Senior Men DH - Another Victory for France

Posted by Editor on 9/19/98.

It looked like Gerwin Peters of the Netherlands had almost pulled off the ride of his life. He had taken the lead, with a time 5 seconds ahead of the nearest competitor. Only 8 more riders to come down after him. Flat tires for 2 of the riders after him had him looking good. Jurgen Beneke of Germany had a good spill in the lower part of the course. However, the rider that had everyone worried, not only today, but on the World Cup all this year was Nicolas Vouilloz of France, the last rider to start.

Where other riders were hesistant, Vouilloz was attacking. In places where others were slowing he was airborne and pedalling. As Vouilloz was putting it all together, Peters could only watch helplessly the big screen tv at the finish line as Vouilloz came through with the fastest time of the Championships - a blazing 4:47.89; 4.49 seconds ahead of Peters. Mickael Pascal of France was third, 8.61 seconds back. Top North American was Brian Lopes of the United States in 7th.

Vouilloz was ecstatic with his victory. Jumping up and down and waving the French flag, he was quickly mobbed by his team mates and a huge throng of photographers. Nearby, Peters received congratulations from his parents, although he was clearly disappointed.

Eric Cseff of Canada held the lead for almost half of the race, but his time eventually left him in 30th place, 31.04 seconds behind Vouilloz. Fastest Canadian was Dave Watson in 26th, 28.31 behind Vouilloz. Other Canadians were Frederic Poulin in 41st, Chris Buckrell in 52nd, Jimmy Coll in 74th and Brant Lyon in 82nd.

Quotes and Notes

This was Vouillozs 7th World Championship - 4th Senior and 3rd Junior. He has never been defeated at the Worlds. On the other hand he has never won before at Mt. Ste. Anne.

Nicolas Vouilloz - With about 1 minute to go in the race somebody said that I had a 5 second lead. I couldnt believe it and I almost crashed into the following tree because I lost my concentration. The fact that I won in Japan (World Cup Finals), and it was wet, gave me the confidence to do well here. When they asked me if I had motivation problems I think about losing and that motivates me!

Gerwin Peters -I was really surprised by the results. I was only hoping for a top 10 finish. I was very relaxed and I had a good seeding run that gave me a lot of confidence.

Mickael Pascal - I was not too surprised with the results because I had done so well in the World Cup. I do well in wet conditions.

Complete results to follow shortly.

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