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January 16/12 17:46 pm - DK City Factory Visit

Posted by Editoress on 01/16/12

Canadian Cyclist was invited to visit a number of Taiwanese bike companies in the fall of 2011.  Here is one of our factory visits - to read the overview to our visit and access all the articles, go to the main page Here


DK City

DK City is an example of a Taiwanese manufacturer that is in the process of making the transition from an OEM business to one that has a significant segment of OBM and ODM products.  Currently, the company is involved in three manufacturing areas - Housewares (for Ikea), Fitness Equipment and Electric-powered Mobility.  Fitness equipment accounts for 80% of revenue.


Dk City

The db0 electric bike has won 7 design awards


However, the company began a concerted effort to move into the electric bike market four years ago, and has started to introduce some innovative designs.  Many of the designs are for scooters - two and three wheeled (the later with an interesting tilting body for cornering - it could be a very cool inner-city delivery bike).  However, the one that caught our eye for the bike market, is the db0; a folding pedal-assisted bike that actually looks quite stylish and rides well (in our brief rip around the factory parking lot).

The db0 takes only a few seconds to fold up and comes with a three-speed gearing system.  It is a true pedal-assist bike, as opposed to an electric scooter, and will be eligible for government subsidies in the European market.  So far, it has won seven international design awards.  The db0 is expected to be on the market next year.

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