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August 29/98 5:42 am - More World Track results, Raid Pierre Harvey Day 2

Posted by Editor on 08/29/98

Track Worlds - BORDEAUX, France

Men's Points Race

Spain's Juan Llaneras regained the 40-km points title he lost last year to Silvio Martinello by lapping his Italian rival and the rest of the field early in the final.
1. Juan Llaneras (Spain)
2. Andreas Kappes (Germany)
3. Silvio Martinello (Italy)

Raid Pierre Harvey - Day 2It rained fairly steady all night, but by the time the race was about to start the downpour had reduced to a light drizzle. Five kilomtres into the days ride the rain ceased, but the day remained cool and damp. Many of the riders kept their jackets and tights on for the entire distance.

The rain did not slow George Visser down. He shot to the front from the start taking with him Pierre Harvey and Gilles Morneau. At the 20 km mark Morneau had a flat and at 40 km Harvey got one too. Visser then rode alone into a headwind for the remaining 60 km. At one checkpoint (55km) he had over 3.5 minutes on a chase group that contained Bill Hurley. Bill stayed with this group for most of the race, hoping to get a little help chasing Visser, but when he kept hearing at checkpoints that George was getting further and further away, Bill put his head down (at about the 20km to go mark) and started to close the gap. By the end he had the gap down to just over a minute.

1. George Visser, St-Ferréol-les-Neiges QC, 3:58.37
2. Bill Hurley, Wakefield QC, 3:59.41
3. Vincent Meunier, Loretteville QC, 4:03:58
4.Ronny Stichelbout, Sabrevois QC, 4:04:53
5. Scott Sternthal, Westmount QC, 4:04:56

1. George Visser, St-Ferréol-les-Neiges QC, 7:49:31
2. Bill Hurley, Wakefield QC, 7:53:52
3.Mark-Andrè De-Laurière, Dégelis QC, 8:05:19
4. Gilles Morneau, Loretteville QC, 8:05:50
5. Pierre Harvey, St-Ferréol-les-Neiges QC, 8:07:46


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