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October 15/12 11:37 am - Langkawi International Mountain Bike Challenge - Prologue

Posted by Editoress on 10/15/12

It was a sweet maiden victory for Florian Vogel at the Men's Open Prologue Individual Time Trial at Langkawi International Mountain Bike Challenge 2012 (LIMBC).  Eva Lechner (Colnago Sudtirol) won the women's race, while Canada's John Ray Funk (Dead Goat Racing) was first in the Senior Masters Men category.



Leaders podium


The Scott Swisspower rider was beaming with joy after learning that he clocked the fastest time of 5:08.29 on the 2.4 kilometre track at Dataran Legenda on Monday.

“I will hang on to this stage lead for as long as I can. I won’t give it up easily since this is my first stage victory of any competition in my career,” said Vogel to reporters after the prize winning ceremony. His previous career highlights were finishing third at the World Championships in Canberra, Australia (2009) and seeing action at the Olympic Games.

“I will try to protect my lead for tomorrow’s Stage 1 challenge. The humidity and weather won’t be easy for anyone,” he said.
Simon Gegenheimer (Ultra Sports) was second at 3.85 seconds and Emil Lindgren (Rabobank Giant) third at 6.088 seconds.  Todd Wells (Specialized) was the top North American in sixth at 13.069 seconds.  There are no Canadians entered.

For the women, the Open Prologue winner was Eva Lechner from Team Colnago Sudtirol who clocked 5:51.272, a result that caught her by surprise.

“I thought I was the third fastest after I learned my teammate Nathalie (Schneitter) clocked a better time than me. But later, when the official result came out, I was so happy,” said the Italian, who is considered among the favourites to challenge for the women’s title.

American Lea Davison (Specialized) was second, 4.348 seconds behind Lechner, with Schneitter at 7.579 seconds.  There are no Canadians entered.

“I think I am doing well and I feel good. I just need to maintain my pace and work out good strategy, since I have respect for my teammate Nathalie and other competitors,” said Lechner.
Tomorrow’s LIMBC Stage 1 will see the riders compete in a gruelling 65 kilometre trek around the legendary island, starting and finishing at Lagenda Park.

Stage 2 is a 45 kilometre race from East to West Langkawi, starting from Lagenda Park, followed by a hard third stage, the 60 kilometre Langkawi Marathon route. Stage 4 is an Olympic distance Cross Country race around Langkawi GeoPark followed by the final stage, a stunning beach front finale around a short circuit at Pantai Kok.


