List of registered riders for the 2006 Niagara Classic - (with a credit card that has been approved) as of May 18th (Final)
If you think you should be registered, please contact with the date you registered using the Canadian Cyclist online registration system.

Please be aware that confirmations are not instantaneous and can take up to 12 hours.

Last/First NameCategory
Abbey, GarnettMaster B Men
Abbott, PhilippeSenior 1/2 Men
Alvarez, ErnestoSenior 3 Men
Amaral, Paul Master A Men
Anderson, LorneMaster A Men
Antic, DarkoMaster A Men
Atkinson, ErinSenior Women
Auger, BrettCadet Men
Ayson, BenedictMaster A Men
Babe, SamMaster A Men
Bail, SamuelSenior 1/2 Men
Baines, RonMaster C Men
Balfour, KallumJunior Men
Banner, GeoffMaster B Men
Barnes, JonMaster A Men
Barrow, RichardMaster A Men
Bartholomew, ChrisMaster A Men
Basiren, StephenMaster B Men
Baumhard, ErichSenior 1/2 Men
Bell, MathewSenior 1/2 Men
Berridge, MatthewMaster A Men
Bhogal, AlexSenior 3 Men
Bietola, LauraCadet Women
Bissell, BethSenior Women
Blackburn, JamesMaster A Men
Blackwell, TimMaster A Men
Bonin, MatthewSenior 1/2 Men
Bowers, BrysonSenior 3 Men
Bowkunowicz, PaulMaster B Men
Bradbury, AndrewSenior 3 Men
Brennan, JimmyMaster A Men
Brewer, FredMaster A Men
Brown, TravisSenior 1/2 Men
Browne, CraigSenior 1/2 Men
Bryer, CharlesJunior Men
Budzinski, IreneuszMaster B Men
Byer, DavidSenior 3 Men
Camacho, BruceMaster C Men
Cameron, GlennMaster A Men
Campbell, DavidMaster B Men
Campbell, EdMaster B Men
Candela, BertMaster B Men
Caravaggio, CarmineMaster B Men
Carriero, JosephMaster B Men
Caruso, Lori Senior Women
Cavanagh, GregMaster A Men
Cermak, NaomiSenior Women
Chaffe, MatthewMaster A Men
Chambers, ChrisMaster B Men
Chappel, MelissaSenior Women
Cheskey, RobMaster C Men
Chiocca, RobertMaster A Men
Chow, JeffreyMaster A Men
Ciazynski, BrianSenior 3 Men
Ciazynski, SteveMaster C Men
Clarke, CarlMaster B Men
Clarke, GordonMaster C Men
Cockburn, HeathSenior 1/2 Men
Coles, KyleCadet Men
Collins, MerrillSenior Women
Condy, GeorgeMaster A Men
Conroy, DavidSenior 3 Men
Cornel, LoganCadet Men
Cote, MarcoCadet Men
Coughlin, DavidSenior 1/2 Men
Coulas, ScottMaster A Men
Coulson, Stephen Master C Men
Covey, BillMaster B Men
Covey, BillMaster B Men
Cramer, DavidSenior 3 Men
Crosby, TimothyJunior Men
Crumlish Jr., John PMaster B Men
Cubello, FulvioMaster B Men
Cumming, MichaelSenior 3 Men
Cunliffe, LorneMaster A Men
Cushing, Greg Master B Men
D'agostino, EdwardMaster B Men
Dadds, AndrewJunior Men
Davidson-Meyn, HeatherSenior Women
Davis, ErikMaster A Men
Davis, JimMaster B Men
Davis, KevinMaster A Men
De Jong, VinceJunior Men
Dean, PaulMaster C Men
Dearing, SimonMaster B Men
Dennis, CÈlineSenior Women
Derlacki, MartinMaster B Men
Devries, PaulMaster A Men
Dickenson, TrevorCadet Men
Dickison, AndyMaster B Men
Dilecce, PaoloMaster B Men
Donato , SimonSenior 3 Men
Donnahee, CurtisSenior 3 Men
Dooling, PatrickMaster A Men
Eade, Malcolm Master B Men
Eastwood, StephenMaster A Men
Ecerova, ZuzanaSenior Women
Ellis, DavidMaster A Men
Esplin, RobertMaster B Men
Farell, JuliaSenior Women
Fares, SameraMaster Women
Faulkner, NathanielSenior 1/2 Men
Faust, FrancoisMaster B Men
Ferguson, TabithaMaster Women
Ficko, DarkoSenior 1/2 Men
