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May 8/08 4:13 am - Velocity Stage Race

Posted by Editoress on 05/8/08

Velocity Stage Race May 3-4, Edmonton AB

Full stage by stage results

Final overall GC

A/B Womenoverall time
1. Carrie Tuck (H&R Block)3:28:11
2. Tara Whitten (Velocity Cycling Club)3:28:20
3. Natasha Kuzmak (Synergy)3:29:16
4. Julia Garnet (Team Saskatchewan)3:29:35
5. Andrea Bunnin (Team Saskatchewan)3:29:35
6. Rachel Rademaker (bicisport)3:30:17
7. Heather Kay (ERTC)3:31:21
8. Kristin Baker (pedalhead)3:33:51
9. Liza Miranda (Independent)3:33:54
10. Jessica Kisell (Bicisport)3:35:20
11. Alyssa Weninger (Team Sask)3:37:05
12. Kelly Hall (Juventus/RVC)3:42:34
13. Judy Harlton (Juventus/RVC)3:43:09
14. Shantel Koenig (Independent)3:44:31
15. Anna Rogers (ERTC)3:44:43
16. Christina Smith (Bicisport)3:46:19
17. Tanya Bagnell (Veloplezen)3:57:27
18. Lauren Lankester (bicisport)4:01:00
DNF. Ellen Sparling (bicisport)
DNF. Dawn Pritchard (cycledelia)
DNF. Samantha Grover (Juventus/RVC)
DNF. Krysten Ong (Juventus/RVC)
DNF. Kendra Middleton (Juventus/RVC)
1/2 Men
1. Jamie Sparling (Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic Homes)4:39:53.0
2. Ryan McKenzie (H&R Block)4:40:08.0
3. Cyrus Kangarloo (H&R Block)4:40:39.0
4. Shawn Goulet (KONA-ADOBE)4:41:03.0
5. Tim Heemskerk (United Cycle Racing)4:41:10.0
6. Nathan Underwood (Team Sask)4:41:19.0
7. Mark Macdonald (H&R Block)4:41:33.0
8. Jeff Bolstad (H&R Block)4:43:53.0
9. Devon Smibert (Synergy)4:43:55.0
10. Shawn Bunnin (Bicisport)4:44:09.0
11. Dan Wood (ERTC)4:44:18.0
12. Ben Rempel (Saskatchewan)4:44:33.0
13. Bruce Copeland (Juventus/RVC/Kona)4:51:46.0
14. Stephen Ferris (ERTC)4:52:15.0
15. Nick Jendzjowsky (Pedalhead Road Works)4:52:16.0
16. Gideon Krishtalka (H&R Block)4:52:24.0
17. Sean Barr (Pedalhead Roadworks)4:52:29.0
18. Jonathan Wood (ERTC)4:53:19.0
19. Geoff Macdonald (ERTC)4:57:21.0
20. Cody Canning (ERTC)4:58:52.0
21. Kevin Rokosh (ERTC)5:02:23.0
22. Stephen Mundy (ERTC)5:06:16.0
23. dave jetz (H&R Block)5:07:27.0
DNF. Ryan Hopping (United Cycle)
DNF. Chris McNeil (H&R Block)
DNF. Shaun Adamson (Juventus/RVC/Kona)
DNF. Terence Dahms (Pedalhead Roadworks)
DNF. Peter Toth (Juventus)
DNF. Steve German (Speed Theory )
DNF. Craig Debellefeuille (Synergy)
DNF. Dennis Bland (TRS Racing)
DNF. Reid Dalgleish (Synergy)
DNF. Trev Williams (Speed Theory Cycling / PlanetX)
DNF. Mark Foster (H&R Block)
DNF. Graham Rudge (ERTC/Revolution Cycle)
DNF. Aaron Schooler (H&R Block)
DNF. Mike Bidniak (Juventus)
DNF. Manuel Fehlmann (Balance Point Racing)
DNF. Nicolas Andrichuk (CMC/ Bow Cycle)
DNF. Taylor Little (United Cycle)
DNF. Danny Skinner (Total Restoration)
DNF. Andrew Thomas (ERTC / Team SASK)
DNF. Jeff Klassen (ERTC)
DNF. Dominik Kubicki (ERTC)
DNF. Aaron Chappell (ERTC)
DNF. Neal Gregory (Bow Cycle)
DNF. Lukas Jedras (United Cycle)
DNF. Brian Robinson (CMC/ Bow Cycle)