Senior Master Men
1 John Ray Funk (Can) Deadgoat Racing 6:50
2 Charles H.B Stander (RSA) Concept Cyclery Specialised at 0:17
3 Zamani Supartin (Mas) Le Tua 0:24
4 Kwan Kah Yong (Mas) Scott Malaysia 0:32
5 Chua Tuan Muar (Mas) Amaniz Cycling 0:33
6 Hartmut Hofmann (Ger) 0:40
7 Frank D Viermann (Ger) P.Pinang 1:03
8 Abdul Razak Kamis (Mas) Kedah 1:37
9 Farizul Latif Zulkipli (Mas) Scott Malaysia 2:08
10 Che Mansor B Kamis (Mas) 2:27
Open Men
1 Florian Vogel (Sui) Scott Swisspower 5:08
2 Simon Gegenheimer (Ger) Ultra Sports Racing at 0:04
3 Emil Lindgren (Swe) Rabobank-Giant Offroad Team 0:06
4 Kristian Hynek (Cze) Ceska Sporitelna Specialized 0:07
5 Hendrik Jaap Moorlag* (Ned) Rabobank-Giant Offroad Team 0:08
6 Todd Wells (USA) Team Specialized 0:13
7 Steffen Thum (Ger) Ultra Sports Racing 0:14
8 Fabian Giger (Sui) Rabobank-Giant Offroad Team 0:14
9 Burry Stander (RSA) Team Specialized 0:17
10 Karl Platt (Ger) Team Bulls 0:17
11 Leisling Matthias (Ger) Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion 0:19
12 Karl Markt (Aut) Feltz - O - Bionic 0:20
13 Marx Torsten (Ger) Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion 0:27
14 Robert James Wardell (GBr) Alpine Bikes Racing 0:29
15 Max Knox (RSA) Team Specialized 0:34
16 Na Sanghoon (Kor) Korea 0:36
17 Manan Anuar (Mas) Kedah SBS Giant 0:46
18 Pangerl Philipp (Ger) Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion 0:46
19 Roger Walder* (Sui) Scott Swisspower 0:48
20 Mohd Fauzan Ahmad Lutfi (Mas) Amaniz Cycling 0:50
21 Florian Willbold (Ger) Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion 0:53
22 Kwon Soonwoo* (Kor) Korea 0:54
23 Yoo Bumjin (Kor) Korea 0:55
24 Muhammad Raihaan Bin Abd Azbrunei (Bru) 0:59
25 Riccardo Ridolfi* (Ita) Scott Rc New Limits 1:02
26 Mohd Nor Rizuan Bin Zainal (Mas) PBATM 1:07
27 Abdol Malik Mohd Shafari (Mas) Kedah SBS Giant 1:14
28 Saiful Khohar Bin Abd Halim (Mas) Endurace Team 1 1:15
29 Surachet Singjui (Tha) Endurace Phuket Beach Boy 1:17
30 Junaidi Hashim (Sin) Singapore Cycling Federation 1:18
31 Mohd Razif Salleh (Mas) Chiru Endurance 1:21
32 Terasak Boonchuay (Tha) Chiru Endurance 1:24
33 Suhardi Bin Hasan (Mas) Lapierre KT 1:24
34 Kuhuzairi B Abdul Bakar* (Mas) Scott Malaysia 1:26
35 Mohd Radzi Mohamad Ayub (Mas) Kedah SBS Giant 1:28
36 Wilson Low Wei Cheng (Sin) Singapore Cycling Federation 1:32
37 Wan Mohammed Najmee Wan (Mas) Mlapierre KT 1:33
38 Mohamad Zul Ashraf Bin Zamlkedah (Mas) SBS Giant 1:33
39 Mohd Arif Bin Che Awang (Mas) Chiru WTB 1:33
40 Zamzi Muhamad (Mas) Arus 1:37
41 Muhamad Emir Shafiq Zainal (Mas) Aamaniz Cycling 1:39
42 Lim Yew Meng (Mas) Chiru Endurance 1:40
43 Mohamad Faris Abdul Razak (Mas) Kedah/PDRM 1:41
44 Muhammad Nurjamri Bin Joha Brunei (Bru) 1:41
45 Surasuk Taweesman (Tha) Chiru Endurance 1:42
46 Mohd Shahrul Nizam Bin Che Pbatm (Mas) 1:44
47 Muhammad Hazwan Bin Azmen (Mas) Orbea Malaysia 1:44
48 Mohamad Khaniz Bin Omar (Sin) Singapore Cycling Federation 1:47
49 Lim Chin Hong * (Mas) Lapierre KT 1:53
50 Muhammad Shaid Abdul (Mas) Samadendurace Team 2 1:55
51 Michael John Williams (Aus) 1:56