Finlay, JesseSenior 3 Men
Flavell, MichaelJunior Men
Fletcher, RobertMaster A Men
Forsdike, MichaelMaster A Men
Foster, ThomasSenior 1/2 Men
Francescutti, VincentSenior 1/2 Men
Frank, NastMaster C Men
Freure, ThomasSenior 3 Men
Fromet De Rosnay, EmileMaster A Men
Fu, William Senior 3 Men
Gallo, Matthew Cadet Men
Garlapow, RosieSenior Women
Garnett, AnnaSenior Women
Gauld, KeithSenior 1/2 Men
Germer, GreggSenior 1/2 Men
Giuliano, JoeSenior 1/2 Men
Gordon, Hamish Senior 1/2 Men
Goveia, OrlandoMaster D Men
Green, Stuart Master B Men
Gregotski, TerriMaster Women
Guse, MattSenior 1/2 Men
Guzman, AnneSenior Women
Hajdu, AttilaSenior 1/2 Men
Hall, JoshSenior 1/2 Men
Hall, Richard Master B Men
Hanrahan, ThomasMaster B Men
Hansen, JeffSenior 1/2 Men
Haum, BrianMaster A Men
Hazzard, KevinJunior Men
Hearn, MarkSenior 1/2 Men
Heck, SteveMaster A Men
Heckman, CarolSenior Women
Heikoop, FredMaster B Men
Heilbronn, ToviSenior 3 Men
Hein, PeterMaster D Men
Henrie, JasonSenior 3 Men
Hinnen, Mark Senior 1/2 Men
Hopkins, LizMaster Women
Howard, ColinSenior 3 Men
Howitt, JulianMaster A Men
Hruska, MichaelCadet Men
Hughes, CameronSenior 1/2 Men
Hums, Thomas Junior Men
Hunt, Andrew Junior Men
Ivey, DerrekSenior 3 Men
Jack, DavidMaster B Men
Jackson, AdrianMaster B Men
Jamesson, BenjaminSenior 1/2 Men
Jeffs, KrystalSenior Women
Jones-Baumgardt, CelesteCadet Women
Joslyn, JaySenior 1/2 Men
Kaufman, CraigMaster A Men
Kavanagh, KellySenior Women
Klassen, KirbyMaster B Men
Kofman, JordanSenior 3 Men
Kofman, PeterMaster C Men
Korten, Darren Cadet Men
Kurzawinski, DamianSenior 1/2 Men
Kuz, JamesSenior 3 Men
Laing, MatthewCadet Men
Laing, ScottCadet Men
Larmer, James Senior 3 Men
Lavell, Shane Senior 1/2 Men
Law, Ka-Hung Master A Men
Lee, BrianMaster A Men
Lees, ThomasSenior 3 Men
Lefebvre, DanSenior 1/2 Men
Li, MarcoSenior 3 Men
Liokossis, AntonioMaster A Men
Logan, GarthMaster A Men
Louws, KeesMaster B Men
Lowes, Brent Master A Men
Lowrie, DeanMaster B
Lucente, JohnCadet Men
Macdonald, AndrewMaster A Men
Macdonald, JamesSenior 1/2 Men
Maceachern, CraigMaster B Men
Maciejowski, DanielSenior 3 Men
Macinnis, JeffMaster A Men
Mackellar, IanMaster A Men
Maggiacomo, DanielSenior 1/2 Men
Makarchuk, EdSenior 1/2 Men
Mann, MartenMaster A Men
Manning, Ian Senior 1/2 Men
Marcotte, StephaneSenior 3 Men
Marshall, ShawnSenior 3 Men
Martineau, TerrenceMaster A Men
Martini, MauroMaster B Men
Martuzalski, ZiggyMaster C Men
Maset, EdMaster B Men
Mathis, MichaelSenior 1/2 Men
Mcarthur, StirlingMaster A Men
Mccarthy, CraigMaster A Men
Mccaughey, MichaelSenior 3 Men
Mcclounie, AdamSenior 1/2 Men
Mccrone, GlenMaster B Men
Mcdonagh, RoryMaster A Men
Mcdonnell, DavidSenior 1/2 Men
Mcewen, JamesSenior 3 Men
Mckay, StuartMaster A Men
Mckie, ChrisSenior 3 Men
Mclean, KevinMaster A Men
Meloff, RickMaster B Men
Miller, BuckSenior 1/2 Men
Moore, Keith Senior 1/2 Men
Moore, MichaelSenior 1/2 Men
Moretti, CaryMaster A Men
Morris, PeterMaster D Men
Morris, RyanSenior 1/2 Men
Morse, PeterSenior 1/2 Men
Mrvelj, BobbyMaster A Men
Mundy, EvanJunior Men
Nelson, RebeccaSenior Women
Nickorick, BradMaster B Men
Novak, RonMaster A Men
Novakowski, DevonCadet Men
Novo, MikeMaster A Men
Olliver, RoderickMaster A Men
Optis, LadislavSenior 3 Men
