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July 16/05 5:04 am - TransAlp Challenge Stage 1 Results: Top 10 plus Canadians

Posted by Editoress on 07/16/05

TransAlp Challenge

Stage 1: Mittenwald to Mayrhofen , 111.33 km - 2.178 altitude metres

1. Bresser, Carsten (GER)/Platt, Karl (GER), (Rocky Mountain Business Objects)3:44:28
2. Kraler, Martin (AUT)/Brentjens, Bart (NEL), (Giant-Racing-Team)3:44:31
3. Spaeth, Sandro (SUI)/Zahnd, Thomas (SUI), (Team Papival-Stoeckli)3:46:44
4. Amador, Ivan (CRC)/Ramirez, Federico (CRC), (Banano de Costa Rica)3:56:17
5. Strobel, Andreas (GER)/Wieltschnig, Silvio (AUT), (ADIDAS / FIAT ROTWILD 1)3:56:21
6. de Knegt, Gerben (NEL)/Dijkhuis, Atze (NEL), (BEJAN / TAC 1)4:01:28
7. Duske, Daniel (GER)/Mathis, Harald (GER), (No Name)4:01:38
8. Evans, Kevin (RSA)/Swanepoel, Ben Melt (RSA), (Adidas South Africa)4:01:46
9. Galler, Roland (AUT)/Ortner, Helmut (AUT), (KTM Lang / Merida-DT Swiss)4:01:48
10. Bassingthwaighte, Marc (NAM)/Heymans, Mannie (GER), (Team Focus / GT Africa)4:01:54
61. Watts, Ryan (CAN)/Lloyd, Thomas (CAN), (Team Whistler)4:41:41
70. Atkinson, Fraser (CAN)/Correa, Mario (USA), (Fresh Air Experience)04:46:39
77. Draper, Ryan (CAN)/Simson, Hazen (CAN), (
181. Tutti, Graham (CAN)/Player, Paul (CAN), Bike Action 25:36:36
186. Hallisey, James (CAN)/Thompson, Hugh (CAN), (Need 4 Speed)5:39:48
198. Schleinkofer, Patrick (CAN)/Bartz, Mike (GER), (Purepower-Silentbreeze Xenof)5:43:45
301. Pfisztner, Anton (CAN)/Rusche, Oliver (GER), (Die radioaktiven Alpenbiber)8:18:50
1. Suss, Esther (SUI)/Enocsson, Anna (SWE), (Ghost)4:18:52
2. Reeves, Gretchen (USA)/Tomlinson, Lesley (CAN), (Rocky Mountain Business Objects)4:36:12
3. Grona, Sabine (GER)/Brachtendorf, Kerstin (GER), (Adidas / FIAT Rotwild 2)4:46:20
4. Spieckermann, Stephanie (GER)/Nitzsche, Annekatrin (GER), (CUBE Racing 2)4:48:22
5. Marunde, Regina (GER)/Schwing, Katrin (GER), (ergon-TREK/TrengaDe-Toyota)4:48:33
6. Fedyna, Marg (CAN)/Kobin, Louise (SWE), (Team Adidas)4:49:35
7. Klose, Peggy (GER)/Klose, Sandra (GER), (Zwillingscraft)4:52:26
8. Grosse-Hering, Hilde (GER)/Huber, Sandra (GER), (Team San-Hil)5:49:33
9. Boger, Anja (GER)/Sumerauer, Sandra (GER), (Alpstours / Med-Sport)5:53:12
10. Kammerer, Sylvia (ITA)/Rabensteiner, Elisa (ITA), (Joy-Ride)6:06:02
1. Scheiderbauer, Jorg (AUT)/Baylis-Scheiderbauer, Anna, (Ghost)4:11:52
2. Hestler, Andreas (CAN)/Sydor, Alison (CAN), (Rocky Mountain Business Objects)4:12:33
3. Machler-Rupp, Dolores (SUI)/Rupp, Severin (SUI), (
4. Schellander, Werner (AUT)/Staufer, Marita (AUT), (TEAM PANACEO)4:30:06
5. Rahner, Carolin (GER)/Wolk, Timo (GER), (Trenga De)4:31:56
6. Servinski, Kelly (CAN)/Phillips, Samantha (CAN), (The Bike Shop - Canada)4:34:15
7. Jakobsen, Stefan (GER)/Saugy, Myriam (SUI), (KAOS PUR)4:56:41
8. Funfleitner, Ulli (AUT)/Gfrerer, Sepp (AUT), (Team Petermann)5:06:38
9. Dold, Tatjana (GER)/Wipfler, Jorg (GER), (Bike-Magazin / Cube)5:10:55
10. Klußendorf, Wiebke (GER)/Schiwy, Andreas (GER), (Bike & More 2)5:13:14
19. Goeppel, Tamara (CAN)/Tetz, Thomas (GER), (Leki-Sled Porn)5:29:10
53. Forbes, Gordon (CAN)/Gross, Michelle (CAN), (Bike Action 1)7:19:39


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