52 Mohammad Nurhaimin Bin Awabrunei (Bru) 1:57
53 Lau Cze Kuang (Mas) 2:03
54 Muhamad Suhaimi Abdul (Mas) Scott Malaysia 2:05
55 Nor Azlan Bin Zolkefli (Mas) Scott Malaysia 2:08
56 Richard Ben Hendy (Aus) 2:09
57 Ivan Tay Chin Seng* (Sin) Singapore Cycling Federation 2:11
58 Shamsul Firdaus Bin Shahida Pahang (Mas) 2:14
59 Mohd Shawal Bin Mohd (Mas) Shafeavanti Team 2:19
60 Mohamad Syafiq Abidin (Mas) Langkawi Cycling Team 2:42
61 Sulheilmy Ahmad Isa (Mas) Recovery 2:45
62 Shaiful Ahmad (Mas) Amaniz Cycling 2:49
63 Abdul Kadir Bin Abas (Mas) 2:58
64 Izwan Md Sumairi (Mas) Majlis Perbandaran Klang 3:01
65 Julian Kaub (Mas) 3:09
66 Quah Ooi Ken (Mas) Scott Malaysia 3:20
67 Mohd Faizal Md Pilus (Mas) Ambank 3:22
68 Michael Sahari (Mas) Ambank 3:25
69 Chan Weng Leong (Mas) Scott Malaysia 3:26
70 Mohamad Hafiz Bin Mohamed (Mas) Avanti Team 3:27
71 Amri Ismail (Mas) Arus 3:31
72 Khairul Amin Ahmad Riozuan (Mas) Kedah 3:49
73 Foong Weng Kong (Mas) 4:04
74 Muhammad Naim Bin Abdul Aziz (Mas) 19:03:00
DNS Ahmad Khairdir Mohd Nazri (Mas) KDH
DNS Ahmad Sukri Ahmad Nawawi (Mas) KDH
DNS Mohd Shahrul Hafiz Isak (Mas) KDH
DNS Azhar B. Hassan (Mas)
Open Women
1 Eva Lechner (Ita) Colnago Sudtirol 5:51
2 Lea Davison (USA) Team Specialized at 0:04
3 Nathalie Schneitter (Sui) Colnago Sudtirol 0:07
4 Julia Innerhofer* (Ita) Colnago Sudtirol 0:19
5 Janka Stevkova (Svk) Slovakia 0:22
6 Blaza Klemencic (Slo) Felt Otztal X-Bionic 0:22
7 Cherise Stander (RSA) Momentum Toyota 0:28
8 Jenni King (Aus) Anytime Fitness / Trek 0:36
9 Elisabeth Sveum (Nor) Norway 0:44
10 Masziyaton Binti Mohd Radzi (Mas) Kedah SBS Giant 1:13
11 Melanie Leveau (Fra) Hora Du Bush 1:21
12 Junaidah Juss (Mas) Arus 1:32
13 Laura Liong (Sin) 1:47
14 Nurul Suhada Bt Zainal* (Mas) Terengganu 1:57
15 Ain Nurul Huda Rusli (Mas) Chiru Endurace 2:17
16 Siti Fatimah Binti Ismail* (Mas) Kedah 2:23
17 Noor Fadilah Saiedin* (Mas) Arus 2:25
18 Adinya Sai Samorn (Tha) Chiru Endurace 2:57
19 Sharina Binti Shafei* (Mas) Langkawi 7:06
DNF Sandra Klomp* (Ita) Ktm St Ihl Torrevilla
DNF Jacklyn Diana Andrew (Mas) PBATM
Master Men
1 Marzio Deho (Ita) Cicli Olympia 5:32
2 Nicholas Craig (GBr) Scott UK at 0:01
3 Anthony White (GBr) Cannondale Mt Zoom Racing 0:35
4 Takuma Dan (Jpn) Club 3719 1:01
5 Vanni Balboni (Ita) Green Devils Team 1:01
6 Gregory John Dick (NZl) Malborough Mountainbike Clu 1:11
7 Lance Andwew Portman (Aus) Asphar Surveying 1:24
8 Prasert Chitmart (Tha) Endurace Phuket Beach Boy 1:24
9 Zhen Feng (USA) Volt Racing 1:32
10 Yuttana Chukaew (Tha) Endurace Phuket Beach Boy 1:41
11 Robert Rowe (Aus) 1:47
12 Andy Tiong Telk Mewg (Mas) Langkawi 2:07
13 Kenneth Koh (Sin) 2:14
14 Loh Ching Soo (Mas) Singapore Five-O 2:17
15 Mohamad Yusof Ilah (Mas) Chiru Endurace 2:21
16 Muhamad Razli Ibrahim (Mas) Amaniz Cycling 2:27
17 Azman Bin Mohd Nor (Mas) Chiru Endurace 2:56
18 Ridzuan Bin Abd Rahim (Mas) DTM 3:07
19 Mohd Sahak Bin Zaiwi (Mas) DTM 3:07
20 Azman Bin Abu Hassan (Mas) 4:52
DNS Abu Hassan B. Halim (Mas)
DNS Chacrit Ngeongsanga (Tha) Chiru Endurace


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