Palmer-Komar, SusanSenior Women
Parkinson, JohnMaster D Men
Paton, ChristopherMaster A Men
Perez, FredMaster A Men
Petersen, EricMaster A Men
Petrovski, IlijaMaster B Men
Phelps, Ryan Senior 3 Men
Philips, DouglasMaster A Men
Pierce, David Master B Men
Polawski, RyanSenior 3 Men
Polsinelli, MarcMaster B Men
Poortvliet, DanielMaster B Men
Poplak, RichardMaster A Men
Porten, SebastianSenior 1/2 Men
Prosser, JonathanSenior 1/2 Men
Purvis, BlairSenior 1/2 Men
Ramsden, DeniseCadet Women
Ray, MartinMaster A Men
Ray, MichelSenior 3 Men
Raymer, GraydonSenior 1/2 Men
Rego, PaulSenior 1/2 Men
Reid, John-ChristopherSenior 1/2 Men
Reinberg, VictorMaster C Men
Renkema, EdMaster B Men
Renneboog, MikeMaster C Men
Rethazy, JeremySenior 3 Men
Rice, RobSenior 1/2 Men
Richards, DougMaster A Men
Riggs, JamieJunior Men
Riley, ChrisSenior 3 Men
Ring, MikeMaster B Men
Roberts, HayleyJunior Women
Roden, JohnSenior 1/2 Men
Rogers, JustinSenior 3 Men
Roher, JosiahSenior 3 Men
Roos, Corinne Master Women
Roth, JimMaster C Men
Roth, RyanSenior 1/2 Men
Rothwell, KyleSenior 3 Men
Rothwell, KyleSenior 3 Men
Roy, TaylorCadet Men
Rubenzahl, IanMaster B Men
Ruby, KristaCadet Women
Rudge, GrahamSenior 1/2 Men
Rusche, BryanSenior 1/2 Men
Sanowar, PeterSenior 1/2 Men
Saunders, Chris Senior 1/2 Men
Savage, Noel Senior 3 Men
Scherberger, AikenMaster C Men
Scheske, ToddSenior 1/2 Men
Schiller, JeffSenior 1/2 Men
Scott, DaveMaster A Men
Serra, GaryMaster A Men
Shaw, MarkMaster C Men
Shea, PatrickMaster A Men
Shepherd, JordanSenior 3 Men
Shewan, BillMaster B Men
Sidhu, RobMaster A Men
Simpson, AnthonyMaster A Men
Skalski, JasonSenior 1/2 Men
Smith, DonaldMaster A Men
Smith, IsaacSenior 1/2 Men
Smolinski, EdwardMaster A Men
Spence, JessicaSenior Women
Spencer, RhysMaster A Men
Squires, CharlieMaster A Men
St. Germain, LeoMaster B Men
St. James, DavidSenior 3 Men
Staff, ShawnSenior 3 Men
Stanojevic, PavleMaster A Men
Steeds, JustinSenior 1/2 Men
Steinman, ZacharyMaster A Men
Stewart, AndrewMaster A Men
Stock, EricSenior 3 Men
Stolaryk, AllanMaster B Men
Strong, RichardMaster A Men
Sugita, MarkSenior 3 Men
Sullivan, MarcMaster B Men
Telisman, PaulSenior 1/2 Men
Tersigni, JoeMaster D Men
Thomson, JaneCadet Women
Thornton, Michael Master A Men
Tobias, KirkMaster A Men
Tobias, KrisMaster A Men
Tolomiczenko, PaulMaster B Men
Tomkins, WayneMaster A Men
Torchia, JoeMaster B Men
Townsend, MatthewSenior 3 Men
Tratnyek, AnnaSenior Women
Turner, IanCadet Men
Valenti, JasonSenior 1/2 Men
Vanderkuur, JeffMaster B Men
Vani, RobertoMaster A Men
Vantil, MikeMaster A Men
Veal, EdSenior 1/2 Men
Vedova, CraigMaster A Men
Veloce, Joseph Junior Men
Viel, MikeMaster C Men
Villano, Tom Master A Men
Vincze, Jason Master A Men
Vogl, RonMaster B Men
Vukets, DaveSenior 1/2 Men
Wade, AdamSenior 1/2 Men
Wadleigh, JimMaster C Men
Wallace, LucindaSenior Women
Walter, JasonSenior 3 Men
Walters, MarkSenior 1/2 Men
Watson, KarenSenior Women
Wellman, GregoryMaster A Men
West, Michael Master A Men
Westcott, ChrisMaster C Men
Wieditz, ThorbenSenior 1/2 Men
Wing, DylanCadet Men
Wood, ChrisMaster A Men
Woodside, LisaMaster Women
Woolley, DaveSenior 1/2 Men
Worley, KristenSenior Women
Wrighton, MervinMaster B Men
Zak, JanJunior Men
Zuech, RobertoMaster A Men