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May 27/08 11:04 am - Hartford Downtown Criterium: Calyon's Maxime Vives Wins

Posted by Editoress on 05/27/08

Hartford Downtown Criterium May 25th, Hartford, CT

Pro/1/2/3 Men (40 laps)
1 Maxime Vives (Can) Calyon Martin Swiss0:56:18
2 Chris Fisher (USA) Williams Cycling
3 Ciaran Mangan (USA) CCB/Volkswagen
4 Gavin Mannion (USA) Hot Tubes Junior Development Team
5 Danny Estevez (USA) Sakonet
7 Alec Donahue (USA) Nerac Cycling
8 Isaac Howe (USA) Noreast Cycling
9 Aidan Charles (USA) Nerac Cycling
10 Jacob Hacker (USA) New Haven
11 Max Lippolis (USA) TARGETRAINING / Fastar
12 Stephan Badger (USA) Der Dachs / TARGETRAINING
13 Matt Inconiglios (USA) Stage 1 / fusionTHINK
14 Luciano Pavan (USA) Optimum Performance/FCC
15 Hayden Brooks (USA) FiordiFrutta
16 Yahor Buben (USA) CCB/Volkswagen
17 Anthony Alessio (USA) Stage 1/fusionThink
18 Christopher Kohnle (USA) CCNS/Pedal Power
19 Tim Malton (USA) CVC/Subaru of New England
20 James Tosca (USA) Corner Cycle
21 Bryan Borgia (USA) Breaking Away Bicycles
22 Mike McGinley (USA) Sommerville Sports
23 Matthew Kressy (USA) Millwork One Racing/
24 Thomas Orsini (USA) Optimum Performance/Fitchburg Cycling Club
25 Joshua Lipka (USA) Fiordifrutta Elite Cycing Team
26 Nathaniel Ward (USA) TARGETRAINING U-25/Elite Development Team
27 A. Zane Wenzel (USA) Horst - Benidorm - Property Research Corp
28 Charly Vives (Can) Calyon Martin Swiss
29 Julia Augustin (USA) Stage 1 / fusionTHINK
30 Tom Dolan (USA) Sommerville Sports
31 Matt Moon (USA) Portland Velo
32 Eric Merrill (USA) ccc/keltic const./zanes cycles
33 Vincent Scalia (USA) NOREAST
34 Ron Larose 3 (USA) CCNS / Pedal Power
35 Brent Arthurs (USA) Evolution
36 Orion Berryman (USA) Midtown Direct Racing
37 Todd Paoletti (USA) CCB/Volkswagon
38 Tyson Parody (USA)
39 Sam Morse (USA) Corner Cycle
40 Edward Angeli (USA) Horst - Benidorm - PRC
41 Manny Goguen (USA) Minuteman Road Club
42 David Chiu (USA) NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental
43 Austin Roach (USA) Princeton University Cycling
44 Gary Aspnes (USA) Horst-Benidorm-Property Research Corp.
45 Benjamin Zawacki (USA) TARGETTRAINING U-25/Elite Development Racing Team
46 Erik Paddleford (USA) Colavita Racing
47 Stephen Weller (USA) Fiordifrutta
48 Jacob Vellaccio (USA) QuadCycles
49 Andreas Runggatscher (USA) Signature Cycles/DKNY
50 Benjamin Coleman (USA)
51 unknown rider (USA)
52 Josh Austin (USA) NorEast Cycling
53 John Interlandi (USA) Stage 1 / fusionTHINK
54 Bradley Tisdahl (USA) Connecticut Coast Cycling
55 Max Accaputo (USA) Capital Velo Club
56 unknown rider (USA)
57 Tobi Schultze (USA) Team FUJI fueled by Clif Bar
58 Robert Larocco (USA) CVC/Subaru of New England
59 David Uchenick (USA) Arc en ciel
60 Michael Shireman (USA) Union Bike Velo
61 Brant Hornberger (USA)
62 unknown rider (USA)
63 Craig Harrison (USA) Sunapee/S&W/Continental Paving Racing Team
64 Kyle Foley (USA) ACT
65 Ryan Kelly (USA) NorEast Cycling
66 unknown rider (USA)
67 Matthew Brewster (USA) Incline Training
68 unknown rider (USA)
69 Kyle Gates (USA) Millwork One/WeeBke
70 David Bradford (USA) Masters Velo
71 Stephen Ivester (USA) Gearworks
72 Anthony Parent (USA) CCNS-Pedal Power
73 Henk Paggioli (USA) Capital Velo Club
74 Thomas Bencivengo (USA) Sommerville Sports
75 Jonathan Lowenstein (USA) NBX/Narragansett Beer/Apex Tech.
76 Bruce Diehl (USA) Sunapee S&W Racing
77 Andrew Grabarek (USA) CCC/Keltic Construction/Zanes
78 Adam Sternfield (USA) Millwork One Racing/
79 Ted Shanstrom (USA) Arc-En-Ciel Racing Team
80 Rich Foley (USA) Bethel
81 Ian Modestow (USA)
