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May 15/12 19:52 pm - Fyxation Button Saddle

Posted by Editoress on 05/15/12

Fyxation is a new company (founded in 2009) out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, who has realized that there is a niche in the bicycle market for urban riders, including fixed gear aficionados. They offer a small number of products done very well, and are continuing to design and market more products moving forward.

When I first saw the Button Saddle I had a serious touch of nostalgia. This saddle looked an awful lot like an updated version of the San Marco Regal, a saddle that I used a lot in years gone by. I've still got one in the house but, to be honest, I haven't used it a lot recently. After more than 20 years, San Marco still offers this saddle so it is clearly a good design. If you're going to make a new product you might as well take your inspiration from a good one.




Visually, the connection is the rivets towards the back edge of the saddle. I don't care what many may think but I feel that it looks classy. This may not be the most functional aspect of the saddle but it stands out. Fyxation uses stainless steel/polished buttons on the black and white versions, saving brass buttons only for the brown leather ones. It has a well-crafted leather cover, finished excellently both above and below. It comes in a 150 mm width.

The Fyxation Button Saddle uses Cr-Mo rails with graduated marks to facilitate set up. The Fyxation also has an ergo center cutout in the shell. The Fyxation weighs in at 290 grams, which is much lighter than my old San Marco, which is a hefty 380 grams. The padding is likely more directed towards an experienced rider. I would describe it as firm, but not fully rigid.



San Marco Regal (left) and Fyxation Button (right)


The big thing, though, has to be comfort. Although I've loved the San Marco over the years I have to give the comfort nod to the Fyxation. It felt good right from the first ride and it has stayed comfortable from then on. I think the difference is that the ergo cutout in the shell functions as designed, and that the rear of the Fyxation has a slightly flatter shelf that offers better support. I like this saddle a lot. I think that they have managed to produce a saddle that is designed for long hours on the bike. If that was the intention then Fyxation has hit it well.

Suggested retail price on the Button Saddle is $46.95 USD. Compared to many saddles out on the market that's a pretty good price. Fyxation Products are distributed in Canada by Orange Sport Supply. They are also available at a growing number of stores across the country. See the dealers listing on to find your nearest retailer, or ask your local bike shop to get it in for you. You can also order on line through the Fyxation website.



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