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June 7/07 5:12 am - Mike's Bike Shop Cup

Posted by Editoress on 06/7/07

Mike's Bike Shop Cup June 5th< Dieppe NB
Courtesy Luc Arseneau

Father and son shine in week 3 of the Mike's Bike Shop Cup

Tuesday night, the last mountain bike race of the Mike's Bike Shop Cup was held at the St-Anselme Park in Dieppe. Charles Cormier was the stage winner followed by Patrice Boudreau and Denis Doucet. Cormier will now be moving up to a higher category. Jean-Richard Cormier (who finished 5th) holds on to the series overall lead.

The Mike's Bike shop cup is a series of local races held every Tuesday night at 6:30. Starting next week, we will be hosting some road (time trials and criteriums) events. Track, BMX and cyclocross events will follow later in the season.

Registration is 5$ a week with a portion of all registration fees going to a charity (will be chosen by the overall winner of the series). Many draw prizes are available every week.

This series is open to cyclist's 15 years of age or older. All levels of abilities are welcome as we have a handicap system to even out the field.

1. Charles Cormier, B0:43:25
2. Patrice Boudreau, B0:43:32
3. Denis Doucet, C0:45:56
4. Don Ricker, B0:46:36
5. Jean-Richard Cormier, A0:46:58
6. Pablo Vergara, B0:47:51
7. Mélanie Bordage, D0:48:26
8. Stuart Wight, A0:48:55
9. Jeff Currie, A0:49:01
10. Mark-André Deslauriers, C0:50:08
11. Tim Clarke, A0:50:33
12. Chris Selkirk, B0:51:28
13. Michelle Chase, D0:51:37
DNF. Luc Belliveau, C
DNF. Denis Hébert, B
DNF. Jérémie Hebert, C
GC after 3 weeks
1. Jean-Richard Cormier250pts
2. Charles Cormier240
3. Patrice Boudreau205
4. Jeff Currie195
5. Don Ricker195
6. Stuart Wight190
7. Mike LeBlanc180
8. Denis Hébert135
9. Mélanie Bordage135
10. Denis Doucet130
11. Luc Belliveau120
12. Pablo Vergara110
13. Alain Goguen85
14. Chris Selkirk85
15. Jérémie Hebert75
16. Michelle Chase60
17. Mark-André Deslauriers45
18. Tim Clarke40
19. Ian Dennis25
20. Charles Babineau25
21. Derek LeBlanc15


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