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March 28/06 9:40 am - Redlands Classic: Women Stage 3 and Final GC

Posted by Editoress on 03/28/06

Redlands ClassicRedlands California, USA

Stage 3: Sunset road race, 99.5 Km
1. Amber Neben (SC Velo)2:50:39
2. Christine Thorburn (Webcor-Platinum Women's)at 2:15
3. Dotsie Bausch (Colavita/Cooking Light)
4. Alisha Lion (Team Kenda Tire)
5. Kimberly Baldwin (T-Mobile)
6. Tina Pic (Colavita/Cooking Light)3:51
7. Lauren Franges (Victory Brewing Team)
8. Kristen LaSasso (Team Lipton)
9. Ina Teutenberg (T-Mobile)
10. Felicia Gomez (Webcor-Platinum Women's)
11. Kimberly Anderson (T-Mobile)
12. Leigh Hobson (Victory Brewing Team)
13. Jimena Florit (Luna Women's MTB Team)
14. Kristin Sanders (Cheerwine)
15. Dara Marks-Marino (LANDIS/TREK/VW)
16. Charm Breon (Cheerwine)
17. Anne Samplonius (Team Biovail Pro Cycling)
18. Sarah Tillotson (Colavita/Cooking Light )
19. Mara Abbott (Ford Cycling)
20. Shonny Vanlandingham (Luna Women's MTB Team)
21. Kori Seehafer (Team Lipton)
22. Katharine Carroll (Victory Brewing Team)
23. Kirsten Robbins (Victory Brewing Team)
24. Kristin Danielson (Velo Bella-Kona)
25. Kristin Armstrong (Team Lipton)
26. Katerina Nash (Luna Women's MTB Team)4:26
27. Sara Bresnick-Zocchi (Ford Cycling)9:22
28. Mari Holden (T-Mobile)11:06
29. Michelle Beltran (Cheerwine)16:47
30. Betina Hold (Webcor-Platinum Women's)
31. Taitt Sato (McGuire Cycling Team )
32. Kele Murdin (Velo Bella-Kona)
33. Maatje Benassi (Argon 18/Vitesse)
34. Brooke Miller (Ford Cycling)
35. Laura Bowles (Victory Brewing Team)
36. Melodie Metzger (McGuire Cycling Team)
37. Kathy Sherwin (Ford Cycling)
38. Sima Trapp (Colavita/Cooking Light)
39. Chrissy Ruiter (Victory Brewing Team)
40. Jennifer Reither (Bicycle John's Serious Cycling)
41. Georgia Gould (Luna Women's MTB Team)
42. Lea Adams (SC Velo)17:11
43. Cat Malone (Webcor-Platinum Women's)18:47
44. Sharon Allpress (Vitamin Cottage)
45. Erin Alders (McGuire Cycling Team)
46. Beth Fisk (Vitamin Cottage)35:00
47. Ashley Dymond (SC Velo)
48. Laura Erker (Bicycle John's Serious Cycling)
49. Jennifer Joynt (Velo Bella-Kona)
50. Heather Holmes (Ford Cycling)
51. Catherine Walberg (Team Kenda Tire)
52. Rachel O'Connell (Bicycle John's Serious Cycling)
53. Renee Eastman (Vitamin Cottage)
54. Holli Steelman (Cheerwine)
55. Merrill Sapp (LANDIS/TREK/VW)
56. Kelli Emmett (Ford Cycling)40:00
57. Laura VanGilder (Team Lipton)
58. Meredith Miller (Team Lipton)
59. Grace Fleury (Team Lipton)
60. Sarah Bambeger (Cheerwine)
61. Cindy Carroll (McGuire Cycling Team)
62. Laura Hines (SC Velo)59:00
63. Denise Van de Kamp (Argon 18/Vitesse)
64. Gabriela Gonzalez-Ferrat (Team Biovail Pro Cycling)
65. Carla Flores (Argon 18/Vitesse)
66. Tamyra Barnard (Team Kenda Tire)1:24:00
67. Jennifer Wilson (Bicycle John's Serious Cycling)
68. Maggie Williams (LANDIS/TREK/VW)
69. Martina Patella (McGuire Cycling Team)
70. Jane Ziegler (Velo Bella-Kona)
71. Christina Becker (T-Mobile)2:14:00
72. Anna Webb (Team Biovail Pro Cycling)
DNF Betsy Galenti (SC Velo)
DNF Jessica Phillips (Argon 18/Vitesse)
DNF Carmen Small (Vitamin Cottage)
Final GC
1. Amber Neben (SC Velo)4:01:08
2. Christine Thorburn (Webcor-Platinum Women's Cycling Team)at 2:22
