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July 28/99 12:29 pm - UCI Men XC Rankings

Posted by Editor on 07/28/99

UCI Cross Country Rankings - Men (as of July 5)

1Martinez, MiguelFRAFULLDX1405
2Sauser, ChristopheSUIVOL-CA1240
3Evans, Cadel *AUSVOL-CA1205
4Van Dooren, BasNEDBE-ONE1090
5Frischknecht, ThomasSUIRITCHY1083
6Paulissen, RoelBELAM-EAG980
7Meirhaeghe, FilipBELSPECZD976
8Hochstrasser, ThomasSUISCOTT906
9Pallhuber, HubertITADIAMBK875
10Brentjens, BartNEDSPECZD858
11Chiotti, JeromeFRATEAMGT808
12Hoydahl, RuneNORGIANT807
13Vollet, GregoryFRABIANCH773
14Dupouey, ChristopheFRA746
15Arnould, DominiqueFRAGIANT731
16Wabel, BeatSUI727
17Juarez, TinkerUSAVOL-CA707
18Sheppard, ChrisCAN701
19Tcherkassov, PavelRUSDIAMBK687
20Agergaard, JesperDENBE-ONE686
21Kurschat, WolframGER652
22Acquaroli, DarioITABIANCH620
23Leuchs, Kashi *NZL612
24Rasmussen, MichaelDENGARY-F588
25Cioni, DarioITA577
26Tolhoek, PatrickNEDBE-ONE575
27Brenes, AndresCRCRITCHY571
28Lezaun, RobertoESP570
29McGrath, SeamusCAN567
30Hermida, Jose Ramos *ESPSCOTT560
32Green, RolandCANTEAMGT553
42Hestler, AndreasCAN469
55Grover, Neil *CANROCKY353
66Toulouse, MathieuCAN290
66Wedge, PeterCAN290
70Tourville, EricCAN267
80Kabush, Geoff *CAN235
94Visser, GeorgeCAN202
96Hurley, BillCAN199
123Hall, JoshCAN142
149Blanchard, ChrisCAN120
169Sonntag, Marc *CAN103
180Walker, AdamCAN92
189Nuckle, Martin *CAN85
202Hine, JulianCAN79
208Miles, ChadCAN77
210Robert, Jean-FrancoisCAN76
219Visser, GuidoCAN72
273Paradis, SebastienCAN52
305Hesjedal, Ryder *CAN42
330Irving, DavidCAN35
337Spadaccini, PaulCAN34
353Crookham, JasonCAN32
378Faulkner, Nat *CAN29
378Pinfold, Andrew *CAN29
395Meunier, VincentCAN27
401Christoffersson, Niclas *CAN26
405Sternthal, ScottCAN25
426Blais, Jean-FrancoisCAN23
432Curran, LucasCAN22
432Weber, JeffCAN22
432Cousineau, MarcCAN22
446Nadeau, Alexandre *CAN21
469Boudreault, YannickCAN19
473Guimont, Louis-FrancoisCAN18
473Pruner, MichaelCAN18
486Kress, DwayneCAN17
506Lapointe, DavidCAN16
519Larsson, AdamCAN15
541Decore, MatthewCAN14
541Dey, Ryan *CAN14
550Shenkariuk, JasonCAN13
550Large, GeoffCAN13
583Noble, GerryCAN11
583Schnyder, RudiCAN11
612Lega, Roddi *CAN10
612Marler, KennethCAN10
621Crouth, AndrewCAN9
662Reain, Greg *CAN7
662Clifton, ChrisCAN7
695Jaakkola, JussiCAN6
695Teghtmeyer, John *CAN6
695Cobham, PaulCAN6
711Bakker, OsmondCAN5
746Lech, ChrisCAN4
746Lavallee, PhilippeCAN4
772Lafontaine, BrunoCAN3
772Laroche, Jean-Francois *CAN3
772Scott, StewartCAN3
772McKeever, RobinCAN3
818Williams, KevinCAN2
818Quilliams, LeighCAN2
834Bakogeorge, TroyCAN1
834Jakomait, Jesse *CAN1
834Des Rosiers, Luc *CAN1
834Anastasiadis, SeanCAN1


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