Whistler International Classic
Mountain Bike Festival

July 22 - 26, 1998

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Fees & Categories (Circle your Selection)
Pee-Wee 10-12$20 n/a 
Minime 13-14$20 n/a 
Cadet Sport Men$25 $25  
Cadet Women$25 $25  
Junior Sport$30 $30  
Junior Expert$35 $35  
Senior Beginner$30 $30  
Senior Sport$30 $30  
Senior Expert$30 $30  
Senior Pro-Elite$35 $35  
Veteran Beginner Men$30 $30  
Veteran Sport$30 $30  
Veteran Expert$35 $30  
Master Sport$30 $30  
Master Expert$30 $30  
Master Women$30 $30  
Mandatory Event Membership$10  
Citizen 10-14$20 n/a 
Citizen 15-18$30 $30  
Citizen 19+$30 $30  
Fat Tire Criterium   W   EXP   PRO  (Circle)$20  
Dual   W   JR   SR  (Circle)$20  
Kid's RaceFree 
Whistler Valley Tour$15  
FAX Registrationadd$2  
Credit Card Paymentadd$2  
LATE FEEadd$10  
Enter 2 Events-$5 
Payment Type (Circle):CashChequeCredit
Cardholder's Name (Print):
Card Number:
Expiration Date:
Note: $10 penalty fee for any declined credit card or NSF cheque
Date Received:

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Visa Processing Date:

Last Name:
First Name:
Postal Code Country Sex:
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Tel. (     )     -         H   W
UCI Code:
Birth Date: (dd/mm/yy)
Age (as of 31/12/98) License #
Emergency Contact

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Medical Alert/Allergies:
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Send entries to: Box 457, Whistler, BC, V0N 1B0,   Fax (604) 905-2450
Cheque Payable to: Whistler International Classic
Mail entry deadline: July 10, 1998 - late fee will be charged if postmarked after this date
Fax entry deadline: July 20, 1998 - late fee will be charged if faxed after this date
Registration deadline: Accepted on-site up to 24 hours prior to the event, late fee will be charged.
Registration drop-off point: Grinders Bike Shop - until July 22, 1998 - late fee applies after July 20th
Pre-registration Policy: Payment must be with the registration otherwise late fee is charged


No fax or mail entry will be forwarded to the organization past July 20,1998.

Waiver / Exonération de responsabilité

I, the undersigned, agree and understand that there are inherent risks and dangers attached to the sport of mountain biking and the mountain biking competitions. I agree to assume completely those risks and dangers of whatever nature. Moreover, I agree to assume solely full responsibility for all damage of any nature that I might cause to third parties. Moreover, in consideration of the acceptance of my registration at the event as a competitor, I hold free and harmless from any liability the organizers, Professional Competition Ltd, its administrators, its organizing committee, its employees, its representatives, its volunteers, l'Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), the CCA and Cycling BC, their representatives and volunteers, the site owners Whistler Mountain Ski Corporation, Her Majesty the Queen in Right of the Province of British Columbia, the Resort Municipality of Whistler, Blackcomb Skiing Enterprises, Grinders, and other land owners, all sponsors and organizations involved in this event, as well as any other corporation or person directly or indirectly involved in this event. I therefore waive my right to claim and my right of action against each and every person mentioned in the forgoing lines in relation with the occurrence of any loss, damage or injury of any nature that I might sustain regarding this event, before, during and after its happening.

Je, sous-signé(e), reconnais et comprends que la pratique du sport de vélo de montagne et les compétitions sportives s'y rattachant, comportent des risques et des dangers inhérents à sa pratique. De plus, j'accepte de les assumer intégralement quelle que soit leur natures. J'accepte, de plus, d'assumer seul (e) la responsabilité de tout dommage, de quelque nature que ce soit, que je pourrais subir ou que je pourrais causer à autrui. De plus, considérant l'acceptation de mon inscription comme compétiteur à cet évènement, je dégage de toutes responsabilités les organisateurs, Professional Competition Ltd, son conseil d'administration, son comité organisateur, ses employés, représentants et bénévoles; l'Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), l'association cycliste canadienne (ACC), l'association provinciale (CBC), leurs représentants et bénévoles; les propriétaires de Whistler Mountain Ski Corporation ainsi que Sa Majesté la Reine de droit de la Colombie-Britanique, la Resort Municipality of Whistler, Blackcomb Skiing Enterprises et autres propriétaires terriens; Grinders et tous les commanditaires et organismes reliés à l'organisation de la course ou indirectement impliqués dans l'organisation de l'évènement. Je renonce à toute réclamation et à toute procédure à l'encontre des personnes mentionnées précédemment, quant à la perte, dommage, ou blessure de quelque nature qui pourrait survenir pendant avant et après cet évènement.
Rider's Signature:                               
Parent or Guardian's Signature:                     

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