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January 16/12 17:28 pm - Novatec Factory Visit

Posted by Editoress on 01/16/12

Canadian Cyclist was invited to visit a number of Taiwanese bike companies in the fall of 2011.  Here is one of our factory visits - to read the overview to our visit and access all the articles, go to the main page Here



Most people will know Novatec through their Joy Tech brand of components, primarily lower end hubs and wheelsets.  The company has been steadily moving upmarket in components, as well as entering the E-Bike (electric bike) market in 2010 with the Dienatronic brand.  From six employees when the company opened in 1971, Novatec has grown to 900 employees, three manufacturing plants and offices in North America and Europe.  Manufacturing takes place in Taiwan and China, with research and design based in North America and Europe.  As well as their own brands, Novatec works with Pinarello and Specialized (Roval wheels).



Hubs get ready to be built into wheels


In the Taiwanese facility, the company currently produces 100 wheelsets a day and 4500 hubs.  In China, primarily for the lower end OEM market, 1.1 million hubs are produced per month.  Novatec estimates 35% of their production is OEM, and 65% OBM and ODM.  Approximately 85% of manufacturing is in-house, with only painting and heat treatment outsourced.


electric scotters

Assembling electric scooters


The new E-Bike product line consists of three models - folding, commuter and a suspension bike.  They have incorporated a lithium battery pack system, which allows for a 60 kilometre range and a maximum speed (limited0 of 25 kilometres per hour.  It takes four hours to recharge the battery pack, which is good for 1000 charges.


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