Senior Women XC - Leboucher Still Leading at end of lap 1

Posted by Editor on 9/20/98.

The women have just finished their first full lap of the race, and Laurence Leboucher continues to lead. In the early part of the lap it was Leboucher and Alison Sydor at the front, however, Sydor dropped back, was caught by Gunn-Rita Dahle and then dropped. 3 kilometres from the end of the lap the gap between Leboucher and Dahle was 13 seconds, with Sydor at 30 seconds. Margarita Fullana was at 1:05 and defending champion Paola Pezzo at 1:10. However, through the finish line their have been some changes: Leboucher is still 16 seconds in front of Dahle, Sydor has dropped to 48 seconds, Fullana and American Alison Dunlap are 1:31 behind the leader, Annabella Stropparo is at 1:48 and Canadian Chrissy Redden has moved into 7th, at 2:08. Pezzo is next at 2:31. Leboucher looks incredibly smooth and strong, but Sydor appears to be struggling a bit.

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