3. Kimberly Baldwin (T-Mobile)2:4
4. Alisha Lion (Team Kenda Tire)3:07
5. Dotsie Bausch (Colavita/Cooking Light Cycling Team)3:18
6. Kristin Armstrong (Team Lipton)3:54
7. Kimberly Anderson (T-Mobile)4:49
8. Anne Samplonius (Team Biovail Pro Cycling)4:58
9. Ina Teutenberg (T-Mobile)5:00
10. Charm Breon (Cheerwine)5:14
11. Dara Marks-Marino (LANDIS/TREK/VW)5:15
12. Katharine Carroll (Victory Brewing Team)5:19
13. Felicia Gomez (Webcor-Platinum Women's Cycling Team)5:21
14. Lauren Franges (Victory Brewing Team)5:22
15. Leigh Hobson (Victory Brewing Team)5:26
16. Tina Pic (Colavita/Cooking Light Cycling Team)5:27
17. Kirsten Robbins (Victory Brewing Team)5:28
18. Kristin Sanders (Cheerwine)5:31
19. Kori Seehafer (Team Lipton)5:33
20. Sarah Tillotson (Colavita/Cooking Light Cycling Team)5:38
21. Shonny Vanlandingham (Luna Women's MTB Team)5:49
22. Katerina Nash (Luna Women's MTB Team)5:51
23. Mara Abbott (Ford Cycling)5:58
24. Jimena Florit (Luna Women's MTB Team)6:05
25. Kristen LaSasso (Team Lipton)6:08
26. Kristin Danielson (Velo Bella-Kona)6:20
27. Sara Bresnick-Zocchi (Ford Cycling)11:58
28. Mari Holden (T-Mobile)12:44
29. Maatje Benassi (Argon 18/Vitesse)18:21
30. Chrissy Ruiter (Victory Brewing Team)18:34
31. Betina Hold (Webcor-Platinum Women's Cycling Team)18:43
32. Sima Trapp (Colavita/Cooking Light Cycling Team)18:53
33. Jennifer Reither (Bicycle John's Serious Cycling)18:54
34. Laura Bowles (Victory Brewing Team)19:03
35. Michelle Beltran (Cheerwine)19:18
36. Taitt Sato (McGuire Cycling Team)19:31
37. Melodie Metzger (McGuire Cycling Team)19:35
38. Kele Murdin (Velo Bella-Kona)19:39
39. Brooke Miller (Ford Cycling)19:44
40. Lea Adams (SC Velo)20:13
41. Cat Malone (Webcor-Platinum Women's Cycling Team)20:42
42. Kathy Sherwin (Ford Cycling)20:47
43. Sharon Allpress (Vitamin Cottage)23:40
44. Erin Alders (McGuire Cycling Team)26:01
45. Merrill Sapp (LANDIS/TREK/VW)37:41
46. Catherine Walberg (Team Kenda Tire)37:59
47. Rachel O'Connell (Bicycle John's Serious Cycling)38:23
48. Beth Fisk (Vitamin Cottage)38:30
49. Renee Eastman (CO Vitamin Cottage)38:49
50. Georgia Gould (Luna Women's MTB Team)40:55
51. Grace Fleury (Team Lipton)41:30
52. Kelli Emmett (Ford Cycling)41:44
53. Laura VanGilder (Team Lipton)41:48
54. Meredith Miller (Team Lipton)41:56
55. Jennifer Joynt (Velo Bella-Kona)42:09
56. Sarah Bambeger (Cheerwine)42:26
57. Ashley Dymond (SC Velo)42:29
58. Holli Steelman (Cheerwine)42:35
59. Cindy Carroll (McGuire Cycling Team)42:38
60. Brooke Ourada (Colavita/Cooking Light Cycling Team)43:11
61. Laura Erker (Bicycle John's Serious Cycling)59:40
62. Gabriela Gonzalez-Ferrat (Team Biovail Pro Cycling)1:02:18
63. Heather Holmes (Ford Cycling)1:04:34
64. Denise Van de Kamp (Argon 18/Vitesse)1:06:51
65. Jane Ziegler (Velo Bella-Kona)1:26:29
66. Tamyra Barnard (Team Kenda Tire)1:27:36
67. Jennifer Wilson (Bicycle John's Serious Cycling)1:27:50
68. Carla Flores (Argon 18/Vitesse)1:28:34
69. Laura Hines (SC Velo)1:28:58
70. Martina Patella (McGuire Cycling Team)1:31:37
71. Maggie Williams (LANDIS/TREK/VW)1:53:49
72. Anna Webb (Team Biovail Pro Cycling)2:17:13
73. Christina Becker (T-Mobile)2:21:38


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