Junior Women XC - End of lap 1

Posted by Editor on 9/18/98.

As the riders begin their second lap, the French have two riders in front - Cecile Rode and Sandrine Guironnet. However, they keep looking over their shoulders at Cecilia Potts, the USA rider who is only 10 seconds back. There is then a large gap of 41 seconds to 4th placed Cara Smith of Australia, with Swiss Lea Fl¸ckiger 54 seconds down on the leaders. Canadian Carrie tuck has moved up to 6th place, 1:30 back.

The rest of the top-10 are:

7. Anna Szafraniec (Poland) at 1:59
8. Jindriska Bejstova (Czech Republic) s.t.
9. Lucrezia Lamastra (Italy) s.t.
10. Sonja Zinkl (Austria) at 2:11
11. Verena Berger (Germany) s.t.

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