82 Joshua Jamner (USA) Targetraining/Colby College Cycling
83 Abdul Kabia (USA) TargeTraining/Fastar
84 Dzmitry Buben (USA) CCB/Volkswagen
85 Kyle Wolfe (USA) TARGETRAINING / Fastar
86 David Sommerville (USA) Sommerville Sports
87 Chris Chapleau (USA) Stage 1 / fusionTHINK
88 unknown rider (USA)
89 Duncan McGovern (USA) NOREAST
90 Michael Norton (USA) Calyon Martin Swiss
91 Jason Parkin (USA) CRCA
92 Timothy Unkert (USA) Stolen Underground Anti Doping Cycling Team
93 Andrea Meyers (USA) Team Kenda
94 Wade Summers (USA) Horst-Benidorm-Property Research Corp
96 Hunter Provonost (USA) CCNS-Pedal Power
97 Drew Szeliga (USA) Noreast Cycling
98 Mukunda Feldman (USA) Kenda/Raleigh Cycling Team
99 Martin Lasak (USA) Unattached
100 Mathew Bell (Can) Calyon Martin Swiss
101 David Hoyle (USA) TARGETRAINING U-25/Elite Development Bicycle Racing Willow Groveall s.t.
Women (20 laps) 38 starters
1 Caryl Gale (USA) CRCA-Comedy Central-Sids0:29:59
2 Amy McGuire (USA) Kenda Tire
3 Ann Marie Miller (USA) CRCA Sanchez metro
4 Rose Long (USA) UVM cycling
5 Pauline Frascone (USA) Independent Fabrication/Kempner
6 Debony Diehl (USA) SUNAPEE/S&W
7 Andrea Meyers (USA) Team Kenda
8 Dale Malkames (USA) USI
9 Rebecca Blatt (USA) Team Kenda
10 Ellen Moses (USA) CRCA/Comedy Central-Sid's
11 Hannah Kirshner (USA) Bikeworks/Hallamore
12 Silke Wunderwald (USA) Independent Fabrication/Kempner
13 Nicole Freedman (USA)
14 Melody Chase (USA) SUNAPEE/S&W
15 Nancy Ford (USA) USI
16 Ivy Luhrs (USA) Velo Bella-Kona/MCC
17 Jennifer Perricone (USA)
18 Christy McArdle (USA) CVC/Subaru of New England
19 Ann Hansgate (USA) Terry Precision Cycling
20 Stephanie Chase (USA) International Bicycle/Global
21 Kimberly Edwards (USA) CVC/Subaru of New England
22 Caitlin McVarish (USA) connecticut coast cycling
23 Karen Franzen (USA) CVC/Subaru of New England
24 Kathrine Papillon Rodrigues (USA) CVC/Subaru of New England
25 Jenny Ives (USA) CBRC
26 unknown rider (USA)
27 Leah Pappas Barnes (USA) Independent Fabrication/Kempner
28 Samantha Newman (USA) Sunapee/S&W
29 Brenda Bahnson (USA) Independent Fabrication/Kempner
30 Kristen Naegle (USA) NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental
31 Kathryn Snell (USA) NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental / MCRA
32 Josina Demers (USA) Newington Bike
33 Mary Lynne Williams (USA) CRCA Avenue A razorfish
34 Yvonne Boogaerts (USA) Connecticut Coast Cycling
35 Melissa Pelton (USA) Stratford
36 Julie Lockhart (USA) NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental / MCRAall s.t.
Junior Men 15-18 (15 laps)
1 Leon Lyakouetsky (USA) Connecticut Coast Cycling0:31:24
2 Petr Panchochar (USA) CVC/Subaru of New England
3 Evan Kirk (USA) Mystic Velo Connaughty Chiropratic
4 Ben Wolfe (USA) Mystic Velo Connaughty Chiropractic
5 Reed McFarland (USA) Mystic Velo Club/Connaughty Chiropractic
6 Kyle Foley (USA) ACT
7 Matthew Gilbert (USA) NBX
8 Manny Gougen (USA) Minuteman Road Club
9 Curtis White (USA) CBRC/Capital Bicycle Racing Club
10 Anson Ross (USA) yippie racing
11 William Hardy (USA) targettraining
12 Ian McFarland (USA) Mystic Velo Club/Connaughty Chiropractic
13 Nathan Etchells (USA) Mystic Velo-Connaughty Chiropractic
14 Peter Goguen (USA) Minuteman Road Club
15 Austin Vincent (USA) CLNoonan/Coast-to-Coast/KAM
16 Nate Morse (USA) CLNoonan/Coast-to-Coast/KAM
17 Rob Vossler (USA) GHCC
18 Tommy Goguen (USA) Minuteman Road Club
19 Will Doemland (USA) GHCC
20 Trevor McGlaughlin (USA) targettraining
21 Liam Murphy (USA) S.glastonbury
22 Brian Suto (USA) Bethel Cycleall s.t.


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