Downhill About to Start

Posted by Editor on 9/19/98.

We are getting ready for the Downhill competition - the Junior women will start in about 30 minutes. The course is likely to be slippery because it rained all night. The course is 2.75 kilometres in length, and considered to be a very ëphysical courseí. Some quotes:

Missy Giove (Elite) - ìItís fun, itís dangerous, you need lots of concentration and to go for it.î

Nicolas Vouilloz (Elite) - ìI like the course, but it is difficult to go fast. The course is technical and steep, which is what makes it dangerousî

So far, the UCI medical team has made health tests (for EPO) on 24 riders from South Africa, New Zealand, Antigua, Austria, Switzerland, Australia and Sweden. No riders have been disqualified.

Schedule today:

10:30 - 10:43 am Junior Women (14 riders)

10:53 - 11:52 am Junior Men (60 riders)

12:02 - 13:16 pm Senior Women (45 riders)

13:26 - 15:50 pm Senior Men (91 riders)

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