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June 13/99 9:48 am - Bessette Second in HP Stage 5

Posted by Editor on 06/13/99

HP International Women's Classic

Stage 5 - Elkhorn Circuit Race 46.1 km

1Jolanta Polikeviciute(Ltu)HP Toner1:17:17
2Lyne Bessette(Can)Saturn
3Elisabeth Chevannes-Brun(Fra)Staplesboth s.t.
4Anna Wilson(Aus)Saturnat 0:19
5Alison Dunlap(USA)Staples
6Jeannie Longo-Ciprelli(Fra)Ebly
7Edita Pucinskaite(Ltu)Ebly
8Susy Pryde(NZ)Saturn
9Mari Holden(USA)HP Toner
10Rasa Polikeviciute(Ltu)HP Toner
11Barbara Heeb(Sui)Equipe Nurnberger-Emmi
12Susanne Ljungskog(Swe)Staples
13Kerstin Scheitle(Ger)Equipe Nurnberger-Emmi
14Jen Dial(USA)Scapin
15Sigrid Corneo(Ita)Office Depot
16Roz Reekie-May(NZ)Celestial Seasonings
17Julie Young(USA)Timex
18Marie Holjer(Swe)Charles Schwab/Flexiblock
19Emily Robbins(USA)Saturn
20Magali LeFloch(Fra)Office Depot
26Alison Sydor(Can)Canadian National
31Sue Palmer-Komar(Can)Canadian National
33Cybil Diguistini(Can)Elita
36Chrissy Redden(Can)Canadian National
40Linda Jackson(Can)Timex
41Sandy Espeseth(Can)Canadian National
42Sophie St.Jacques(Can)Elita
53Annie Gariepy(Can)Elita
56Leigh Hobson(Can)Charles Schwab/Flexiblockall s.t.
57Odessa Gunn(Can)Charles Schwab/Flexiblock0:46
61Clara Hughes(Can)Saturn1:59
75Leah Goldstein(Can)Physical Culture4:52
77Marg Fedyna(Can)Physical Cultures.t.
86Gina Grain(Can)Physical Culture5:10
97Karen Timewell(Can)Physical Culture6:47
98Kim Langton(Can)Elitas.t.
114Anne Samplonius(Can)Canadian National8:56
1Jeannie Longo-Ciprelli(Fra)Ebly9:22:06
2Mari Holden(USA)HP Tonerat 1:56
3Zoulfija Zabirova(Rus)HP Toner2:26
4Jolanta Polikeviciute(Ltu)HP Toner2:28
5Diana Ziliute(Ltu)HP Toner2:31
6Emily Robbins(USA)Saturn2:32
7Alison Dunlap(USA)Staples2:35
8Linda Jackson(Can)Timexs.t.
9Edita Pucinskaite(Ltu)Ebly2:39
10Rasa Polikeviciute(Ltu)HP Toner2:54
11Valentina Polkhanova(Rus)Boise Cascade Office Prod2:59
12Laura Shufford(USA)Cox Atlanta Velo3:00
13Caroline Alexander(Gbr)British National3:01
14Barbara Heeb(Swi)Equipe Nurnberger-Emmi3:05
15Kim Smith(USA)Boise Cascade Office Prod3:08
16Kathy Watt(Aus)Boise Cascade Office Prod4:48
17Tracey Gaudry(Aus)Ebly4:52
18Lyne Bessette(Can)Saturns.t.
19Kimberly Bruckner(USA)Cox Atlanta Velo5:15
20Marie Holjer(Swe)Charles Schwab/Flexiblock5:20
27Alison Sydor(Can)Canadian National5:36
29Sandy Espeseth(Can)Canadian National5:39
30Leigh Hobson(Can)Charles Schwab/Flexiblock5:41
31Sue Palmer-Komar(Can)Canadian National5:44
34Chrissy Redden(Can)Canadian National5:47
39Cybil Diguistini(Can)Elita5:57
41Odessa Gunn(Can)Charles Schwab/Flexiblock6:00
51Sophie St.Jacques(Can)Elita9:40
55Clara Hughes(Can)Saturn10:13
64Annie Gariepy(Can)Elita15:12
78Kim Langton(Can)Elita21:41
81Marg Fedyna(Can)Physical Culture22:13
95Leah Goldstein(Can)Physical Culture28:37
98Karen Timewell(Can)Physical Culture29:16
99Gina Grain(Can)Physical Culture29:30
103Anne Samplonius(Can)Canadian National32:59
Points Standings
1Jeannie Longo-Ciprelli(Fra)Ebly189
2Mari Holden(USA)HP Toner179
3Anna Wilson(Aus)Saturn156
4Jolanta Polikeviciute(Ltu)HP Toner72
5Linda Jackson(Can)Timex69
6Lyne Bessette(Can)Saturn65
21Alison Sydor(Can)Canadian National21
22Clara Hughes(Can)Saturn20
Mountain Standings
1Mari Holden(USA)HP Toner86
2Jeannie Longo-Ciprelli(Fra)Ebly69
3Anna Wilson(Aus)Saturn58
4Linda Jackson(Can)Timex38
5Lyne Bessette(Can)Saturn34
15Alison Sydor(Can)Canadian National15
Hot Spot Sprint Standings
1Karen Dunne(USA)Goldy's37
2Rasa Polikeviciute(Ltu)HP Toner35
3Jeannie Longo-Ciprelli(Fra)Ebly22
4Anna Wilson(Aus)Saturn20
5Mari Holden(USA)HP Toner19
9Linda Jackson(Can)Timex11
15Lyne Bessette(Can)Saturn7
18Alison Sydor(Can)Canadian National6
Team Standings
1HP Toner28:13:33
2Eblyat 1:20
3Boise Cascade Office Products4:05
7Canadian National9:34
20Physical Culture40:52


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