Lopes and Llanes Take Dual Titles

Posted by Editor on 9/19/98.

Weather conditions improved to overcast skies with a strong wind from the earlier rain in time for this eveningís Dual. The course was designed by Tom Hillard (formerly of Specialized). The course was just spectacular. A series of difficult jumps and radical berms made for exciting action. The crowds were very large, estimated at least 4,000 people. The entire course was lined with spectators, 6 deep in places.

The final pairing in the menís competition was Shaun Palmer up against Brian Lopes. Lopes was the first one into the jumps and he held it right to the finish. In the consolation round it was Corrado Herin defeating Takashi Tsukamoto. Tsukamoto crashed and Herin cruised in for the 3rd place win. Tsukamoto figured that since he was out of the running that he would do a bit of show on the rest of the course. Unfortunately on the last jump (a banked curve) he was styling with the bike parallel to the ground and blew his landing. The spectators loved it, but he will be one hurting puppy in the morning.

In the Womenís Dual, the final was between Tara Llanes and Katrina Miller. Llanes took the win, leading from start to finish. In the consolation it was Lisa Sher and Sari J–rgensen. J–rgensen was the victor.

The conclusion of the evening was an impromptu set of races by various people on mini-bikes. Big air never looked so strange on these tiny machines.

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