Senior Women XC - End of Lap 2

Posted by Editor on 9/20/98.

The women are approaching the mid-point of their race, as they end the second lap, and Leboucher continues to lead. Dahle is at 33 seconds, and Sydor continues to struggle, now 1:51 down in third. Margarita Fullana and Annabella Stropparo are next, 2:45 down, with Dunlap at 3:06 and Chrissy Redden at 4 minutes. Other Canadians: Lesley Tomlinson in 11th, Amber Chorney 17th, Melanie Dorion 25th, Melanie McQuaid in 31st place and Trish Sinclair 38th. It is starting to look like another French victory...

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