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August 7/07 2:29 am - Cyclissimo Grand Prix (Ontario): Master 2 & 3, Senior 3 & 4, Juniors, Cadets, Senior 3 & Master Women

Posted by Editoress on 08/7/07

Cyclissimo Grand Prix - Aurora, Ontario
Courtesy Doug Pogue

Presented by Cyclissimo Cycling Club
Proceeds to benefit the Yellow Brick House

Sunday August 5, 2007

Master 3 & Senior 4 Men Results - 66 km - Average Speed 36.4 km/h
1 Douglas Mahunig (Top Speed Racing) RME.41:48:51
2 Gregory Moore (Independent) RME.4
3 John Mcinulty (Wheels Of Bloor Ct) RME.4
4 Simon Smith (Independant) RME.4
5 Jeremy Maclennan (Independent) RMM.3
6 Graeme Sperber (Cyclissimo Cycling Club) RMM.3all s.t.
7 Jonathan Davis (Wheels Of Bloor Ct) RME.4at 0:05
8 Christopher Brook (D'ornellas / Delta Graphics Rt) RMM.30:08
9 Jason May (Cyclissimo Cycling Club) RMM.3
10 Juan Pablo Villate (Cyclissimo Cycling Club) RMM.3
11 Mike Peshko (Lapdogs Cycling Club) RMM.3
12 Charles Dumas (London Centennial Wheelers) RME.4
13 Giles Marshall (Midweek Cycling Club) RME.4
14 Rodrigo Arenas (Independent) RMM.3all s.t.
15 Mark Antonio (Independent) RMM.30:11
16 Mauro Rizzardo (Midweek Cycling Club) RME.4s.t.
17 Matthias Schmidt (Cyclissimo Cycling Club) RMM.30:16
18 Brian Kelly (Cyclissimo Cycling Club) RMM.3
19 David Flatman (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's) RMM.3
20 Tom Zieinsli (Independent) RMM.3
21 David Hoffman (Independent) RME.4all s.t.
22 Colin Funk (J & J Cycle) RMM.30:19
23 George Vandikas (Bikesports) RMM.3
24 Maurice Rose (Cyclissimo Cycling Club) RMM.3both s.t.
25 Jeffrey Poulsen (St. Catharines Cycling Club) RMM.30:23
26 Nigel Dewsbury (Barrie Cycling Club) RME.40:28
27 Thomas Hanrahan (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's) RMM.3
28 Ken Deering (D'ornellas / Delta Graphics Rt) RMM.3
29 Robert Massicotte (Cyclepath Markham) RMM.3
30 Ernie Tataryn (Pedal Performance) RMM.3
31 Roger Mundy (Independent) RMM.3
32 Richard Hugo (Jamis Racing) RMM.3
33 Vito Barbera (Bikesports) RMM.3all s.t.
34 Bryan Bowers (Aztech / Cyclepath) RMM.30:34
35 Daffyd Roderick (Lapdogs) RMM.30:41
36 Michael Doble (Barrie Cycling Club) RMM.30:45
37 Dan Robertson (Brampton Cycling Club) RMM.30:58
38 Ron Jenkins (London Centennial Wheelers) RMM.31:11
39 Michael Da Ponte (Independent) RMM.31:55
40 David Starrs (Independent) RMM.32:05
41 Tim Porter (Midweek Cycling Club) RMM.32:31
42 Ted Kemper (Cyclissimo Cycling Club) RME.4
43 Jonathan Garcia (Coach Chris.Ca / Ted Velikonja) RMM.3both s.t.
44 Dylan James (Cyclissimo Cycling Club) RME.42:48
45 Peter Kraiker (D'ornellas / Delta Graphics Rt) RMM.3s.t.
46 Nicholas Hillier (Independent) RME.43:19
47 Brian Neilson (D'ornellas / Delta Graphics Rt) RMM.34:41
48 Jugen Hecht (Cycl7issimo Cycling Club) RME.45:11
49 Joe Tersigni (Newmarket Eagles) RMM.37:52
50 Ken Macdermid (Newmarket Eagles) RME.4
51 Joel Rose (The Hub Bicycle Club) RMM.3
52 Dennis Dalton (Independent) RMM.3all s.t.
53 Malcolm Bow (Speedriver.Com) RMM.38:24
54 Shawn Conlon (St. Catharines Cycling Club) RMM.39:05
55 Phil Harper (Newmarket Eagles) RMM.39:43
56 Rick Kaleta (Lapdogs Cycling) RMM.312:07
57 Glenn Sweazey (Wheels Of Bloor Ct) RMM.312:13
58 Frank Hellingman (Bikesports Racing Team) RMM.313:33
59 Sam Halls (Cyclissimo Cycling Club) RMM.314:15
60 Andy D'Angelo (Cyclissimo Cycling Club) RMM.314:22
61 Cliff Lilley (Barrie Cycling Club) RME.4s.t.
62 Will Winn (Impala Bicycles) RMM.315:47
63 Clifford Vanclief (The Hub Bicycle Club) RMM.3s.t.
64 Shea Gilroy (Independent) RMM.319:28
65 Mitch Bauer (Neworld Cycle) RMM.321:23
66 Diego Villate (Cyclissimo Cycling Club) RME.424:49
DNF Arkady Bautista (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Clu) RME.4
