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May 20/08 10:10 am - Bikes on Broadway Stage Race (Full Stage & GC Results)

Posted by Editor on 05/20/08

Bikes on Broadway Stage Race - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Bikes on Broadway Stage Race - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Report by Andy Holmwood, Director, Team H&R Block

Like a prairie storm, Calgary's Team H&R Block descended on Saskatoon this past weekend for a classic of the Saskatchewan spring road calendar, the Bikes on Broadway Stage Race. The race featured two stages in the centre of Saskatoon: an 8-km Time Trial Saturday evening along the South Saskatchewan River; and a Criterium Monday. Sandwiched between these two races was Sunday's 120-km Road Race on prairie roads northeast of town.

The racing started well for H&R on Saturday, with Cyrus Kangarloo taking the Time Trial win convincingly, finishing 18-seconds ahead of both team-mate Chris McNeil and Dan Wood (ERTC). Other H&R riders in the top ten included Aaron Schooler (6th), Ryan McKenzie (7th), and Anthony Steenbergen (9th). From that point on much of the race for H&R focused on taking time-bonuses away from opponents who posed a threat to the lead established in the TT.

Sunday's road race featured the usual prairie elements - straight roads, wind, road-kill, gutter riding, more wind, massive farm implements on the road, cross-wind, and a group of approximately 8 riders at the finish. Brian Robinson (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle) took the stage, with H&R sprinter Jeff Bolstad grabbing valuable bonus time in third.

Monday's namesake marquis stage, the Broadway Avenue Criterium, turned into an H&R Block/ERTC battle, with ERTC attempting to get riders up the road and H&R riders countering their every move. Dave Jetz and Peter Lawrence held the peloton intact for H&R, while McKenzie and Steenbergen made forays off the front. H&R succeeded in taking both time primes (Bolstad and Lawrence), in addition to the cash (and socks) primes won by McKenzie. Seeking to secure both the overall for Kangarloo by grabbing a time bonus at the finish and the stage win, Ryan McKenzie took off solo and established a substantial gap with approximately 20 minutes left in the race, cruising alone to victory while Kangarloo and Bolstad led the pack in to make it a 1-2-3 H&R sweep.

H&R ended up with 4 riders in the top-ten on the general classification. In addition to Kangarloo and McNeil in first and second places respectively, Bolstad finished 6th while Steenbergen placed 7th. Next up for Team H&R Block is the Spring Clean-Up Track Meet in Calgary this coming weekend.