DNF. Christopher Mcgarity (Team Sask)
U17 Men
1. Mackenzie McCormick (Juventus)1:50:02.0
2. Samuel Beaudoin (Juventus)1:50:08.0
3. Christopher Shepherd (Juventus)1:50:43.0
4. Michael Lankester (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle)1:51:36.0
5. Allison Beveridge (Bicisport)1:55:10.0
6. Caeli Barron (Synergy)1:55:34.3
7. Dan Rosichuk (Velocity Cycling Club)1:56:53.4
8. Shane McCormick (Juventus)1:58:14.0
9. Adam Todd (Juventus)1:59:11.1
10. Dylan Law (Juventus)1:59:37.3
11. Anastasia Stadnyk (Bicisport)2:04:18.4
12. Gina Kisell (Synergy)2:05:38.7
13. Emily De Freitas (Bicisport)2:08:12.0
14. Alex Steneker (Juventus)2:12:59.0
15. Sara Witzke (Juventus)2:14:02.2
16. Trevor Kisell (Synergy)2:18:54.4
DNS. Elise Walsh (Synergy)
Cat 3
1. Rod Macalister (Speed theory)4:11:43.0
2. Cuylar Conly (Team Sask)4:11:45.0
3. Robert Leeds (CMC/Bow Cycle)4:12:05.0
4. Sean Siever (Regina Cycling Club)4:13:13.0
5. Donald King (Bow Cycle/Cyclemeisters)4:13:41.0
6. Brad Clifford (Team Saskatchewan)4:15:21.0
7. Dustin Andrews (Cyclemeisters)4:17:14.0
8. Zbigniew Szymanski (United Cycle)4:17:58.0
9. Jonathan Benskin (Hardcore Bikes)4:18:01.0
10. Frank Woolstencroft (TRS Racing)4:18:15.0
11. Jason Proche (Pedalhead roadworks)4:18:30.0
12. Colter Young (Blizzard)4:18:43.0
13. James Winter (Team Sask)4:18:55.0
14. Alex McCorrmick (Juventus/RVC/Kona)4:19:09.0
15. Kristian Schneck (Speed Theory)4:19:19.0
16. Steve Martins (Hardcore CC)4:19:27.0
17. Andre Sutton (Hardcore Cycling club)4:19:37.0
18. Craig Schmitt (Pedal Head Roadworks)4:19:57.0
19. Kevin Coghlan (Velocity)4:20:04.0
20. Frank Kovacs (Synergy)4:20:15.0
21. Ryan Saranchuk (Synergy)4:20:21.0
22. Mark Rumsey (Hardcore CC)4:22:51.0
23. Stephen Cooley (Team Saskatchewan)4:24:04.0
24. Mathew Dahl (CMC/Bow Cycle)4:24:24.0
25. Dave Crewe (Independent)4:25:51.0
26. Adam Boyko (H&R Block)4:27:45.0
27. James Mollison (Bow Cycle)4:29:05.0
28. Sean Carter (veloplzen)4:32:34.0
29. David Watson (Velocity Cycling Club)4:34:37.0
30. Bruce Voelker (Pedalhead roadworks)4:43:18.0
31. Michael Wrubleski (Regina Cycle Club)4:43:19.0
32. Craig Lokyer (Bicisport)4:44:54.0
DNF. Jason Wall (Speed Theory)
DNF. Kyle Anderson (ERTC)
DNF. Andrew Schietzsch (Juventus)
DNF. Connor Witzke (Juventus)
DNF. Matthew OHagan (Independent)
DNF. Kevin Noble (ERTC)
DNF. Justin Middleton (Juventus/RVC/Kona)
DNF. Kyle Harris (ERTC)
DNF. Craig Good (Synergy)
DNF. Kevin Walsh (Synergy)
DNF. Stephen Andrichuk (Cyclemeisters)
DNF. David Larson (Juventus/RVC/Kona)
DNF. Mike Patton (Synergy)
Cat 4
1. Alex Shaw (Speed Theory)3:20:42.0
2. Blaine Richter (ERTC)3:23:22.0
3. Steven Reid (Pedalhead Roadworks)3:23:25.0
4. Scott Anderson (CMC/Bow Cycle)3:23:47.0
5. Craig Fraser (Calgary Cycle)3:24:20.0
6. Mark Ruttiman (Pedalhead Roadworks)3:26:39.0
7. Ryan Campbell (Bicisport)3:26:48.0
8. Ty Andrews (CMC/Bow Cycle)3:27:00.0
9. Darin Schacker (Juventus)3:27:08.0