DNF Rick Clavir (Team Spoke O'motion) RMM.3
DNF David Conroy (Team R.A.C.E) RMM.3
DNF Carlo Dal-Cin (Euro-Sports.Ca / Foodery Cycli) RMM.3
DNF Thomas Mackay (Cycle Solutions) RMM.3
DNF Denis Thang (Independent) RMM.3
DNF Paul Bradbury (Cyclissimo Cycling Club) RMM.3
DNS D.J. Hewitt (Woodcock Cycle Works) RMM.3
Cadet Men Results - 66 km - Average Speed 35.2 km/h
1 Trevor Damen (Ottawa Bicycle Club) RMU171:52:24
2 Matteo Dal-Cin (Euro-Sports.Ca / Foodery Cycli) RMU17
3 Brody Pasciullo (Cyclepath Thunder Bay) RMU17
4 Matt Degiacomo (The Cyclepath Thunder Bay) RMU17
5 Jared Stafford (Hb Cycling Club) RMU17all s.t.
6 Sam Loud (Black Sheep Cycling Club) RMU17at 0:28
7 Christopher Bradbury (Cyclissimo Cycling Club) RMU174:25
8 Jeff Tompkins (The Hub Bicycle Club) RMU176:08
9 Bennett Winn (Impala Bicycles) RMU179:23
10 Kimchan Ramrattan (Midweek) RMU179:33
11 Brett Auger (St. Catharines Cycling Club) RMU1711:46
12 Brandon Spencer (Kawartha Cycling Club) RMU1711:54
13 Jason Massicotte (Cyclepath Markham) RMU1517:40
14 Matthew Laing (St. Catharines Cycling Club) RMU1718:18
15 Ryan Lave (Forest City Velodrome / Ridebl) RMU1519:55
DNF Trevor Dickenson (St. Catharines Cycling Club) RMU17
DNF Connor English (Peterborough Cycling Club) RMU17
DNF Matthew Gallo (Mazurcoaching.Com) RMU17
DNF Kevin Massicotte (Cyclepath Markham) RMU17
Cadet Women Results - 66 km - Average Speed 32.8 km/h
1 Krista Ruby (La Bicicletta / J. Lindeberg) RWU172:00:51
2 Florence Laplante-Lamarche (Ottawa Bicycle Club) RWU17at 8:19
3 Laura Bietola (3 Rox Racing) RWU178:34
4 Natasha Oldcorn (Team Hardwood Cycling & Ski Cl) RWU178:47
5 Catherine Harnden (Independent) RWU17s.t.
6 Charlotte Batty (Team Trek Store) RWU1711:52
Junior Women Results - 82.5 km - Average Speed 32.7 km/h
1 Celeste Jones-Baumgardt (Mazurcoaching.Com) RWJ2:32:28
2 Mikaela Kofman (Coach Chris.Ca / Ted Velikonja) RWJat 4:46
Elite 3 Women Results - 82.5 km - Average Speed 32.7 km/h
1 Paolina Allan (D'ornellas / Delta Graphics Rt) RWE.32:31:25
2 Mandy Krolouski (Independent) RWE.3s.t.
3 Carmen Sweet (Independent) RWE.3at 0:56
4 Andrea Elliott (Port Hope Bicycle) RWE.38:41
5 Aimee Allen (Maple Leaf Cycling Club) RWE.312:55
6 Celeste Merey (Team R.A.C.E) RWE.312:57
7 Carmen Diges (Independent) RWE.316:20
DNS Tabitha Ferguson (Waterloo Cycling Club) RWE.3
Master Women Results - 82.5 km - Average Speed 32.7 km/h
1 Leigh Bianco (La Bicicletta / J. Lindeberg) RWMA2:31:26
2 Liza Miranda (Midweek Cycling Club) RWMAat 4:51
3 Lori Kofman (Coach Chris.Ca / Ted Velikonja) RWMB5:19
4 Kelly Kavanagh (Mikes Bike Shop) RWMA8:40
5 Andrea Bacik (Coach Chris.Ca / Ted Velikonja) RWMB9:12
