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August 22/00 10:46 am - Manitoba MTB Provincials

Posted by Editor on 08/22/00

Manitoba Provincial Mountain Bike Championships
(courtesy Dave Benson)

The Manitoba Mountain Bike Provincial Championships were held on Sunday August 20th near Swan River with 112 riders competing on the challenging course at Thunder Mountain in the northwest corner of the province. Riders were treated with great hospitality and a well laid out course that became even more challenging when the rain soaked the course late on Saturday and Sunday morning. In addition to being the Provincial Championship it also served as the final race in the Sunlight Cup points series. For updates on final point standings please refer to the Cups Point Page. Queries regarding these results may be addressed to Ian Clapperton, Chief Commissaire.

Veteran Expert: 3 laps 25.5 km
1Paul LaPointeOlympia01:56.2
2Scot MillerOlympia02:04.1
3Dave BarclayBirch02:07.3
4Dean CarriereBirch02:09.3
5John HillisA&L02:14.3
6Bob FriesenFire02:17.2
7Don SissonsBirch02:20.1
8Stacey MatiekaA&L02:24.4
9Kurt GibsonOlympia02:27.0
10Sean McKiernan02:32.5
Bob MoritzA&LDNF
Veteran Expert Women: 2 laps 17 km
1Susanne BaldwinOlympia01:41.5
Senior Expert Female: 2 laps 17 km
1Naomi HummenyEgo01:54.4
2Sherri HnatiukA&L02:06.2
Karin McSherryEgoDNF
Senior Expert Male: 3 laps 25.5 km
1Ron KaulinsA&L01:59.6
2Brett ZagozewskiOlympia02:03.3
3Shane FreemanFire02:11.2
4Dallas Barkett02:11.5
5Patrick HummenyEgo02:12.5
Junior Expert Female: 2 laps 17 km
1Rae-Anne HardieA&L02:03.3
Junior Expert Male: 3 laps 25.5 km
1Leith McLeodOlympia01:57.2
2Richard Clapperton02:04.5
3Ian CaseOlympia02:07.4
4Adam HughesA&L02:08.3
5Alex BileskyOlympia02:26.0
6Rylan Lundgren02:38.3
Master Sport: 2 laps 17 km
1Rick YaschyshynOlympia01:38.2
2Wayne LackoOlympia02:05.1
3Tom StadnykKOM02:07.5
4John Gillon02:44.4
Veteran Sport: 2 laps 17 km
1Jim Brogden01:27.1
2David GerrardFOG01:30.2
3Paul VerwymerenBirch01:32.2
4Dale Cramer01:34.3
5Gordon DallingsRoadwise01:36.4
6Gilles GobertBirch01:36.5
7Galt Baalim01:36.6
8Russell BrandtOlympia01:42.2
9Ian Findlater01:45.1
10Tim LoewensOlympia01:46.1
11Ken ChablukOlympia01:48.1
12Jeff Tilbury01:49.4
13Jason Tuchett01:52.2
14Craig Treidler01:54.3
15David Stanley01:57.1
16Gerald Adams02:01.3
17Mike Kucler02:13.2
18David ParkerWoodcock02:14.4
Brent WatidubaDNF
Veteran Sport Female: 1 lap 8.5 km
1Angela Adams01:11.1
Senior Sport: 2 laps 17.5 km
1Andrew Braun01:22.6
2Stacy MayA&L01:28.3
3Stephen SmithEgo01:31.5
4David KindratA&L01:33.5
5Gene SeniorEgo01:34.4
6Allan Wiens01:35.0
7Mark Turner01:35.1
8Jordan Yeo01:36.2
9Ryan Fillion01:37.2
10David ChennellEgo01:37.4
11Paul Couillard01:39.1
12Rainer JabsRoadwise01:41.1
13Chris Duester01:42.1
14David L'heureuxEgo01:42.4
15Jon PetersOlympia01:44.2
16Colin Neufeld01:48.5
17Kevin Kilbrey01:51.4
18Robert WaddellFire01:56.2
19Paul Tomlinson02:04.5
20David Anida02:35.4
Jeff KeelingDNF
Kevin LameureuxDNF
Senior Sport Female: 1 lap 8.5 km
Sonja Johnson01:02.5
Janet Matieka01:06.4
Junior Sport Female: 1 lap 8.5 km
1Michelle Zubrick00:54.0
2Deanne Cote01:06.5
Junior Sport: 2 laps 17.5 km
1Edmond Blanchette Roadwise01:26.5
2Jon Guertin01:28.5
3Brian KindratA&L01:31.5
4Matt GemmelWoodcock01:34.0
5Ross Jordan01:35.6
6Kevin Ashcroft01:36.4
7Robert Tertlorst01:44.1
Scott EdmundsDNF
Under 17 Female: (Cadet) 1 lap 8.5 km
1Elise MenardTTT58:23.0
2Jenna Kulhavy64:00.0
Under 17 Male: (Cadet) 1 lap 8.5 km
1Gerald Klassen41:51
2Cole Hildebrand42:18
3Justin StadnykKOM45:36
4Justin EnnsKOM47:33
5Adam Moore48:36
6Marc FoidartKOM49:17
7Michael Harris52:50
8Liam MohanKOM53:48
Cabrel BoucherOlympiaDNF
Under 15 Female: (Minime)
1Kylie CaseOlympia52:54
Under 15 Male: (Minime)
1Adam MorkaA&L37:56
2Jon BensonKOM40:07
3Eric ScheepersKOM40:41
Under 13: (PeeWee)
1Paul BensonKOM30:44
2Daryl DowsettKOM31:24
3Nicholas LackoKOM31:46
Under 13: Citizen Open
1Jason Doverspeak16:31
2Lisle Edmunds16:42
3Michael How19:48
4Sayle Williams22:08
1Amanda Hardie29:37
Open Citizen:
1John Scheepers53:06:00
2Todd Gudz61:10:00
3Don EdgarDNF

Note: There were no Elite entries.


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