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September 4/05 12:07 pm - Tour of Historical Amherstburg

Posted by Editoress on 09/4/05

Tour of Historical Amherstburg Amherstburg, Ontario
Courtesy of Roberto Michelluti, G Caboto Cycling Club

Presented by G Caboto Cycling Club

Under-17 & Junior Men (25 laps)
1. Matt Rose (Independent (RU17))44:25
2. John Lucente (Maple Leaf (RU17))s.t.
dnf. Marco Cote (Maple Leaf (RU17))
Junior Women (28 laps)
1. Whitney Kroll (AAVC/SalonXL)50:21
Senior & Master Women (32 laps)
1. Merrill Collins (La Bicicletta - J Lindeberg)52:50
2. Kacey Manderfield (Whole Foods/WSC)
3. Cynthia Clark (Ride With Rendall)both at s.t.
4. Julie Bellerose (AAVC/SalonXL)1:20
5. Renee Schroeder (Maple Leaf)
6. Andrea Bacik (MBRC)both s.t.
7. April Yerge (Wolverine Sportclub)at 2 laps
Master A & Senior 3 Men (35 laps)
1. Sean Wakefield (Ride With Rendall)50:48
2. Paolo Eugeni (Reynold Koolini)
3. Arne Hinrichsen (Reynold Koolini)
4. James Brooks (Independent)
5. Greg Cavanagh (Independent)
6. Charlie Squires (Westhaven Homes)
7. Jeff Weinert (G Caboto)
8. Richard Snodsmith (Solano (US))
9. Alex Keomany (Sunrise/Jittery Joes)
10. Anthony Bruley (Wolverine Sportclub)
11. Craig Burge (Independent)
12. Greg Cushing (D'Ornellas)
13. Jeff Elam (Sunrise/Jittery Joes)
14. Jordan Stohl (Sunrise/Jittery Joes)
15. Mark Teves (Maple Leaf)
16. Jason Brake (Cycling Saddleman)
17. Malcolm Eade (D'ornellas)
18. Roberto Zeuch (Reynold Koolini)
19. Peter Goldhawk (Caboto)
20. Raymond Auger (Maple Leaf)
21. Carlos Goncalvos (Westhaven Homes)
22. Julio Goncalvos (Ind.)
23. Pierre Perin (Midweek)
24. Chris Morden (Reynold Koolini)
25. John Rigdon (Sunrise/Jittery Joes)
26. Jer Walker (Caboto)
27. Roberto Vani (Reynold Koolini)
28. Jonathan Card (Caboto)
29. Jeffrey Chow (Reynold Koolini)all s.t.
dnf. Nick Dwyer (Reynold Koolini)
dnf. Douglas Gatto (Maple Leaf)
dnf. Adam Herold (E/K Offroad(Rocket))
dnf. James Murphy (Caboto)
dnf. David DeSantis (Nemak)
Master B&C 40-59 Men (35 laps)
1. James Brooks (Independent)48:30
2. Jonathan Card (G Caboto)
3. Raymond Dydowski (Wolverine Sportclub)
4. Craig Burge (Independent)
5. Mirek Mazur (Midweek)
6. Garnett Abbey (Dornellas)
7. Malcolm Eade (D'ornellas)all s.t.
8. Greg Cushing (D'ornellas)0:20
9. Bruce Camacho (D'ornellas) -5 laps
10. Gino Capasso (Flying Rhino)
11. Phil Vermette (Midweek)
12. Rodney Godard (Maple Leaf)
13. Fred Pepper (Midweek)
14. Joe Portera (Wolverine Sportclub)
15. Pierre Perrin (Midweek)
16. Loren Simons (Pediatric Partners)
17. Allen Duncan (Saddlemen)all s.t.
18. Terry Chappell (Independent)1 lap
dnf. John Laidlaw (Saddlemen)
dnf. Lloyd Maisonville (Independent)
dnf. Pietro Di Ponio (Independent)
dnf. James Ball (Independent)
Master 60+ Men (30 laps)
1. Elio Zanella (G Caboto)50:30
2. Thomas Jones (AAVC)at s.t.
3. Doug Michie (Motivators)1:37
Senior 1 & 2 Men (60 laps)
1. Karl Bordine (RPM Helens)1:22:30
2. Peter Sanowar (Ital Pasta)
3. Marion Arnold (Reynold Koolini)
4. Glen Rendall (Ride With Rendall)
5. Chris Isaac (Ital Pasta)
6. Arne Hinrichsen (Reynold Koolini)
7. Richard Bowker (Ital Pasta)
8. Maurice Ruelland (Maple Leaf)all s.t.
9. Adam McClounie (Whole Foods)0:12
10. Vincent Francescuiti (Maple Leaf)0:14
11. Dan Maggiacomo (Ital Pasta)
12. Peter Morse (Chain Reaction)
13. Matt Bonin (Whole Foods)
14. Andre Sottile (Whole Foods/WSC)
15. Bryan Rusche (Cyclissimo Cycling)
16. Jeff Schiller (Gears Racing)all s.t.
17. John Harris (Ital Pasta)0:55
18. Greg Roth (Ital Pasta)0:58
19. Ricardo Lung (Sunrise Sports)1:10
20. Darko Ficko (La Bicicletta - J Lindeberg)1:20
dnf. Jonathan Card (Caboto)
dnf. Jer Walker (Caboto)
dnf. Jeff Weinert (Caboto)
dnf. Piers Davidge (Mississauga Bicycle)
dnf. Richard Snodsmith (Solano (US))
dnf. Todd Elenz (De Molensurters)
dnf. Chris Atkins (La Bicicletta - J Lindeberg)
dnf. Fred Perez (Cambridge)
dnf. Wayne Tomkins (Maple Leaf)
dnf. Gerard Yeates (Sports Swap Racing)
dnf. Tom Markley (Wolverine Sportclub)
dnf. Raymond Dydowski (Wolverine Sportclub)
dnf. Robert Hockins (Health Delivery)
dnf. Anthony Bruley (Whole Foods)
dnf. Brian Kozeliski (Wolverine Sportclub)
dnf. Garnett Abbey (D'ornellas)


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