6 Andrea Bowker (D'ornellas / Delta Graphics Rt) RWMA10:23
7 Corinne Roos (Independent) RWMB12:55
8 Laurie Vanderhaeghe (Reynold Cycle/Trek) RWMBs.t.
9 Rhonda Hall-Couch (Coach Chris.Ca / Ted Velikonja) RWMA17:11
DNF Lisa Sharpe (Cyclissimo Cycling Club) RWMB
Master 2 Men Results - 99 km - Average Speed 36.0 km/h
1 Aubrey Bryce (D'ornellas / Delta Graphics Rt) RMM.22:44:55
2 Craig Maceachern (La Bicicletta / J. Lindeberg) RMM.2
3 Paul Devries (Team R.A.C.E) RMM.2
4 Kirby Klassen (Rapid City Cycle) RMM.2
5 Sladen Lackovic (Waterloo Cycling Club) RMM.2
6 Julian Howitt (Open Access/ Grg Road Racing) RMM.2
7 Doug Richards (Pierik's / Elite Health) RMM.2
8 Kevin Stoppa (North Bay Cycling Club) RMM.2
9 Richard Poulin (Cyclepath Oakville Race Team) RMM.2
10 Mark Shaw (Chain Reaction) RMM.2
11 Oscar Retamal (Independent) RMM.2
12 Phill Vermette (Caboto Velo/Cane Creek Cycling) RMM.2
13 Ryan Trant (Cyclepath Oakville Race Team) RMM.2
14 Paul Dean (London Honda Westhaven Homes) RMM.2
15 Ian J. Scott (Independent) RMM.2
16 Scott Gilligan (Independent) RMM.2
17 Donald Smith (Pierik's / Elite Health) RMM.2
18 Robert Szasz (Jet Fuel Coffee) RMM.2
19 Leo St. Germain (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Clu) RMM.2
20 Don Macphail (Newmarket Eagles) RMM.2
21 Richard Hall (Newmarket Eagles) RMM.2
22 Mike Vantil (Pierik's / Elite Health) RMM.1
23 Stephen Basiren (Ti Cycle Racing) RMM.2
24 Gary Cluett (Zm Cycling Club) RMM.2all s.t.
25 Robert C.n. Anderson (Coach Chris.Ca / Ted Velikonja) RMM.2at 0:14
26 Glen Mccrone (Newmarket Eagles) RMM.2
27 Chris Chambers (Team R.A.C.E) RMM.2both s.t.
28 Dave Britnell (Jet Fuel Coffee) RMM.20:21
29 Bruce Camacho (D'ornellas / Delta Graphics Rt) RMM.2s.t.
30 William Shewan (Coach Chris.Ca / Ted Velikonja) RMM.20:27
31 Gavin Ezekowitz (Team R.A.C.E) RMM.20:37
32 Augy Marmelo (Project Freeride) RMM.20:43
33 Scott Bentley (Independent) RMM.2s.t.
34 Craig Vedova (Coach Chris.Ca / Ted Velikonja) RMM.23:48
35 Anthony Simpson (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Clu) RMM.26:25
PUL Ron Baines (Waterloo Cycling Club) RMM.2
PUL Rodney Godard (Caboto Velo/Cane Creek Cycling) RMM.2
PUL Raymond Gubala (Bicycles Plus) RMM.2
DNF Carlo Capaldi (Independent) RMM.2
DNF Paul Choquette (Coach Chris.Ca / Ted Velikonja) RMM.2
DNF Jesus Giovanni Correa (Independent) RMM.2
DNF Chris Helwig (Coach Chris.Ca / Ted Velikonja) RMM.2
DNF Jonathan Mitchell (Invita Racing) RMM.2
DNF Brian Zolper (Independent) RMM.2
DNS Rick Meloff (La Bicicletta / J. Lindeberg) RMM.2
NP Ernesto Alvarez (Mazurcoaching.Com) RMM.2
NP George Hobson (Cyclissimo Cycling Club) RMM.2
NP John Parkinson (Waterloo Cycling Club) RMM.2
