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October 28/07 7:15 am - Spooks 'N Spokes MTB TT

Posted by Editor on 10/28/07

Spooks 'N Spokes MTB TT - Hilton Falls, Ontario
Courtesy Hilton Falls Conservation Area

Lots of fun today despite the 5 minute ice pellet storm. Mostly sunny and overall a good time. W.O.W. will have some photos available soon, and hopefully some links to other people's pics.

Under-10 Open 5 Km
1Chace Morris0:20:52
2Evan Blacklock0:22:12
3Tedd Judd0:22:21
4William Grubic0:23:53
5Hunter Gibson0:24:30
6Ryan Kewin0:24:41
7Tanner Dryden0:24:44
8Jennifer Palsi0:27:12
9Brad Murdych0:27:31
10Dylan Coffey0:27:45
11Stephen Li0:32:13
12Eric Frost0:32:26
13Seth Kiesewetter0:32:45
14Quincy Molnar0:32:47
15Miranda Badovinac0:36:14
16Henri Lavallee0:38:46
17Curtis Krey0:40:27
18Jared McCarthy0:48:42
19Kimberly Peckett0:51:41
20Caitlyn Peckett1:01:24
21Casey Valentini1:10:06
2 Lap Race
15-19 MenLap 1 TimeLap 2 TimeTotal Time
1Simon McKay0:44:020:45:111:29:13
2Andrew Croll0:47:090:53:161:40:25
3 Tom Dupej0:51:370:53:171:44:54
20-29 MenLap 1 TimeLap 2 TimeTotal Time
1Bayden Pritchard0:40:520:40:301:21:22
2Alex Robertson0:43:560:45:571:29:53
3Chris Poirier0:50:230:46:491:37:12
4Jason VanMeijel0:49:170:50:071:39:24
Jonathan Villians1:00:04
20-29 WomenLap 1 TimeLap 2 TimeTotal Time
1Christine Hamilton0:50:250:52:321:42:57
30-39 MenLap 1 TimeLap 2 TimeTotal Time
1Jeff Shikaze0:37:080:44:221:21:30
2Eddie Johnson0:40:490:41:311:22:20
3David Enns0:41:140:42:511:24:05
4Arek Sawzdargo0:42:320:42:071:24:39
5Shawn Gower0:42:310:44:051:26:36
6Jonathan Laba0:44:240:42:171:26:41
7Rob Prouse0:42:550:44:421:27:37
8Ben Pettigrew0:45:120:43:441:28:56
9Joe Stubbs0:45:000:44:051:29:05
10Brent Shaw0:44:350:46:461:31:21
11Jason Wilson0:42:160:51:171:33:33
12Gillaume Gagono0:40:490:47:571:33:48
13Ryan Smith0:49:450:52:121:41:57
14Troy Hall0:52:000:50:001:42:00
15Bryden Tait0:50:010:52:051:42:06
16Andy Grote0:51:020:51:111:42:13
17Fred Dambrowitz0:51:140:55:351:46:49
18Mark McCormack0:52:490:54:231:47:12
19Brian Fenech0:52:500:54:231:47:13
20Simon Vanellis0:53:250:56:111:49:36
21Jared Brown0:54:061:00:041:54:10
22Richard White0:59:290:57:591:57:28
Oscar Beckman0:50:30
40-49 MenLap 1 TimeLap 2 TimeTotal Time
1Carl Clarke0:39:360:39:521:19:28
2Eric Senn0:41:590:42:451:24:44
3Jeff Shikaze0:43:090:41:551:25:04
4Scott Jeziorski0:43:360:43:121:26:48
5Allan Morris0:45:210:45:061:30:27
6Chris Blacklock0:44:530:45:451:30:38
7Bob Nicolson0:45:440:46:371:32:21
8Ross Murray0:48:540:48:481:37:42
9Ernie Braun0:48:210:50:511:39:12
10Dave Peters0:50:160:49:201:39:36
11Tim Morrison0:50:590:51:441:42:43
12George Badovinac0:51:110:54:571:46:08
13Christopher Taylor0:53:450:55:211:49:06
14Bill Misener0:56:461:05:092:01:55
15Bill Ritchie1:03:201:03:482:07:08
Paul Stanbury1:33:25
40-49 WomenLap 1 TimeLap 2 TimeTotal Time
1Debbie Clarke0:53:560:53:491:47:45
2Peggy Himber1:01:321:01:002:02:32
50+ MenLap 1 TimeLap 2 TimeTotal Time
1Mark Linford0:48:590:48:181:37:17
2Don McIntyre0:51:310:49:581:41:29
3Paul Pape0:52:000:57:021:49:02
4Allan Sternberg0:54:470:55:481:50:35
5Bill Flower0:57:521:02:162:00:08
1 Lap Race
11-14 Men
1Sennen Morris0:49:33
2Dale Murdych0:51:59
3Ben Davis1:00:59
4Ben Kaldwell1:07:03
5Joshua Dryden1:07:38
6Scott Ford1:07:50
7Taylor Cross1:10:54
8Martin Holicka1:12:36
9Warren Mitchell1:12:54
10Daniel McMullen1:15:15
11Sebastian Ruscica1:20:13
12Grayam Gourlay1:27:30
15-19 Men
1Eric Davis0:54:03
2Zach Davis0:56:06
3Micheal Zych0:59:01
4Bob Weykamp1:00:15
5Travis Gourlay1:03:38
20-29 Men
1David Mott0:46:01
2Martin Graczyk1:00:38
20-29 Women
1Tara Higginbottom0:58:13
40-49 Men
1Paul Schortemeyer0:44:59
2Mark Carnigla0:47:54
3Gerald Dekker0:48:26
4Glen Storrie0:50:58
5Rob Zych0:51:39
6Jeff Vermaas1:09:23
7John Debpr1:21:45
40-49 Women
1Sonia Hall0:56:48
2Carol Dougherty0:58:40
3Diana Darling Mitchell1:19:06
50+ Men
1Wayne Foster0:48:49
2Mike Kelly0:54:59
3Paul Tate0:55:50
4Louis-Charles Lavallee0:58:20
5Wally Tykoliz0:59:24
50+ Women
1Helene Van Tuyl1:07:42
2Anna Tykoliz1:08:22


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