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April 18/07 10:52 am - Moment of Truth ITT

Posted by Editoress on 04/18/07

Moment of Truth ITT
Courtesy Calgary CrankMasters Cycling Club

April 15th - 21km

The Calgary CrankMasters Cycling Club got their 2007 racing season off to a fine start after a one week weather delay (it seems that nobody likes to ride in the snow). The Moment of Truth 20 km ITT was run on April 15 east on Indus which is located approximately 15 kms SE of the Calgary city limits.

There was a very good turnout of club members and other local clubs and a few hardy guys from Lethbridge. The weather even cooperated with the temperature between 8 and 10 Degrees C and the wind light at 5-10 kph from the NW and NE which goes to show that you can have a headwind going both ways.

Bragging rights for the day go to Trev Williams from Speed Theory with a 27:54 in the Cat A men followed closely by Jim Janzen from the CrankMasters with a 28:30 in the Cat C men. Fastest female for the day was Carolyn Soules of the CrankMasters with a 33:03 in the Cat B women. See the attached spreadsheet for all the results.

The next CrankMasters club race is scheduled for Sunday April 22 at Balzac located NE of Calgary.

A+ Women
1. Amy Woodward (Bow Cycle)0:33:24
2. Adrienne Tibbitts (Terrascape Cycling)0:33:40
A Women
1. Heather Opseth (Calgary CrankMasters Cycling Club)0:38:01
B Women
1. Carolyn Soules (Calgary CrankMasters Cycling Club)0:33:03
C Women
1. Karen Cameron (Calgary CrankMasters Cycling Club)0:37:31
A+ Men
1. Rob Leeds (Bow Cycle)0:30:12
2. Alex Shaw (Speed Theory Racing)0:30:17
3. Frank Woolstenroft (TRS Racing)0:30:30
4. Evan Firtheagland (Bici)0:30:51
A Men
1. Trev Williams (Speed Theory Racing)0:27:54
2. Kyle Marcotte (TRS Racing)0:28:14
3. Steve German (TRS Racing)0:29:40
4. Dennis Bland (TRS Racing)0:30:09
5. Matt Field Walker (Speed Theory Racing)0:30:53
6. Rod MacAllister (Speed Theory Racing)0:31:49
7. Greg Yanicki (Bici)0:32:43
8. John Gillis (Calgary CrankMasters Cycling Club)0:33:05
9. Michael Logatoc (Calgary CrankMasters Cycling Club)0:34:31
10. Peter Lawson (Speed Theory Racing)0:34:33
11. David Kehoe (Calgary CrankMasters Cycling Club)0:34:35
12. Tim To (Schmoe Cycling Club)0:34:59
13. Trevor Allen (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club)0:35:01
14. Chris Bilick (Calgary CrankMasters Cycling Club)0:35:35
15. Darcy Gullacher (Calgary CrankMasters Cycling Club)0:37:05
16. Mike Stauffer (Headwinds Cycling Club)0:37:21
17. Michael Deluca (Calgary CrankMasters Cycling Club)0:37:25
B Men
1. Kevin Walsh (Calgary CrankMasters Cycling Club)0:30:11
2. James Tallian (Calgary CrankMasters Cycling Club)0:30:15
3. Chris Sparling (Bici)0:30:40
4. Phil Williamson (Calgary CrankMasters Cycling Club)0:31:25
5. Michael Godfrey (Calgary CrankMasters Cycling Club)0:31:26
6. Jacek Kasprzyk (Calgary CrankMasters Cycling Club)0:31:28
7. Wes Zaniecki (Calgary CrankMasters Cycling Club)0:31:41
8. Paul Anderson (Speed Theory Racing)0:31:42
9. Cody Godlonton (Headwinds Cycling Club)0:32:25
10. Don Hubert (Headwinds Cycling Club)0:32:29
11. Phil Carson (Calgary CrankMasters Cycling Club)0:32:42
12. Brian Beaulieu (Calgary CrankMasters Cycling Club)0:33:04
13. Folker Jakel (Calgary CrankMasters Cycling Club)0:34:15
14. Gary Taylor (Calgary CrankMasters Cycling Club)0:34:42
15. Mark Perry (Calgary CrankMasters Cycling Club)0:34:58
C Men
1. James Janzen (Calgary CrankMasters Cycling Club)0:28:30
2. Mike Press (Calgary CrankMasters Cycling Club)0:29:03
3. Rob Armstrong (Calgary CrankMasters Cycling Club)0:29:51
4. Stan Walter (Calgary CrankMasters Cycling Club)0:30:14
5. Tommy Mak (Eurotech Cycle)0:32:43
6. Darryl Smith (Calgary CrankMasters Cycling Club)0:33:36
7. Roy Quade (Calgary CrankMasters Cycling Club)0:33:42
8. Don Mankewich (Alberta Randonnere)0:34:00
9. Art Duke (Calgary CrankMasters Cycling Club)0:34:52
10. Rod Schuart (Calgary CrankMasters Cycling Club)0:36:23
11. Charles Irwin (Calgary CrankMasters Cycling Club)0:37:21
D Men
1. Lev Krivitsky (Terrascape Cycling)0:31:29
2. Bill Stillwell (Calgary CrankMasters Cycling Club)0:35:06
3. Pat Hodgkinson (Calgary CrankMasters Cycling Club)0:40:04
4. Jim Oldham (Calgary CrankMasters Cycling Club)0:40:54
5. Chris Wood (Velodrome)0:42:30


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