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July 24/05 12:03 pm - Tour de l'Abitibi: Stages 4 & 5

Posted by Editoress on 07/24/05

Tour de l'Abitibi Val-d'Or QC
Courtesy Organizer

Sweden wins second stage in two days in 37th Tour de l'Abitibi

Sweden's national anthem was played for the second time in the 37th Tour de l'Abitibi. Yesterday, it played for Sebastien Balck and today it was for Filip Rudenstram. He stepped on the top of the podium at the end of the Preissac/Val-d'Or road race.

After riding 101.4 km, Rudenstram completed the race in 2 hours 16 minutes and 14 seconds. Belgian Jersen Van Schelven and USA national Daniel Holloway finished 3 seconds later.

Today's winner had to work really hard as he was part of a breakaway group at the 76 km mark.

This group had a 51 second lead at the first lap of the criterium but the main pack caught up to them. Rudenstram broke away from the pack but his podium partners had to deal with the other cyclists in the pack in order to win their second and third places.

Stage 4: ITT

1. Éric Boily (Canada ), 19:48.57
2. Jonas Bjelkmark (Sweden), at 0:30
3. David Veilleux (Canada), 0:36
4. Nick Frey (Hot Tubes), 0:47
5. Brooke Boocock (Canada), 0:49
6. Mark Hinnen (Canada), 1:01
7. Matthew Bell (Ontario), 1:08
8. Alex Boyd (Hot Tubes), 1:18
9. Ryan Anderson (Canada), 1:19
10. Jimmy Feely (Minnesota), 1:21

Stage5: Road Senneterre-Val-d'Or

1. Philipp Tomasso (VC Ardennes/Belgique), 1:41:23
2. Mike Wickman (America's Cycling), at s.t.
3. Daniel Holloway (USA), 0:01
4. Kevin Reza (Pole Espoirs/France)
5. David Veilleux (Canada)
6. Brian Naulleau (Pole Espoirs/France)
7. Alexander Doyle (Dynamiks/Contrecoeur)
8. Jeroen Van Schelven (VC. Ardennes/Belgique)
9. Éric Boily (Canada)
10. Koji Okubo (Japan), all s.t.

1. David Veilleux (Canada)

1. Éric Boily (Canada)

Best First year Junior
1. Mark Hinnen (Canada)


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