10. Mackenzie Carson (Juventus)3:27:20.0
11. Chris McCue (CMC/Bow Cycle)3:27:30.0
12. Peter Knight (United Cycle Racing)3:27:50.0
13. Mac Garvin (CMC/Bow Cycle)3:30:15.0
14. Lance Adamson (Juventus)3:30:22.0
15. Cornelius Kluge (Cycledelia)3:31:30.0
16. Ed Garvin (CMC/Bow Cycle)3:34:49.0
17. Cory Dickinson (United Cycle Racing)3:36:02.0
18. Scott Book (ERTC)3:38:05.0
19. Kris Dahl (CMC/Bow Cycle)3:38:44.0
20. Alan Underhill (Pedalhead Road Works)3:38:54.0
21. Bill Quinney (Synergy)3:39:44.0
22. Tim Brewster (Juventus)3:40:01.0
23. Thomas Auer (Calgary Cycle)3:40:28.0
24. Lev Krivitsky (Terrascape)3:43:23.0
25. Greg Yanicki (Bicisport)3:43:45.0
26. Jeff Bell (Highwood Cycling)3:52:04.0
27. Kristian Miller (Regina Cycle Club)3:58:00.0
28. Graham Courtney (Synergy)4:02:16.0
DNF. Paul Kozak (ERTC)
DNF. Brad Fehr (Pedalhead Roadworks)
DNF. Paul Plaskas (Aerobic Power)
DNF. Shannon Hein (UNITED CYCLE)
DNF. Bruce Penner (United Cycle)
DNF. Jan Goh (Pedalhead Road Works)
DNF. Kirk Hamilton (Juventus)
DNF. Chris Sparling (bicisport)
DNF. Bruce Wick (CMC/Bow Cycle)
DNF. James Tallian (Speed Theory)
DNF. Robert Reid (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club)
DNF. Darcy Jones (Highwood Cycling)
DNF. Patrick Brick (Independent)
Cat 5
1. Stephen Kenny (Speed Theory)2:44:46.0
2. Ben Adam (United Cycle)2:45:16.0
3. Cody Godlonton (Highwood Cycling)2:47:52.0
4. Bill Hodgetts (Pedalhead Roadworks)2:48:06.0
5. Lachlan Holmes (Speed Theory)2:48:50.0
6. TJ Watson (Bicisport)2:49:34.0
7. Mike Blennerhassett (Hardcore Cycling Club)2:50:12.0
8. Jonathan Wilson (Calgary Cycle)2:50:40.0
9. Peter Dean (Cranky's)2:53:52.0
10. Michael Godfrey (Speed Theory)2:54:08.0
11. Thomas Yip (Bicisport)2:55:15.0
12. Chris Dittrick (CMC / Bow Cycle)2:55:21.0
13. Jonathan Lukacs (Speed Theory)2:55:30.0
14. Lorne Dmitruk (9th Street Cycle Logic)2:56:06.0
15. Trevor Pombert (United Cycle)2:56:45.0
16. Michael Kohlenberg (United Cycle)2:57:53.0
17. Geoff Rackette (Velocity Cycling Club)2:58:59.0
18. Travis Anderson (ERTC)2:59:35.0
19. Jason Buijs (eurotech cycle)2:59:36.0
20. Trevor Sorensen (ERTC)2:59:38.0
21. Warren Schmitz (Pedalhead Roadworks)3:02:31.0
22. Lindsay Dodd (Juventus)3:02:58.0
23. Darcy Gullacher (Bicisport)3:06:29.0
24. Tracy Kisell (Bicisport)3:07:07.0
25. Coryn Heming (CMC / Bow Cycle)3:14:55.0
26. Richard Cairney (ERTC)3:10:39.0
27. George Berry (velocity)3:18:58.0
28. Emils Muehlenbachs (Pedalhead Racing)3:24:12.0
29. Steve Dunkley (United Cycle)3:36:53.0
30. Brayden McDougall (Bicisport)3:37:33.0
31. Stewart Hutchings (United Cycle)3:39:29.0
DNF. Mike Russell (United Cycle)
DNF. Darcy Reynard (ERTC)
DNF. Robert Woolley (Speed Theory)
DNF. Kim Liss (Independant)
DNF. Ryan Petersen (Velocity Cycling Club)
DNF. Antonio Bilotta (Pedalhead Roadworks)
DNF. Arthur Bland (Independant)
DNF. Michael Chui (Speed Theory)


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