Courtesy SCA

May 17-19, 2008

Cat 1&2 Men (**Junior / *Cadet)Time Trial Time Stage 2 TimeStage 2 PlaceStage 3 TimeStage 3 PlaceGC TimeGC Place
Cyrus Kangarloo (H&R Block)0:10:373:20:2841:03:5024:34:401
Chris McNeil (H&R Block)0:10:553:20:2841:03:504:35:132
Dan Wood (ERTC/Revolution)0:10:553:20:29101:03:5044:35:143
Nathan Underwood (Cycledelia)0:11:053:20:31111:03:534:35:294
Shaun Adamson (Juventus)0:11:133:20:2741:03:5064:35:305
Jeff Bolstad (H&R Block)0:11:423:20:2631:03:5034:35:486
Anthony Steenbergen (H&R Block)0:11:273:20:37121:03:584:35:577
Chris McGarity (Cycledelia)0:11:373:20:2841:03:534:35:588
Shawn Bunnin (Bicisport)0:11:413:20:2741:03:5054:35:588
Brian Robinson (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle)0:12:023:20:2611:03:534:36:0610
Olli Hyytiainen (Woodcock)0:12:263:20:2621:03:534:36:3511
Aaron Schooler (H&R Block)0:11:163:21:54141:05:294:38:3912
Graham Rudge (ERTC/Revolution)0:12:133:24:05161:03:584:40:1613
Cameron McKnight (ERTC/Revolution)0:11:223:29:08191:04:024:44:3214
Ryan McKenzie (H&R Block)0:11:183:32:30211:03:3714:47:1015
Peter Lawrence (H&R Block)0:12:043:32:30231:03:504:48:1916
Dave Jetz (H&R Block)0:12:233:32:30211:03:534:49:4617
Geoff MacDonald (GPW)0:11:343:32:30241:06:484:50:5218
Devin Erfle (Deadgoat Racing)0:12:083:32:30231:07:514:52:2919
Stephen Mundy (ERTC/Revolution)0:11:503:42:18251:03:584:58:0620
Neal Gregory (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle)0:11:403:44:14261:03:5074:59:4421
Corey Zetterstrom (BCW)0:11:343:57:43271:06:485:16:0522
Stephen Ferris (ERTC/redbike)0:11:323:27:5917DNFDNF
Ben Rempel (Cycledelia)0:11:493:20:3913DNFDNF
Mike Bidniak (Juventus)0:11:403:21:5414DNFDNF
Andrew Thomas (ERTC/Revolution)0:11:583:29:0819DNFDNF
Nicolas Andrichuk (H&R Block)0:11:43DNFDNSDNF
Adrian Huemmer ** (Olympia/ Mazur Coaching)0:13:13DNFDNSDNF
Sean Siever (RCC)0:12:183:28:3718DNFDNF
Cat 3 Men (**Junior / *Cadet)Time Trial Time Stage 2 TimeStage 2 PlaceStage 3 TimeStage 3 PlaceGC TimeGC Place
Cuylar Conly (Cycledelia)0:11:553:42:4410:53:3664:48:001
Kevin Williams (Cycledelia)0:11:583:42:4730:53:3664:48:112
Brad Clifford ** (RCC)0:12:133:42:4840:53:3664:48:373
Jason Proche (Pedalhead Road Works)0:13:003:42:4420:53:3664:49:104
Marshall Verbrugge (Woodcock)0:12:393:46:1670:53:3664:52:265
James Winter ** (Lumsden)0:12:363:46:1670:53:3664:52:286
Justin Middleton ** (Juventus)0:12:383:46:1670:53:3644:52:307
Matthew Dahl ** (Cyclemeisters/Bow)0:12:433:46:1670:53:3664:52:358
Kyle Anderson (ERTC/Revolution)0:12:023:47:24130:53:3664:53:029
Blaine Richter (ERTC/Revolution)0:12:083:47:24130:53:44184:53:1610
Christian Jensen (Cycledelia)0:12:263:47:19110:53:3654:53:2111
James Mollison (Cyclemeisters/Bow)0:12:433:47:40150:53:3624:53:4912
Frank Matus0:12:253:45:3250:55:57204:53:5413
Neil Clarke (BCW)0:12:523:45:4060:55:57204:54:2914
Curtis Earl0:12:133:52:55160:54:08194:59:1615
David Watson (Velocity )0:12:113:54:21190:53:44185:00:1616
Michael Wrubleski (RCC)0:12:203:54:21190:53:3665:00:1717
Markel Chernenkoff (Cycledelia)0:13:033:54:19170:53:3665:00:5818
Alex McCormick ** (Juventus)0:12:273:55:25210:53:3635:01:2319
