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December 17/05 8:58 am - Burnaby Six Day-Day 5

Posted by Editor on 12/17/05

Burnaby Six Day - Day 5

Friday Night saw the endurance racers getting a bit of a break as the sprinters came out to play. A smaller than hoped for group showed up but the racing was anything but slow on the evening.

First up was the 200m event. It would be both part of the Omnium and also act as seeding for the later events. The excitement grew as almost as planned rider after rider went faster than the one before. In the group, young Mike Rothengatter was one of the first off but showed good speed and set a time of 14.67, very good for a first time Junior. Times went under 12 seconds finally when the Dr. Walker trio of Matt Barley, Keith Bruneau and Matt Chater set the three fastest times of the night.

Second race of the evening was the tactical Win & Out. A race of both flat out early speed and cunning, the race saw both as some riders who did go for the first place placing had to pull out or reshuffle themselves for a later placing. Matt Chater knew what kind of speed he had in his legs and easily took the first place spot getting to sit down early. John Perkins then took off from the pack passed the hurting riders still stinging from their first attempt and held off for second place. A small pack formed consisting of pained riders and those waiting to explode for third and fourth. Barley was the next to take a rest rounding out the podium for this race with Bruneau, Nick Barile, Andy George, and Jimmy Lingwood all able to finish the race and finish in that order.

The last two events of the evening were run with heats. Both the Chariot Race and the Keirin riders were seeded according to how they finished in the 200m. Two riders qualified each in the Chariot Race heats, they included the two Matts, Keith, and John. Two riders went through the reps to make a final of six but the final was once again a run away for the Dr. Walker boys. Last race for the sprinters was the Keirin. With the speed slowly being brought up it looked like there would be a few new faces in the final as some riders got involved in the mix with the fast sprinters. Both Andy and John qualified nicely for the final but those two were the only ones able to crack the top five final. Coming around the final corner of the race the two Matts were shoulder to shoulder with Chater crossing the line first by a tire width.

The coveted Sprint Trophy, donated by Black Spire and SC Marine went to Matt Chater.

The only endurance event of the night was the A Madison. Most tired on the night would have to be Andy George who took part in the Sprint Night and then had to change gears, so to say, and race the 75 lap Madison. For the 5th night the duo of Christian Meier and Marsh Cooper took the Madison and extended their lap lead. The Calgary team of Ryan McKenzie and Phil Abbott took second and most importantly took back a lap from the Laliberte/Solem team. Jeff Ain and Gordon Ross from Escape Velocity took third on the night showing some good speed and excellent sprint placing. Andy must have been a little tired on the evening but showed some resiliency by keeping it close with his partner Luis Bernhardt taking a good amount of points but finishing 3 laps down for 5th.

Sprint Night

Flying 200m
1 Matt Chater 11.48
2 Keith Bruneau 11.55
3 Matt Barlee 11.59
4 John Perkins 12.53
5 Jimmy Lingwood 12.60
6 Andrew George 12.67
7 Daniel Harm 13.05
8 Nick Barile 13.67
9 Mike Rothengatter 14.67
10 Chiron Kantakis 14.68

Win and Out
1 Matt Chater
2 John Perkins
3 Matt Barlee
4 Keith Bruneau
5 Nick Barile
6 Andrew George
7 Jimmy Lingwood

Chariot Race Final
1 Matt Chater
2 Keith Bruneau
3 Matt Barlee
4 John Perkins

Keirin Final
1 Matt Chater
2 Matt Barlee
3 Keith Bruneau
4 John Perkins
5 Andrew George

Sprint Omnium
1 Matt Chater 24points
2 Keith Bruneau 13
2 Matt Barlee 13
4 John Perkins 10
5 Jimmy Lingwood 1
6 Andrew George 1
7 Nick Barile 1

Group A Madison
1 Christian Meier / Marsh Cooper 13 points
2 Ryan Mckenzie / Philippe Abbott 9 (-1 laps)
3 Jeff Ain / Gordon Ross 3 (-2 laps)
4 Scott Laliberte / Murray Solem 2 (-2 laps)
5 Luis Bernhardt / Andrew George 6 (-3 laps)

Olympic Sprint Demonstration
Dr Walker (Matt Chater, Keith Bruneau, Matt Barlee) 42.25


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