Junior Women Downhill to J–rgesen

Posted by Editor on 9/19/98.

There were no real surprises in the Junior Womenís Downhill - the top-3 riders in qualifying finished 1-2-3 in the race. Sari J–rgensen, the Swiss rider who has been racing with the Pros all season (and who won the World Cup in Nevegal, Italy) pulled off a blistering run that, despite a crash, gave her a 12.56 second victory over Sabrina Jonnier of France. ìIt was really foggy at the top, and i crashed in the second last woods section. I didnít think that I could make it after the crash, but some people really encouraged me, telling me that I had really good time.î

Third place Johanna R¸bel-T–dt of Germany was also very pleased with her result - an improvement over her 6th place finishes at the last two World Championships. ìI lost time in the technical sections, it was so slippery. But I am very pleased with my result, to be on the podium.î

The only Canadian in the competition, Lalena Desautels, is only riding her first year of downhill - ìI passed a couple of people, and then got too confident and crashed.î Desautels finished 10th.

Official results to follow.

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