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April 26/14 2:17 am - Whiskey Off Road Fat Tire Crit results

Posted by Editoress on 04/26/14

Results from the Short track crit, the warm up for the Whiskey 50 XC on Sunday in Prescott, Arizona

1 Chloe Woodruff (USA),, Niner Bikes
2 Katerina Nash (USA) Luna, Orbea, Fox
3 Erin Huck (USA) Tokyo Joes,
4 Crystal Anthony (USA) Riverside Cycle, Sho-Air, Cannondale
5 Rose Grant (USA) Sportsman & Ski Haus; Hammer Nutrition
6 Rebecca Dussault (USA), Global Shelters, Griggs Orthopedics
7 Nina Baum (USA) Stan's NoTubes, Cannondale, Kenda
8 Danelle Kabush (Can) Luna, Orbea, Fox
9 Erica Tingey (USA) Jamis Bicycles, Stan's NoTubes, Sunbelt Development & Realty
10 Mary McConneloug (USA) Kenda, Stan's NoTubes, Seven Cycles
11 Evelyn Dong (USA),, Niner Bikes
12 Amy Beisel (USA) Liv/Giant, Tuff Shed
13 Erin Alders (USA) Liv/Giant, Schwalbe Tires, OSMO Nutrition
14 P Jennifer Smith (USA) Stan's NoTubes, Cannondale, Griggs Orthopedics
15 P Amanda Carey (USA) Liv/Giant, Stan's NoTubes, Kenda
16 P Marlee Dixon (USA) Epic Brewing, Pivot Bikes,
17 P Sarah Kaufmann (USA) Stan's NoTubes, Cannondale, Kenda
18 P April Morgan (USA) Foundry Cycles / Bicycle Fit Guru
19 P Amanda Sin (Can) Scott-3Rox Racing
20 P Jamie Busch (USA) Juliana Bicycles/Fox Racing/Giro
21 P Melissa Ross (USA) My Husband Aaron Ross, FASTER Performance Center
22 P Beth Utley (USA) Oro Valley Bicycle, Forest Canyon Endoscopy/Surgery Center, GU Energy
23 P Heidi Rentz (USA) Ibis Cycles, The Cycling House, Vermont Bike Tours
24 P Liz Carrington (USA) Hassle Free Sports (Durango), CRC Janitorial (Durango), Myself.
25 P Kata Skaggs (USA) Adventure Bicycle Company
26 P Meghan Korol (USA) The Hub/Pisgah Tavern, Oskar Blues, Industry Nine, Speed Cycling, Pro Gold
27 P Elizabeth Sampey (USA) Heights Performance/Griggs Orthopedics/ALP Cycles
28 P Spring Clegg (USA) Us Military Cycling, Scott Bikes, Rudy Project
29 P Caroline Mani (USA) Raleigh / Clement, Shimano
30 P Shannon Gibson (USA) Stan's NoTubes, Cannondale, Kenda
31 P Lyndsay McKeever (USA)
32 P Stephanie Jones (USA) Liv/Giant, MC Endurance Coaching
33 P Deidre York (USA) Red Ace Organics, Carborocket, Kali Protectives
34 P Karen Jarchow (USA) Ptarmigan Group LLC, Scott Bikes, Castelli
DNS Sarka Ruzickova (USA) Cannondale, No Tubes, Sram,Schwable, Gebhard Volkswagen
DNS Tamara Donelson (USA) The Cycle Effect, Liv/ Giant, Primal
DNS Amanda Nauman (USA) SDG Components, Felt Bicycles, Cytomax
1 Derek Zandstra (Can) Scott-3Rox Racing
2 Fernando Riveros Paez (USA) SCOTT-ROTORUSA
3 Geoff Kabush (Can) Scott-3Rox Racing
4 Spencer Paxson (USA) Kona Bicycles
5 Christoph Sauser (Sui) Specialized, Look, Spouser
6 Brian Matter (USA) Trek, Shimano, Rock Shox
7 Howard Grotts (USA) Specialized
8 Jonathan McCarty (USA) Scott Bikes. Durata Training.
9 Cole Oberman (USA) Specialized Penn Medicine
10 Benjamin Sonntag (USA) Stan's NoTubes, Kenda Tires, Cannondale
11 Samuel Morrison (USA) Red Ace Organics, CarboRocket, Kali Protectives
12 Rotem Ishay (USA) Jamis Bikes, Geax Tires, Stan's No Tubes
13 Alex Grant (USA) Team Sho-Air/Cannondale
14 Thomas Turner (USA) Jamis, Geax, SRAM
15 Jamey Driscoll (USA) Raleigh / Clement, Shimano
16 Bryson Perry (USA) DNA Cycling, Carbo Rocket,
17 Troy Wells (USA) CLIF Bar, Niner, SRAM
18 Tom Sampson (USA) Adigga Racing, Geax, POC, Felt
19 Nate Wilson (USA) N/A
20 Ernie Watenpaugh (USA) Jack Daniel's, Telluride Venture Accelerator, BMC Bicycles
21 Bryan Alders (USA) Marin Bikes, Stages Power, SRAM
22 Chris Baddick (USA) Red Ace Organics, Carborocket, Kali Protectives
23 Joseph Clemenzi (USA) Sports Garage Cycling, Orbea, Cap
24 Bryan Dillon (USA) Griggs Orthopedics, SRAM, Stans NoTubes
25 -1 Ryan Petry (USA) Tribe Multisport, Tri-Scottsdale
26 -1 TJ Woodruff (USA),, Niner Bikes
