Report on Course Conditions

Posted by Editor on 9/19/98.

Conditions for the downhill took a minor turn for the worse with a heavy rain storm last night. The pit area was full of puddles and the course itself picked up a notch in the nasty factor. Although the sections out in the open dried out quickly, the tricky single track in the forest was very difficult. The mud wasnít an issue but the patches of bare rock claimed many a rider.

Early this morning the top of Mt. Ste. Anne was completely obscured by clouds. Unfortunately for the racers there has been no change in the conditions. On the high speed fire road at the top of the run many riders were complaining of poor visibility as they set themselves up for turns. One comment overheard was that the corners were executed more on memory than by sight.

From an observerís point of view, the course appears to be absolutely bone jarring. Of particular note were some huge sections of braking bumps. Just above the mid-point of the course the riders pick up a lot of speed on a ski run, followed by a tight left into a challenging piece of single track. There are now about 20 braking bumps in succession, most approaching 0.5m in height. Suspension travel is everything. This erosion will continue this afternoon with the top riders sure to experience some difficult going by the end of the day.

It has started to drizzle lightly as the Senior Women begin their runs. Hopefully it will not play a role in the race.

Mike Badyk

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