Elite 3 & Junior Men Results - 99 km - Average Speed 37.5 km/h
1 Josh Gillingham (The Cyclepath Thunder Bay) RME.32:38:19
2 Justen Winster (Pedal Performance) RME.3
3 Douglas Goodwin (Maple Leaf Cycling Club) RME.3
4 Evan Mundy (Cyclissimo Cycling Club) RMJ
5 Matthew Campbell (D'ornellas / Delta Graphics Rt) RME.3
6 Michael Amaral (Cyclepath Oakville Race Team) RME.3
7 Matthew Mccartney (J & J Cycle) RMJ
8 Scott Moore (D'ornellas / Delta Graphics Rt) RME.3
9 Fister Karlo (Rid - Rst) RMJ
10 Tovi Heilbronn (Midweek Cycling Club) RME.3
11 Andrew Lattimore (Ottawa Bicycle Club) RMJ
12 Kyle Fry (Peterborough Cycling Club) RMJ
13 Jamie Riggs (Ottawa Bicycle Club) RMJ
14 Jan Zak (Mazurcoaching.Com) RMJ
15 Shawn Staff (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's) RME.3
16 Vincent Francescutti (Maple Leaf Cycling Club) RME.3
17 Ryan Crawford (Aquila Racing / Racer Sportif) RMJ
18 Devon Novakowski (Gears & Grinds Racing) RMJ
19 David Grose (Bikesports Racing Team) RME.3
20 Erik Box (The Hub Bicycle Club) RME.3
21 Hani Mehrpouyan (Independent) RME.3
22 Shawn Cranwell (Pieryks) RME.3
23 Shawn Marshall (Ottawa Bicycle Club) RME.3
24 Michael Cumming (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's) RME.3
25 Jeff Zygo (Preferred Care/Queen City Cycl) RME.3
26 Marc- Olivier Jussaume (Indépendant Rp) RMJall s.t.
27 Andrew House (Coach Chris.Ca / Ted Velikonja) RME.30:27
28 Ben Blake (J & J Cycle) RMJ0:44
29 Logan Cornel (Ottawa Bicycle Club) RMJ5:30
30 Andrew Dadds (Cyclepath Oakville Race Team) RMJs.t.
31 Ryan Phelps (Ottawa Bicycle Club) RME.35:33
32 Michael Mccaughey (Pierik's / Elite Health) RME.36:02
33 Charlie Philbrook (London Centennial Wheelers) RME.36:30
34 Thomas Playfair (Independent) RME.319:37
35 Michael Aston (Independent) RME.3s.t.
36 Jeffrey Klotz (Independent) RMJ21:35
37 Derek Harnden (Independent) RMJ30:30
38 Alex Mccallum (Coach Chris.Ca / Ted Velikonja) RMJ39:10
PUL Greg Allen (Maple Leaf Cycling Club) RME.3
DNF Christopher Bent (Team R.A.C.E) RMJ
DNF Michael Zaghi (Independent) RMJ
DNF Jamie Davies (Bikesports Racing Team) RME.3
DNF Andrew Davy (Ottawa Bicycle Club) RME.3
DNF Brian Eberdt (Midweek Cycling Club) RME.3
DNF Thomas Lees (Speedriver.Com) RME.3
DNF Scott Luscombe (D'ornellas / Delta Graphics Rt) RME.3
DNF Brendan Matheson (Sport Swap Racing) RME.3
DNS Mitchell Woodman (Peterborough Cycling Club) RMJ
NP Marco Cote (Maple Leaf Cycling Club) RMJ
NP Zachary Hughes (The Hub Bicycle Club) RMJ
NP Ian Turner (Independent) RMJ
NP Justin Kendall (London Centennial Wheelers) RME.3
NP Nathan Schnarr (Waterloo Cycling Club) RME.3


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