Steve German (TRS Racing)0:13:423:54:19170:53:3665:01:3720
Dustin Andrews ** (Cyclemeisters/Bow)0:11:554:02:57250:53:1715:07:5421
Stephen Cooley (Cycledelia)0:12:284:02:57240:53:3665:09:0122
Andrew Schietzsch (Juventus)0:14:154:14:55270:58:08215:27:1823
Kevin Coghlan (Velocity )0:13:043:47:1911DNFDNF15
Greg Stevenson (Cyclemeisters)0:12:353:55:4922DNSDNF22
Colter Young ** (Blizzard Cycling Club)0:12:484:01:3323DNFDNF23
Sean Carter (Veloplzen)0:13:544:07:4926DNSDNF26
Peter Steckhan (Cycledelia)0:13:22DNSDNSDNF
Sherwood Plant (Synergy)0:13:02DNFDNSDNF
Women (**Junior / *Cadet)Time Trial Time Stage 2 TimeStage 2 PlaceStage 3 TimeStage 3 PlaceGC TimeGC Place
Jessica Kisell (Bicisport)0:13:032:45:3630:44:1923:42:381
Julia Garnet *0:13:572:44:4410:44:1933:42:402
Alyssa Weninger (BCW)0:13:202:45:3840:44:1943:43:123
Andrea Bunnin (Cycledelia)0:13:442:45:3520:44:2083:43:294
Caeli Barron * (Synergy)0:14:162:49:4460:44:2053:48:205
Susan Clarke (BCW)0:13:312:49:4050:47:32113:50:436
Erica Musyj (BCW)0:13:222:53:0470:44:2193:50:477
Allison Beveridge * (Bicisport)0:14:132:59:1080:44:2063:57:438
Mackenzie McCormick (Juventus)0:13:323:06:54110:44:2074:04:469
Krysten Ong (Juventus)0:14:133:04:57100:48:04124:07:1410
Karlee Gendron (Woodcock)0:16:443:14:56120:47:32104:19:1211
Kelly Hall **0:14:173:26:07130:44:1914:24:2812
Gina Kisell * (Synergy)0:16:443:48:24140:49:55154:55:0313
Kendra Middleton ** (Juventus)0:14:42DNFDNF0:49:1813DNF
Samantha Grover ** (Juventus)0:15:26DNFDNF0:49:1814DNF
Ellen Sparling ** (Bicisport)0:13:563:04:069DNFDNF9
Cat 4 Men (**Junior / *Cadet)Time Trial Time Stage 2 TimeStage 2 PlaceStage 3 TimeStage 3 PlaceGC TimeGC Place
Ty Andrews * (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle)0:12:362:33:1620:44:1213:29:391
Steven Reid (Pedalhead Road Works)0:12:472:32:1510:45:12263:29:592
Rob Reid (Rundle Mountain)0:13:162:33:3130:44:1463:30:563
Don Sawatzky (Woodcock)0:12:542:33:5140:44:1463:30:594
Mac Garvin * (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle)0:13:182:33:5550:44:1463:31:275
Graham Courtney * (Synergy)0:12:452:34:4390:44:1333:31:366
Chris McCue (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle)0:12:472:34:43110:44:1463:31:447
Ryan Leibel (RCC)0:12:372:35:07130:44:1323:31:478
Mackenzie Carson * (Juventus)0:13:162:34:2160:44:1463:31:519
Scott Book (ERTC/Redbike)0:12:302:35:07140:44:1453:31:519
Lance Adamson (Juventus)0:13:242:34:2370:44:1463:32:0111
Kris Dahl * (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle)0:12:482:35:07120:44:1463:32:0412
Bruce Gordon (Cycledelia)0:12:332:34:3480:44:1463:32:2113
Curtis Wilde0:13:332:34:43100:44:1463:32:3014
Simon Toon (Cycledelia)0:12:592:35:29150:44:1463:32:4215
Peter Knight (United Cycle Racing)0:13:212:35:51180:44:1463:33:2616
Michael Payment (Woodcock)0:13:452:35:29160:45:12263:34:2617
Kristian Miller0:13:112:38:46200:44:1463:36:1118
Torrian Watson (Bicisport)0:13:412:38:46190:44:27253:36:5419
Stephen Andrichuk (Cyclemeisters)0:12:582:41:03210:44:1463:38:1520
Cornelius Kluge (Cycledelia)0:12:352:41:05220:45:12263:38:5221
Rod Verbrugge (Woodcock)0:13:092:41:09260:45:12263:39:3022
