Senior Men XC - End of lap 4

Posted by Editor on 9/20/98.

Dupouey has made his move! He attacked in the last 3 kilometres of the fourth lap, and came across the line 16 seconds clear of Meirhaeghe and Chiotti. Shortly after the start-finish, on the climb, Chiotti dropped Meirhaeghe and is trying to bridge up to Dupouey. Things appear to be going according to the French plan... Van Dooren has joined Rasmussen in the battle for 4th, but they are 1 minute back. Tinker has moved up another spot to 16th, but Chris Sheppard has dropped back to 29th. Pallhuber and H–ydahl, two of the pre-race favourites, are not having a good day - Pallhuber is 8th and dropping; H–ydahl is 17th.

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