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February 16/08 10:02 am - Tour of Belize: Stages 1 to 3

Posted by Editoress on 02/16/08

Tour of Belize Belize

Stage 1 (February 13th): Belize City to Mexico Border - Orange Walk, 198 km
1. Carlos Oyarzan (Chi) Tecos5:22:44
2. Luciano Santos (Arg) Santinosat s.t.
3. Jose Choto (Biz) C-Ray Tequilla Afamado2:58
4. Javier Lindner (Arg) Santinos
5. Cole House (USA) USA National Team
6. Mauricio Frazer (Arg) Santinos
7. Carlos Hernandez (Gua) Bennys Megabytes
8. Bain Foote (USA) Herring Gas Cycling Team
9. Guy East (USA) USA National Team3:04
10. Lizandro Ajcu (Gua) Santinos3:05
18. Gavriel Epstein (Can) Santinos6:03
66. Maxime Vives (Can) Calyon Pro Cycling Team15:04
78. Mathieu Roy (Can) Calyon Pro Cycling Team15:36
88. Charly Vives (Can) Calyon Pro Cycling Team17:01
101. William Goodfellow (Can) Calyon Pro Cycling Team17:54
113. David Bergeron (Can) Calyon Pro Cycling Team30:11
Stage 2 (February 14th): Orange Walk to Burrell Boom to Belize City, 105 km
1. Bjorn Selander (USA) USA National Team2:40:04
2. Manuel Oseas Rodas (Gua) Cable DX-Decorabanosat 0:01
3. Christian McNish (Pan) Bennys Megabytes0:15
4. Mauricio Frazer (Arg) Santinos
5. Cole House (USA) USA National Team
6. Carlos Oyarzan (Chi) Tecos
7. Edgar Hoch (Gua) Cable DX-Decorabanos
8. Carlos Hernandez (Gua) Bennys Megabytes
9. Chad Beyer (USA) USA National Team
10. Abraham Centeno (Mex) C-Ray Tequilla Afamado
11. Charly Vives (Can) Calyon Pro Cycling Team
14. Mathieu Roy (Can) Calyon Pro Cycling Team
46. Gavriel Epstein (Can) Santinos
67. David Bergeron (Can) Calyon Pro Cycling Team
77. William Goodfellow (Can) Calyon Pro Cycling Team
87. Maxime Vives (Can) Calyon Pro Cycling Teamall s.t.

Stage 3 (February 14th): Hattieville TTT, 40 km
1. USA National Team51:17
2. Tecosat 0:07
3. Herring Gas Cycling Team0:28
4. Santinos0:40
5. Calyon Pro Cycling Team0:50
6. Nicaragua Honduras Cycling Club1:00
7. C-Ray Tequilla Afamado1:10
8. Bennys Megabytes1:20
9. GS Cogeas1:30
10. Western Spirit1:40
11. Alliance Environmental1:50
12. Cable DX-Decorabanos2:00
13. Red Bull2.10
14. M & M Engineering2:20
15. F & F Mountaineers2.30

