Senior Women XC - End of lap 3

Posted by Editor on 9/20/98.

As the riders start their 4th lap, there is no change in the order at the front, but Leboucher continues to pull away. She is now 1 minute in front of Dahle, 2:31 in front of Sydor. Stropparo of Italy is alone in fourth, 3:43 back, Dunlap of the USA in 5th (at 4:10). Dunlap has just overtaken Fullana of Spain. Chrissy Redden continues to hold 7th place. Lesley Tomlinson has moved up to 9th, and B.C. rider Amber Chorney is now in 14th place, about to catch 13th. Defending champion Paola Pezzo has withdrawn from the race.

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