Cameron McHugh0:13:012:35:29170:51:34373:40:0423
Shane MacNaughton (RCC)0:13:372:41:05250:46:18343:41:0024
Mike Power (BCW)0:13:132:41:05230:47:09363:41:2725
Joel Howlett0:13:072:44:14280:44:1443:41:3526
Hans Roeger0:14:252:41:05240:44:1463:41:4427
Albert Chin (Woodcock)0:14:002:43:37270:44:1463:41:5128
DJ Hewitt (Woodcock)0:13:242:47:52310:45:12263:46:2829
Jim Large (Moose Jaw Pavers)0:14:372:46:51300:45:58323:47:2630
Mark Dumesnil (Pedalhead Road Works)0:12:352:51:09330:44:1463:47:5831
Greg Yanicki (bicisport)0:13:072:51:09340:44:1463:48:3032
David Johnston (Tread the Thunder)0:14:372:49:18320:45:12263:49:0733
Corey Funk (Cycledelia)0:13:192:46:20290:51:34373:51:1334
John Plant (Synergy)0:13:232:54:05360:44:1463:51:4235
Adrian Orynik (Rock N Road/FAE)0:13:282:54:04350:46:32353:54:0436
Lincoln Lu (Cycledelia)0:14:112:58:28380:45:58323:58:3737
Chris Christie (Cycledelia)0:13:333:03:17390:51:34374:08:2438
Brock Campbell (Cycledelia)0:14:303:41:56400:44:1464:40:4039
Mike McKague (Cycledelia)0:13:262:56:1237DNFDNF
Brennon Martin (Rock N Road)0:15:33DNFDNF
Chris Sparling (bicisport)0:13:27DNFDNF
Brad Fehr (Pedalhead Road Works)0:12:31DNF?DNF
Cat 5 Men (**Junior / *Cadet)Time Trial Time Stage 2 TimeStage 2 PlaceStage 3 TimeStage 3 PlaceGC TimeGC Place
Dominik Kubicki (ERTC/Revolution)0:12:141:55:1810:34:1262:41:291
Michael Godfrey (Speed Theory)0:12:521:55:2930:33:3442:41:502
Dan Sigouin (Speed Theory)0:13:081:55:1820:33:4152:41:523
Jonathan Wilson (Calgary Cycle)0:13:241:55:2940:33:3322:42:164
Travis Anderson (ERTC/Revolution)0:14:111:58:0150:33:3432:45:415
John Encarnacao (United Cycle Racing)0:13:371:59:4570:34:1772:47:396
Jacob Dekok (Horizon 100)0:13:451:59:4560:36:07102:49:377
Axel Morin (NBR)0:14:282:02:31100:33:3212:50:168
Abby Miller (Horizon 100)0:15:002:01:0980:35:3882:51:479
Luke Patterson (Cycledelia)0:14:172:02:3090:36:07112:52:5410
Rachael Edwards (Cycledelia)0:13:482:03:00120:36:53142:53:4111
Brenon Durston (Tread the Thunder)0:14:302:05:41150:35:4692:55:5712
Darren Hagen (Cycledelia)0:13:562:05:36140:36:53152:56:2513
Stephen Pitman (Cycledelia)0:13:422:07:02160:38:19212:59:0314
Gabrielle Edwards (Cycledelia)0:14:392:08:18180:36:53162:59:5015
Ben Gotts (NBR)0:15:172:07:47170:36:53172:59:5716
Richard Cairney (ERTC/Revolution)0:15:062:09:57190:36:53183:01:5617
Brayden McDougall (Bicisport)0:14:352:13:32210:36:35133:04:4218
Earl LeBlanc (RCC)0:14:582:10:32200:40:14243:05:4419
Mark Hotz (RCC)0:15:072:15:45220:36:53193:07:4520
Jeramie Anderson0:15:312:16:03230:38:19223:09:5321
Linden Clark (Tread the Thunder)0:15:222:19:42240:36:07123:11:1122
Erin Stuber (BCW)0:15:542:20:03260:38:19233:14:1623
Bill Blonski (Bicisport)0:15:502:19:45250:40:14253:15:4924
David Levett (RCC)0:15:462:25:50270:40:14263:21:5025
Jane Payment (Woodcock)0:15:452:27:27280:40:14273:23:2626
Anastasia Stadnyk (Bicisport)0:15:372:33:47290:36:53203:26:1727
Arnold Boldt (MJ Pavers)0:15:232:03:0011DNSDNF
Paul Levett (RCC)0:16:58DNFDNSDNF
Mark Sadoway (Cycledelia)0:13:392:05:3613DNSDNF
Kathleen McGarity (BCW)0:17:07DNFDNSDNF
Geoff RacketteDNSDNSDNF


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