The 32nd Annual Springbank Road Races
May 7th, 2000

Presented by the London Centennial Wheelers

A Pre-Games Test Event for the 2001 Alliance London Canada Summer Games

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Squires Watches

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About the Race

For the first time in the 32-year history of the Springbank Road Race, the cycling event is going beyond the park and onto the streets of southwest London. That's because this year the race is also a pre-Games test event for the 2001 Alliance London Canada Summer Games. This testing is an important and necessary part of the planning for the Canada Summer Games in 2001.

The race is being hosted by the London Centennial Wheelers Cycling Club in co-operation with the 2001 Alliance London Canada Summer Games Host Society. This year's event has been designated an Ontario Cup points race due to the outstanding race course designed by 3 of London's former National Cycling Team Members. Depending on their category, riders will complete between three and five laps of the challenging 21 kilometre course.

Who will be racing?

Provincial Cycling Teams from across Canada have been invited to compete in the "32nd Annual Springbank Road Races" and to test this challenging course in preparation for the Alliance London Canada Summer Games Cycling Road Race in August of 2001. In addition, American riders from some of the powerful teams south of the border are expected to take part.

Please note that billeting is being arranged for out-of-province teams. Contact Lori Pol for more information.

Course Description

The 2001 Canada Games test event being held May 7, 2000 can only be described as being a road cyclist¹s dream. Coming up from river level in beautiful Springbank Park the race pack turns onto closed scenic roadways and up the steep river bluffs only to descend quickly back down. Policed intersections and motorcycle escorts move the race onto the final hill and feeding zone before heading onto 10kms of rolling farmland where the riders disadvantaged by the hill specialists can use the open roads to their advantage. Re-entering the final 3km of the 21km race course, riders will enter undulating hills picking up speed past residences and fans. Finally, turning into 2 open corners and then a 180-degree hairpin turn back into the Park. The televised event will finish with a loop of the park, a small incline and a flat 100m straight away. Since this race is a prelude to the 2001 Canada Games and with the help of over 400 volunteers and countless organizations this will be a very big event in a very controlled environment. Be there. Map

Where are the best spots to watch the race?

There are many great spots to watch the Springbank Road Races. Here are a few:
  • Hillcrest Drive hill, where after a steady climb, racers will hit speeds of up to 100 kilometres per hour on the descent down Westmount Drive. Access to the hill will be from the south via Westmount Drive off Commissioners, as the Springbank roadway will be closed between Wonderland and Commissioners.
  • The top of the North Street Hill in Byron, the location of the race¹s only feeding zone.
  • Boler Road in Byron, where the race drops through the southern hills past Optimist Park, then north to the Commissioners Road intersection.
  • Main Street in Lambeth, where the pack could split up after racers have made their way along the race corridor of Southdale, Bostwick and Wharncliffe Roads.
  • Springbank Park will also provide excellent viewing opportunities, including the hairpin turn near the Byron entrance where the riders cram at high speed into a single line to negotiate the complex turn, and the start/finish line at the Flint Cottage on the upper roadway due west of the North Street park entrance. For the Senior 1 & 2 categories only, the riders will end their race with an additional 15 laps of the park portion of the course, giving spectators an extra opportunity to watch these very skilled riders.
Access to Springbank Park on May 7th will be limited to the North Street entrance, with parking at Storybook Gardens. Storybook Gardens has decided to postpone its annual opening day to facilitate this important pre-Games event.

The Prize

The winner of the Senior Men's Race will be awarded the Curnoe Trophy, in commemoration of London artist Greg Curnoe's role with the London Centennial Wheelers, as well as a print of his artwork from Shiela Curnoe, a cheque for $300.00, and a watch from Squires Watches.

The winner in the Women's Race will be awarded the Labatt's Trophy, a print of Greg Curnoe's artwork from Shiela Curnoe, a cheque for $300.00, and a watch from Squires Watches.

Previous winners of the event include Steve Bauer of Olympic and Tour de France fame, and Commonwealth Games medallists Jocelyn Lovell and Brian Fowler.

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