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July 15/07 1:31 am - Bike Trans Alp: Stage 1

Posted by Editoress on 07/15/07

Bike Trans Alp
Report courtesy Trans Alp

Sydor/Bresser once again best mixed team
Like at the BIKE TRANS GERMANY, the Canadian-German duo Alison Sydor and Carsten Bresser are dominating the mixed classification. The Olympic Silver medallist of Atlanta and her partner of "Rocky Mountain/Haywood" managed the course in 3:37:05 hours. Hebert Bryant and Kelly Servinski of team "Walter" (3:56:31) came in second ahead of "Peak Mtb Team A" with Eelco Docter and Anthony Allan (4:01:16).

Stage 1 (July 14th): Mittenwald to Reith im Alpbach, 84.67 km

1. Rocky Mountain / Haywood (Carsten Bresser/Alison Sydor)3:37:05
2. Ciclopia Pro Team (Werner Fischer/Bärbel Jungmeier)at 28:29
3. Rye Mix (Bern Hansen Tord/Kristin Larsen Tone)33:17
4. Giant-Föhnsturm (Marcel Arnold/Margrit Jörg)35:09
5. Alpenbär (Sabine Compassi/Paul Bühler Martin)42:22
6. Team Steppenwolf-Bikes/Gox (Walter Marquardt/Conny Marquardt)46:45
7. Ber Investment Funds - Brazil (Adriana Nascimento/Eduardo Rocha)47:58
8. The Caipirinhas (Andreas Lindner/Tanja Ebenbichler)49:56
9. Velothek.Ch Mixed (Stefan Kliebenschädel/Katja Wüst)50:41
10. Xfusion/Shoair (Louise Kobin/Eric Warkentin)50:59
1. Team Bulls (Karl Platt/Stefan Sahm)3:13:19
2. Fiat Rotwild (Andreas Strobel/Silvio Wieltschnig)2:00
3. Team Texpa-Simplon (Alexander Pscheidl/Christi Schneidawind)7:44
4. Bionicon Pro Team (Samuel Faruhn/Stefan Schaufuß)17:21
5. Sportnora Trek (Martin Kellermann/Robert Hotter)18:22
6. Team Gigasport Austria 1 (Bernhard Meister/Günther Birnstingl)18:39
7. Team Mayrhofen (Thomas Leitner/Werner Hobarth)19:09
8. Adidas-Fuji-Dtswiss (Thomas Wallner/Markus Stock)19:15
9. Adidas Mtn (Kevin Evans/Brandon Stewart)19:19
10. Team Chocolat Stella-Merida-Belcar (Adam Ferrari/Daniele Zucconi)22:04
66. Team Whistler (Lloyd Thomas/Dave Burch)51:44
1. Fiat Rotwild -Damen (Kerstin Brachtendorf/Daniele Troesch)3:58.37
2. Zwillingscraft (Sandra Klose/Peggy Klose)at 0:06
3. Team Haibike-Fujibike (Kirsten Rösel/Milena Landtwing)21:45
4. Srs Pro Sportler (Rebecca Burbach/Mirjam Preyer)24:38
5. Race Face Uxc (Shannon Boffeli/Jennifer Hanks)30:06
6. Fancier Ride (Melanie Alexander/Pippa Lansdown)36:01
7. Www.2radfreun.De (Sonja Fink/Verena Stitzinger)40:48
8. Jeantex V-Max Ladies (Ellen Blome/Silke Pokrop)54:03
9. Team Raven Canada (Marg Fedyna/Nikki Kassel)1:00:52
10. Bikeline (Simone Gertschen/Christine Probst)1:19:50

NOTE: The nationalities of the riders is not noted in the results. If anyone knows some other Canadians at the race, please send us their names


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