France Wins Again in Senior Women's Downhill

Posted by Editor on 9/19/98.

Rain happened at just the wrong time. The sky opened up for the last 20 senior women in the downhill, and times started to go up drastically. An earlier run of Nolvenn Le Caer (FRA) in slightly drier conditions looked like it was going to be the fast time of the day. However, the class of the World Cup Circuit, Anne Chausson of France, showed why she is number one. She blazed the course under appalling conditions in a time of 5:26.47 - 10.55 seconds up on Le Caer. Third through fifth were all Americans, with Cheri Elliott 13.74 seconds back, Lisa Sher 17.73 seconds back and Leigh Donovan 18.89 seconds back. Leading the Canadian side was a fine performance by Daamiann Skelton in 10th place, at 26.05 back. She was the early leader for approximately a third of the race. Daamiann had crashed in her warm up this morning due to a brake failure. During the race she crashed once and dabbled but managed to keep it upright.

Other Canadians results: Lorraine Blancher in 24th place, Chantal Boulianne in 27th, Tera Meade in 29th, Cecile Gambin in 30th, Aleisha Cline in 31st and Sylvie Allen in 35th. Lorraine said she had a couple of dabs but stayed on the bike. She considered it a good run. Aleisha said she fell three times with one of them being near the finish (she almost took out a photographer!). Needless to say, she was disappointed with her run.

Some further notes:

Cecile Gambin - I had some chain suck higher up on the course. On one technical section I was going through rodeo style, one leg unclipped out to the side!.

Missy Giove crashed in the single track on the upper part of the course and finished a disappointing 28th. She was 58.76 seconds behind Chaussons time. She has had a frustrating season and this is not a way that anyone deserves to finish a season.

Daamiann Skelton - I was having problems all week. I could only do little parts of course really well, but not the entire run. I put it all together for this one. For once I was able to control my nerves.

Anne Chausson - The course was not as fast as yesterday or the day before. I didnt think that I could beat Le Caer because of the change in the conditions. I had to concentrate on the track. It was really slippery and one little mistake would send you off the course. I liked the course even though I have never won here before. It was about time that someone else had the bad luck. I give my victory to Max who has been our manager for many years.

Nolvenn Le Caer - Im glad that I finished second, but I feel sorry for those that went after me in the rain. I didnt have a good race. I made a lot of little mistakes at the top. The fog at the top made it very tricky in the first section.

Cheri Elliott - Im a little surprised with my placing. It was very slippery. The conditions were very different than in the qualifiers. You had to be very focused. We were expecting mud to stick to the bike, but it was just a thin layer of stuff over the top of everything.

Mike Badyk reporting.

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