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April 13/07 10:52 am - Sea Otter Classic: Road Race Results

Posted by Editoress on 04/13/07

Sea Otter Classic

SRAM Road Race

1. Jane Despas (USA) Klein Real Estate2:31:17
2. Maria Monica (USA) Touchstone Climbing2:31:21
3. Jenn Halladay (USA) Team Tamarack Resort2:31:23
4. Kelly Mcdonald (USA) Touchstone Climbing2:31:25
5. Aby Lynn Cooper (USA) Pro Man2:31:29
6. Kate Ligler (USA) Proman/Paradigm2:31:57
7. Kristina Seley (USA) Proman /Paradigm2:32:04
8. Ginger Buller (USA) Joselyn2:32:19
9. Laura Hines (USA) Stahl/Sc Velo2:33:18
10. Susan Peithman (USA) Abd Cycling2:42:19
11. Laurel Green (USA) Team Mack Paper Company2:44:28
12. Michele Fulton (USA) 2:44:50
1. Andrew Bajadali (USA) Jelly Belly3:05:22
2. Mark Walters (USA) Kodak Gallery-Sierra Nevada3:05:22
3. Jesse Moore (USA) 3:05:26
4. Roman Kilun (USA) Health Net Prsented By Maxxi03:3:05:32
5. Michael Jones (USA) Jelly Belly3:06:17
6. Jesse Anthony (USA) Kodakgallery.Com/Sierra Nev03:3:06:17
7. Dan Timmerman (USA) Kodak Gallery P/B Sierra Neva03:3:06:58
8. Matty Rice (Aus) Jelly Belly3:07:04
9. Frank Pipp (USA) Health Net Prsented By Maxxi03:3:07:56
10. Kevin Klein (USA) Klein Real Estate3:10:11
11. Michael Hutchinson (USA) Team Spine3:10:15
12. Chris Walker (USA) Time Factory Team3:10:18
13. Vincent Owens (USA) Central Valley Cycling Club3:10:23
14. Ben Raby (USA) Kodak Gallery P/B Sierra Neva03:3:10:43
15. Phillip Cortes (Can) Calyon-Litespeed3:10:44
16. Christian Kearney (USA) Bpg/ Montano Velo3:13:30
17. Nicholas Hight-Huf (USA) Time Factory Team3:13:30
18. Bryson Perry (USA) Healthy Choice - Guru's Cycli3:13:31
19. Lang Reynolds (USA) Axleyusa.Com/Seigler Sports03:3:14:47
20. Mike Dietrich (USA) Kodak Gallery P/B Sierra Neva03:3:15:06
21. Sam Pickman (USA) Specialized3:15:16
22. Jonathan Coulter (Aus) Webcor Alto Velo3:15:18
23. Nicholas Bierwolf (USA) Time Factory Team3:15:19
24. Jonathan Boyer (USA) Time Factory Team3:15:20
25. Ian Birlem (USA) Battley Harley Davidson/Huds03:3:15:28
26. Eric Nitschke (USA) Adobe/Schwalbe P/B Lombardi3:16:09
27. Uthman Ray Iv (USA) Bpg/ Montano Velo3:16:14
28. Trevor Mays (USA) Priority Health3:18:52
29. Morgan Schmitt (USA) Priority Health3:19:53
30. Dan Bryant (USA) Specialized/Sierra Nevada3:24:23


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