27 -1 Todd Wells (USA) Specialized, Oakley, Clifbar
28 -1 Menso De Jong (USA) CLIF Bar, SRAM
Pulled Rocky Gingg (USA) Momentum Endurance/Cycle Progression/Thunderbird Energetica
Pulled Chris Heinrich (USA) The Path Bike Shop
Pulled Jason Hilimire (USA) FasCat Coaching
Pulled Donny Warbritton (USA) Boulder Running Company, Boulder Cycle Sport
Pulled Kacey Campbell (USA) marlboro, life with chlamydia,
Pulled Clint Mitchell (USA) Penicillin, THC, My Mom
Pulled Michael Dickinson (USA) SpecialEd, Trojan Condoms, 4Loko
Pulled Adam Looney (USA) Borealis Fat Bikes //
Pulled Jon Pettit (USA) SRAM, Lapierre Bikes, Pro Gold
Pulled Adam Gaubert (USA) Team Wooly Mammoth
Pulled Chris Jackson (USA) Castex Rentals, Felt Bicycles, Sierra Pacific Farms
Pulled Stephan Davoust (USA) San Juan Cycles, Steamworks, Giant
Pulled Keith Omundson (USA) Evol, Specialized, Upslope
Pulled Tristan Uhl (USA) 787 racing, Mavic, Austin Tri Cyclist
Pulled Jakub Valigura (USA) 92 Fifty Cyclery
Pulled Nick Gould (USA) Trek Bicycles / Ska Brewing Company / Zia Taqueria
Pulled Yuki Ikeda (Jpn) Topeak, Ergon, Canyon
Pulled Jeff Kerkove (USA) Ergon, Topeak, Canyon
Pulled Matthew Fox (USA) mom, dad, shareholders of tesla motors
Pulled Anthony Smith (USA) Team Santa Cruz X-Fusion
Pulled Colby Pastore (USA) Santa Cruz Bicycles/X-Fusion Shox/Easton Cycling
Pulled Peter Kalmes (USA) HoneyStinger, Bontrager, Trek
Pulled Levi Kurlander (USA) Trek Bicycles / Ska Brewing Company / Zia Taqueria
Pulled Barry Wicks (USA) Kona, Maxxis, SRAM
Pulled Chris Mackay (USA),
Pulled Dana Weber (USA) Stage 21, Cannondale, Cytomax
Pulled Josh Tostado (USA) Santa Cruz, Maxxis, Shimano
Pulled Cameron Chambers (USA) Podium Cycles, Golden Belt Bicycle Company, Qarv Imports
Pulled Steven Beeler (USA) Area 51, Oro Valley Bicyle
Pulled Ryan Standish (USA) Lapierre Bikes, Ultimate Ride Bike Shop
Pulled Richie Trent (USA) 92Fifty Cyclery, Ergon, RaceFace
Pulled Carl Decker (USA) Giant Bicycles, SRAM, Schwalbe tires
Pulled Jason Sager (USA),, Niner Bikes
Pulled Kris Sneddon (Can) Kona, SRAM, Maxxis
Pulled Ryan Cook (USA) Parkside Cycle, Felt, Carbo Rocket,
Pulled Zach Spinhirne-Martin (USA),
Pulled Tyler Gauthier (USA) Bike Marquette, St. Onge Insurance, Meyer Family Vision
Pulled Markus Bauer (Ger) Shimano, Scott, FOX
Pulled Rick Ianniello (USA) POC
Pulled Eliel Anttila (USA) Marin Bikes
Pulled Jonathan Davis (USA) 92Fifty, Ergon, Smith
Pulled Gabriel Ion (USA) Treadhead Cycling
Pulled Greg Lewis (USA) N/A
Pulled Matt Connors (USA) DNA Cycling, Arroyo Racing, Bicycle Ranch
Pulled Jason Siegle (USA) Sdg, Felt, and SPY Optics
Pulled Christhian Ravelo (USA) Colorado Bike Service, Santa Cruz Bikes, Mom & Dad
Pulled Ben Bostrom (USA) Specialized, Mechanix Wear,
Pulled Kyle Taylor (USA) Ergon, Braaap Nutrition, 92Fifty
Pulled Sepp Kuss (USA) BMC, KMC, SR Suntour
Pulled Cody Johler (USA) My day job. Wyoming.
Pulled Michael Broderick (USA) Kenda, Stan's NoTubes, Seven Cycles
Pulled Matthew Turner (USA) DNA Cycling, Cannondale, Stan's NoTubes
Pulled Quinn Keogh (USA) Harmony Systems, Trek, Rancho Feliz
Pulled Sam Gross (USA) Harmony Systems, Trek, Rancho Feliz
Pulled michael hosey (USA) Marin Bikes, SRAM, Continental
Pulled KALAN BEISEL (USA) Giant-Tuff Shed
Pulled john salskov (USA) SLM Coaching, Team Winded, Airpark Bikes
DNS Greg Krieger (USA) Eriksen, Beer, Cigars
DNS Christopher Kelly (USA) Evergreen Cycling
DNS Payson Mcelveen (USA) Richard's Rainwater, Orange Seal Cycling, Specialized
DNS John Nobil (USA) Bear Valley Bikes, Specialized, Formula
DNS Daryll Mckensie (USA) Nationwide Insurance, Trek/Bontrager, Flat Tire Bike Shop
DNS Noah Singer (USA),
DNS David Sheek (USA) SDG-Cytomax-Bellwether
DNS Ben Aufderheide (USA) The Hub Cycling and Teton Training
DNS Cameron Jette (Can) Scott-3Rox Racing


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