 0:50
3. Wendy Simms (Can) Frontrunners/Brodie0:55:520:07:11.30:19:252:43:154:05:431:21
4. Shonny Vanlandingham (USA) Luna Womens Mtb Team0:55:520:07:04.70:19:252:43:354:05:571:34
5. Kelli Emmett (USA) Ford Cycling0:55:520:06:59.90:19:392:43:354:06:061:44
6. Lyne Bessette (Can) Louis Garneau Sports Expert0:55:420:07:02.30:19:532:43:354:06:121:50
7. Kiara Bisaro (Can) Gearsracing.Com0:55:520:07:09.20:19:392:43:354:06:151:53
8. Willow Koerber (USA) Subaru-Gary Fisher0:55:520:07:09.60:19:482:43:354:06:252:02
9. Mary McConneloug (USA) Kenda/Seven Cycles0:56:080:07:56.90:19:392:43:354:07:192:57
10. Susan Haywood (USA) Trek/Vw0:55:520:06:48.50:19:092:46:484:08:384:15
11. Dara Marks Marino (USA) Ford Cycling0:55:520:07:15.50:19:392:45:584:08:454:22
12. Patricia Sinclair (Can) Scott Usa0:55:520:07:15.20:19:562:47:194:10:226:00
13. Kathy Sherwin (USA) Biogen Idec0:56:280:07:27.10:20:072:47:194:11:216:59
14. Georgia Gould (USA) Tamarack0:56:280:07:16.00:19:572:50:314:14:129:50
15. Mical Dyck (Can) Terrascape Racing0:55:520:07:06.30:20:122:52:084:15:1810:56
16. Heather Irmiger (USA) Tokyo Jogs/Go Lite0:55:520:07:17.10:20:122:52:084:15:2911:07
17. Zephanie Blasi (USA) Kenda Tires / Backbone Adventures0:57:430:07:29.50:21:052:51:194:17:3713:14
18. Monique Sawicki (USA) Team Mata0:56:280:07:24.00:20:422:53:054:17:3913:17
19. Melodie Metzger (USA) Velobella0:56:280:07:25.50:20:042:54:444:18:4114:19
20. Jaqueline Mourao (Bra) Scottusa/Redbull/Exceed0:56:280:07:16.40:20:422:55:444:20:1015:48
21. Barbara Howe (USA)0:56:280:07:34.80:20:372:56:274:21:0716:45
22. Megan Monroe (USA) Pcw Cycling0:56:280:07:27.20:21:152:56:054:21:1516:53
23. Katerina Hanusova (Cze) Luna Womens Mtb Team0:55:520:07:02.10:18:443:02:284:24:0619:44
24. Beverly Harper (USA) Bike Works Half Moon Bay0:57:230:07:31.90:21:152:58:394:24:4920:27
25. Stella Carey (USA) Kelly Bike Company0:57:430:07:37.40:21:272:58:394:25:2621:04
26. Nina Baum (USA) Cannondale Mountain Bike Team0:58:440:07:35.90:21:322:57:474:25:3921:17
27. Stacey Scanlan (USA) Tamarack0:57:430:07:30.30:21:162:59:174:25:4621:24
28. Shannon Gibson (USA) Yeti/Crazy Cat0:59:430:07:50.80:20:522:57:474:26:1321:51
29. Danelle Kabush (Can) Timex 0:59:220:07:50.10:21:052:58:304:26:4722:25
30. Carolyn Popovic (USA) Big Swingin Cycles0:58:400:07:42.90:21:423:00:564:29:0124:39
31. Jenna Zander (USA) Cannondale Mountain Bike Team0:57:430:07:33.40:21:323:02:554:29:4325:21
32. Trudi Franzel (USA) Scott Usa0:59:430:07:48.80:21:233:03:164:32:1127:49
33. Josie Beggs (USA) Starbucks Coffee Company0:58:440:07:51.90:21:423:04:114:32:2928:07
34. Caitlyn Tuel (USA) Trek Vw East Coast Factory Team0:58:440:07:28.90:21:003:07:184:34:3130:09
35. Heather Svahn (USA) The Backcountry1:00:270:07:52.80:22:283:04:464:35:3431:12
36. Laura Bowles (USA) Back To Dirt1:03:550:08:05.50:21:583:03:294:37:2833:05
37. Theresa Richardson (USA) Cannondale Mountain Bike Team1:00:400:08:07.30:22:283:06:224:37:3733:15
38. Amanda Butler (Can)1:03:060:08:02.30:21:483:09:044:42:0037:38
39. Christy Love (Can)1:03:440:07:56.90:21:483:10:444:44:1339:51
40. Abigail Hippely (USA) Maverick1:06:280:07:56.30:21:443:09:044:45:1240:50
41. Abbie Lueders (USA) Wtb1:03:590:08:03.20:22:453:12:014:46:4842:26
42. Becca Blay (USA)1:06:280:08:22.10:22:073:11:054:48:0243:40


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