Senior Men XC - End of lap 3

Posted by Editor on 9/20/98.

Little change as the men finish their third lap (of 6). Meirhaeghe continues to push the pace, closely marked by the French duo of Dupouey and Chiotti. Dupouey seems to be falling off on the climbs a little bit, but doesnít look to worried - is this a tactic to make Meirhaeghe over-extend himself?

Rasmussen remains in 4th, but has closed up to 36 seconds, with Bas Van Dooren at 44 seconds. Tinker Juarez continues to move up, now in 17th, with Chris Sheppard in 22nd. Andreas Hestler is still 32nd. Roland Green is still in the race, but has dropped back to the 70ís - a crash or a mechanical? The conditions are cool and damp, and overcast.

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