1. Carlos Oyarzun (Chi) Tecos8:54:13
2. Luciano Santos (Arg) Santinosat 0:35
3. Cole House (USA) USA National Team3:01
4. Guy East (USA) USA National Team3:11
5. Johathan Arellano (Mex) Tecos3:29
6. Bain Foote (USA) Herring Gas Cycling Team3:33
7. Lizandro Ajcu (Gua) Santinos3:52
8. Jose Choto (Biz) C-Ray Tequilla Afamado4:15
9. Carlos Hernández (Gua) Bennys Megabytes4:25
10. Ben Bradshaw (USA) USA National Team6:10
11. Frank Moak (USA) Herring Gas Cycling Team6:44
12. Ryan Boudreaux (USA) Herring Gas Cycling Team6:45
13. Gavriel Epstein (Can) Santinos6:48
14. Mauricio Frazer (Arg) Santinos6:50
15. Giovanni Shoto (Biz) C-Ray Tequilla Afamado7:20
16. Gabriel Lloyd (USA) Alliance Environmental8:07
17. Asbel Rodas (Gua) Cable DX-Decorabaños8:16
18. Eric Riggs (USA) USA National Team9:55
19. Chad Beyer (USA) USA National Team9:55
20. Brad Armstrong (USA) USA National Team9:55
21. Elliot Vasquez (Mex) Tecos10:02
22. Chris Barton (USA) USA National Team10:04
23. Michael Olheiser (USA) Herring Gas Cycling Team10:23
24. Luis Gutierrez (Mex) Tecos10:36
25. Michael Norton (USA) Calyon Pro Cycling Team10:45
26. Walter Gaitan (Gua) Nicaragua Honduras Cycling Club10:55
27. Rafael Carbajal (Mex) C-Ray Tequilla Afamado11:05
28. Noe Camacho (Mex) C-Ray Tequilla Afamado11:05
29. Roger Troyer (Biz) Western Spirit11:35
30. Manuel Óseas Rodas (Gua) Cable DX-Decorabaños11:37
31. Edgar Hoch (Gua) Cable DX-Decorabaños11:39
32. Dennis Molina (Biz) Bennys Megabytes11:57
33. Glen O'Brien (Biz) Red Bull12:05
34. Greogory Lovell (Biz) Red Bull12:05
35. Alfredo Galindo (Biz) F & F Mountaineers12:25
36. Bjorn Selander (USA) USA National Team12:29
37. Peter Salon (USA) USA National Team12:50
38. Omar Cervantes (Mex) Tecos12:57
39. Epyfanio Maca (Mex) Tecos12:57
40. Fausto Esparza (Mex) Tecos12:57
41. Marlon Castillo (Biz) Santinos13:30
42. Juan Esquivel (Mex) C-Ray Tequilla Afamado13:38
43. leonardo Flores (Nic) Nicaragua Honduras Cycling Club13:39
44. Brian Husen (USA) Nicaragua Honduras Cycling Club13:47
45. Darnell Barrow (Biz) Bennys Megabytes13:59
46. Javier Lindner (Arg) Santinos14:01
47. Andrea De Silvestris (Gua) Western Spirit14:08
48. Shane Vasquez (Biz) Western Spirit14:19
49. Mario Contreras (ESa) GS Cogeas14:20
50. Carlos Avalos (ESa) GS Cogeas14:20
51. Anthony Taylor (USA) Alliance Environmental14:42
52. Juan Cach (Gua) Cable DX-Decorabaños14:50
53. Timmothy Regan (USA) Herring Gas Cycling Team15:04
54. Michael Lewis (Biz) M & M Engineering15:10
55. Jesus Patalagoytia (Arg) Santinos15:16
56. Jeffery Zeleya (Biz) Bennys Megabytes15:35
57. Maxime Vives (Can) Calyon Pro Cycling Team16:01
58. Scott Kuppersmith (USA) Herring Gas Cycling Team16:05
59. Mathieu Roy (Can) Calyon Pro Cycling Team16:33
60. Manuel Hernandez (Nic) Nicaragua Honduras Cycling Club16:34
61. Ernest Meighan (Biz) Red Bull16:46
62. Christian McNish (Pan) Bennys Megabytes16:57
63. Omar Benitez (ESa) GS Cogeas17:09
64. Mateo Cruz (Biz) Red Bull17:21
65. Noel Grajalez (Biz) Red Bull17:21
66. George Lovell (Biz) Red Bull17:24
67. Bertran Brown (Biz) M & M Engineering17:31
68. Kenneth Butler (Biz) M & M Engineering17:31
69. Charly Vives (Can) Calyon Pro Cycling Team17:58
70. Ted Shabazz (Biz) F & F Mountaineers18:09
71. Enrique Arellano (Mex) C-Ray Tequilla Afamado18:18
72. Peter Choto (Biz) GS Cogeas18:38
73. Brandon Cattouse (Biz) C-Ray Tequilla Afamado18:40
74. Abraham Centeno (Mex) C-Ray Tequilla Afamado18:40
75. Teddy Vasquez (Biz) Western Spirit18:43
76. William Goodfellow (Can) Calyon Pro Cycling Team18:51
77. Fredrick Banner (Biz) F & F Mountaineers18:58
78. Armando Orellana (Hon) Nicaragua Honduras Cycling Club19:01
79. Tim Gresh (USA) Alliance Environmental19:51
80. Juan Gonzalez (Biz) Red Bull20:11
81. Domingo Lewis (Biz) F & F Mountaineers20:31
82. Omar Cruz (Biz) F & F Mountaineers20:31
83. Dan Wilson (USA) Alliance Environmental21:44
84. Fernando Tejada (Gua) Nicaragua Honduras Cycling Club22:26
85. Cristian Velasquez (Hon) Nicaragua Honduras Cycling Club22:26
86. John Newport (Biz) Bennys Megabytes23:28
87. Larry Vasquez (Biz) Western Spirit23:35
88. Chris Alexander (USA) Herring Gas Cycling Team23:39
89. Octavio Gutierrez (Nic) Nicaragua Honduras Cycling Club24:16
90. Alfredo Ajpacaja (Gua) Cable DX-Decorabaños24:30
91. Kenneth Bellau (USA) Herring Gas Cycling Team25:44
92. Jeovanni Leslie (Biz) Santinos26:08
93. Danillo Luis Marroquin (Gua) Santinos27:05
94. Michael Miller (USA) Alliance Environmental27:06
95. Byron Pope (Biz) Bennys Megabytes28:03
96. Eduardo Avelar (ESa) GS Cogeas28:41
97. Leroy Cassasola (Biz) Red Bull28:52
98. Rafael Choto (Biz) GS Cogeas29:10
99. Joseph Witman (USA) Alliance Environmental29:47
100. Quinton Hamilton (Biz) M & M Engineering30:08
101. Preston Martinez (Biz) M & M Engineering30:08
102. Jose Ramon Canalez (Gua) Nicaragua Honduras Cycling Club30:12
103. David Bergeron (Can) Calyon Pro Cycling Team31:08
104. Scott Harris (USA) Bennys Megabytes34:12
105. Angel Tzib (Biz) Western Spirit35:44
106. Leslie Sanchez (Biz) M & M Engineering35:56
107. Guillermo Huinac (Gua) Cable DX-Decorabaños36:21
108. Fredi Colop (Gua) Cable DX-Decorabaños38:42
109. Erick Loaiza (Gua) Bennys Megabytes39:34
110. Jose Garcia (Mex) Tecos39:52
111. Sherman Thomas (Biz) Western Spirit41:13
112. Edmond Camal (Biz) Red Bull42:54
113. Gian Ochaeta (Biz) C-Ray Tequilla Afamado43:18


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