Senior Women XC - Start of last lap

Posted by Editor on 9/20/98.

As the riders start their last lap, the front 3 look set: Leboucher of France, Dahle of Norway and Sydor of Canada. Annabella Stropparo of Italy is in 4th, but Alison Dunlap of the United States is breathing down her neck, and should pass her. Margarita Fullana (Spain) is not looking comfortable, but has enough of a lead that she should finish in front of Chrissy Redden (Canada). Sandra Temporelli (Italy) is next, but Canadaís Lesley Tomlinson has just about caught her. Amber Chorney is still in 14th place, with a grin from ear to ear - not a bad ride for a first year rider!

We will report back next after the race, when our interviews are done.

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